Lot Qty Description
11Two Blackjack Classic Blades marked knives, both with stag pommels and handle, hidden tang, and multi stacked washers. Unused and mint except for some green grunge damage on the brass bolsters, that should come out with some time and a good buffer.
21Large group of imported China and Pakistan made knives, Four gift sets or carded knives containing 14 knives or lights in all, PLUS Five fixed blades of various handles, PLUS a repo of an M1 Bayonet and a stamina wood hunter both MIB. All this for a single bid.
31Group of Schrade imported knives plus two others. Cowboy up stockman in tin and counter display, plus pliers and a small push dagger (not Schrade), PLUS Schrade Tractors in a tin and carded and clam packed with original counter display and a Schrade canoe, PLUS two 2-knife hunters gift sets clampacked, PLUS Schrade muskrat, PLUS three piece Uncle Henry gift set with three knives. Win this bid and you are set for graduation gifts, gifts for drawing names, and donations for the church raffle.
41Group of assorted imported knives, Schrade Bowie, Old timer stockman and a three piece yellow handled gift set PLUS repo of the VV-42 stilletto and a bushcraft knife in the sheath PLUS repo of the USMC Kabar, Schrade hunter, Frost miniature, Sykes-Fairbain unmarked, and one other folder.
51Five imported Marbles knives. Two fold through the handle lockback Bowies, two congress four blade red bone, and a green bone lockback, all with either sheaths or zip up Marbles cases. All MIB.
61Group of assorted knives, imported, Eight carded Snap-on knives, Two Remington and a USA made Painted Pony 2010 NKCA knife, three bullet frame knives, two lockbacks, Constitution replica Bowie, PLUS 8 assorted imported lockbacks. All mint
71Two large fixed blade knives, Blackjack Classic Knives kukuri style blade and Cold brass and stag Bowie, both unused and in leather sheaths.
81Four razors, two are Durham Duplex for safety razor style blades, Wade & Butcher Sheffield horn handled, etched, ''The unparalleled, justly famed ''Paten frame back razor'', and a Trenton Cutlery ''Our Own'' etched hollow ground razor with imitation ivory handles and fancy tips. Exc.
91Four Schrade knives, imported, in cigar style boxes, two bone whittlers, sowbelly 3 blade bone and wood 2 blade, all with Tobacco etching, all mint.
101Four knives, Coast stockman and three Guidesman 4'' lockback knives on clampack cards, all mint.
111Two fixed blades, 20th Anniversary limited edition of the Rambo III knife, and a Ridge Runner stylized replica in box.
121Group of imported Schrade knives, Merry Christmas stockman on card, two Old Timer 4 blade congress, two Uncle Henry Anglo Saxon whittlers, and same pattern in an Uncle Henry. All MIB
131Group of mesc knives, buckles and extras, approx. 10 pieces.
141Two Browning lockback folders, 933 and 538 folders, imported, both MIB
151Rodgers Sheffield England plastic handled stockman, mint except for some handle shrinkage.
161Holley Mfg. Co. Lakeville swell center two blade with squared end on the bolsters, very good. Rare old Connecticut Valley brand.
171Case XX (1945-65) Bone handled 61048 one blade, low excellent.
181Pair of knives, Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett hawkbill with wood handles, grooved iron bolsters, and an Imperial era crimped bolsters Hammer Brand USA toothpick. Both exc
191SOG Fusion spear tip with a screw in handle and sheath so it can be double function. MIB
201Three Frost Cutlery Mississippi Gambler boot knives, in the sheath, one with color scrimshaw on the white plastic handle. All mint.
211Seven Winchester imported knives, two 2-knife gift sets in tins, one dated 2004, 2 trappers with delrin handles and a 5'' lockback that needs polishing. Otherwise all mint.
221Wrangle wood handled hunter, distressed blade, MIB with a nice beaded leather neck sheath. Nice package.
231Six knives, three are a Smith & Wesson gift set of two large lockback and a bullet mini knife, Schrade green bone cattle knife, and two others, all mint. Imported.
241Three vintage knives. Russell Barlow, 2 blade, spear point vg, Imperial riveted scout/utility with black plastic handles, near mint, and a Simmons Hdw. Germany jigged bone fishtail with initials stamped on the shield and bolsters, low very good.
251Trio of knives. Parker-Frost Christmas three handled 3 blade canoe, some tarnishing on the shield and bolsters, Frost bone lockback folding boot knife, the WidowMaker, and NCCO Cattaraugus marked Japanese made bone handled leg knife. All mint except as noted
261Three Schrade imported fancy trappers, fileworked, with channel inlay of pearl or black pearl flanked by turquoise, fancy worked bolsters, all in nice box. All mint
271Four Case knives. Two sodbusters, one stainless, one not, both with black delrin handles that are fading, plus M1051L and M1056 lockback, both mint, early 80's.
281Group of seven knives, Tractor in Tin, two hunters with fancy motif, four lockbacks, all imported, all mint.
291Four knives. Keen Kutter USA made 2 blade physician's knife in presentation, Frontier carded serpentine, Swiss Army style on a card, and a Case Mini Blackhorn with American Red Cross clampack. All Mint in the packaging.
301Three Case knives with fading delrin handles, 61048, 6235 1/2, and 62009 1/2 barlow, all mint, early 80's.
311Pair of Schrade Classic lobster patter knives, 3 blades, with channel inlay pearl handles, both MIB
321Pair of Case knives, 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback with jigged bone handles and script shield, and 1980's new grind 3254 trapper, mint except front handles has seriously faded.
331Pair of Case knives from the early 80's with fading delrin handles. 62087 and 63033 with new grind blades, both mint except as noted.
341Pair of Case knives, New grind 62032 mint, and 6347 serpentine unused but with splotched up blades, bone handles. Both early 80's.
351Case 6250 Elephant Toe, etched blade, 70's, mint.
361IXL, George Wostenholm & Sons, Sheffield, England large oversized wood handled stockman etched, ''Texas Stock Knife'', mint.
371Case 70's dots 62131 canoe, plain blade, pre-canoe etching. Minty. Bone handles.
381Case Collectors club 35th anniversary knife, raised letter shield engraved bolster canoe with bone handles in a 1981-2016 wood backed laser engraved plaque inside a wall plaque. Mint.
391Chuck Hawes handmade Damascus hatchet with stag handles, stacked leather washers at the brass guard, mint.
401A. G. Russell sting MIB and a Craftsman Hatchet exc plus.
411Three knives, EDI lockback USA Genesis 1, Cold Steel Voyagers, and Spyderco plain lightweight Cricket, all MIB
421Group of three knife items. Buck NKCA knife on a 110 pattern with laser cut out blade, with original sheath in the box. Fight'n Rooster blue celluloid Ohio Sunfish with gold etched blade, unused but rusting and staining, and a four piece take apart knife, fork, and spoon with clip that comes in a plastic case. Everything for one bid.
431Four Case Delrin handles knives from the 80's, Fading on each, 22087, 62048sp new grind, 61048 new grind, and 6318 sh sp new grind. All mint except as noted.
441Kissing Crane, Robert Klaas Solingen, German made large wood handled lockback with ''Stiletto'' etching, 8'' CLOSED.
451Three handmade knives by Dan Stidham of Gallapolis, Ohio, no sheath, handles in imitation ovory, carbon fiber and plastic. Early maker work. Approx. 9'' oal, 4 3/4'' blades.
461Imperial Mark Twain 2 blade barlow, MIB, from the late 70's early 80's. Not common.
471Two handmade knives by Dan Stidham of Gallapolis, Ohio, no sheath, handles in wood. Early maker work. Leans toward the crude side. 9'' oal, 4 3/4'' blades.
481Dan Stidham handmade knives, stag handled one blade filed and stippled bolsters skinner with laminated wood handles. Early work, leaning toward the crude side. 9'' oal, 4 3/4'' blades.
491Two Case 1980's bone handled knives, 6392 bone stockman and 6207 etched mini-trapper, both mint.
501Pair of German stag handled knives, Kissing Crane stag handled mini-trapper and Bear & Bull stag handled 4 blade.
511Two 1980's faded delrin handled knives, 6220 peanut and 6225 1/2 coke bottle, blade mints.
521Hen & Rooster Millennium 2000 red bone handled 4 blade congress, #344-BS, mint.
531Pair of Bulldog Brand year 2000 knives, with special etching and shield, both with stag handles, German made copperhead and 4 blade congress, both with match striker nail marks and mint.
541Pair of Case 1980's stainless knives, 6347shsp and 6318 new grind sh sp, both with bone handles, and mint.
551Tw9 New Grind Case knives, 1980's, 6249 copperhead with the pen blade, and 6254 trapper, both with bone handles, both mint except for a stain on the top of the copperhead blade, visible in photo.
561Pair of vintage knives, Old Kissing Crane Robert Klaas stag handled hunters knife with saw and lockback spear blade, exc, and Remington straight line swell in jack with candy stripe celluloid handles, cleaned to vg.
571Two fixer uppers. Marbles folding guard lockback with the guard missing, blade is low vg and rough, and imitator of Joseph Rodgers horn handled lockback with horn handles marked, ''Sheffield, No.6, England, vg. (Note this is NOT a Joseph Rodgers knife).
581Two stag handled Bulldog brand canoes, German made, crest shield with ''Tennessee Walking Horse'' in a reverse frosty etch, the other has a bar shield and ''Bulldog Brand'' with the discontinued fighting bulldogs on the blade. Both mint.
591Pair of Bulldog Brand Muskrats, one with fancy celluloid, and the other with what was called butter & mollasses celluloid handles with an acorn shield, both mint but some tarnish appearing on the bolsters of the b&m model with the reverse frosty edge.
601Pair of Case 1980's stainless knives, 6347shsp and 6318 new grind sh sp, both with bone handles, unused, 6375 new grind, blades have some rusting on each, tarnish on the tip of the master blade, the other is a 6275 Moose and is mint.
611Two Case classics with rusting blades thanks to celluloid fumes, one a '50 pattern coke bottle with waterfall handles, the other a '46 patter whittler with gold metal flake handles, rusting is on the blade backs, and tarnish on the shields and bolsters. A good buffing will make them look good--for a little while. Unused, in original boxes.
621Two Queen knives, bone handled Texas toothpick with a 1976 tang date, the other an early '54 pattern three blade pearl. There was a time in the 70's in which Queen was the only company that produced pearl handled knives, this is from that era, indicated by not tang mark on their knives at that time.
631Camillus Cartridge Series bone handled bullet pattern, 45-70 caliber with round brass headstamping of a 45-70 as a shield, MIB.
641Group of approximate 32 imported China knives made in a large variety of configurations from in colorful tins to bone handled multi-blades to lockbacks. See photos.
651Two National Knife Collectors Association fixed blade knives, stag handle Case 1991 knife, and 1990 Hen & Rooster, both mint.
661Pair of Puma Knives, German made. Wood handled Junior and fiber handled #260 lockback with some tarnished bolsters but the blade is unused.
671Group of knives. Queen Rawhide series mint. Uncle Henry Golden spike 153UH used and low exc, Schrade USA made sharpfinger with train scrimshaw for the NW RR, mint.
681Manson Sheffield, stag handled dagger, long escutcheon, but guard is missing, perhaps removed for boot carry and a quicker draw? Or? Blade has about 10% wear but is deeply pitted overall, very good at best, with old leather sheath. 11 1/2'' oal, 6 1/2'' blade.
691Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield, England cowboy Bowie, jigged bone slab handles, leather sheath, very good condition. Big 12 1/2'' oal, 7 1/2'' blade.
701Puma stag handled Jagd-Nicker German hunter, all writing in German, hexagon shaped shield, very good overall, no sheath. 9 1/4'' oal.
711Stag handled dagger, straight escutcheon, looks like the tang mark is resembles a scope cross hairs or PWA or WPA? Blade is pitted and scratched, dinged guard, no sheath. 8 1/2'' oal, 4 3/4'' oal.
721Camillus Cutlery Vintage big cokebottle wood handled folding hunter, massive bowtie shield, long pull, cleaned to excellent, drilled for lanyard. 5'' clsoed.
731Gerber Gator with sheath, mint, and three piece take apart official Boy Scouts of American mess set, long on the knife blade and on the pouch button, they all three snap together when not in use. All mint.
741Three knives initially made for clubs, Cripple Creek first edition dogleg, bone handles, Stag handled barlow made for the AECA in 1994, and a plastic handled lockback by Ka-bar with a whaling scene, all mint.
751Three Case made club knives, Case Collectors Club 61066 folding hunter, gold bomb shield, NKCA 1991 jigged bone saddlehorn, and 1992 Case life member blue bone 6205Raz. All MIB.
761Three Ka-bar knives, wood handled toad sticker, 1991, and a pair of Ka-bar Hobo knives, metal handles, take apart knife fork and spoon, both MIB with sheaths.
771Tillotson, Columbia Place Sheffield two blade dirk, smaller pen blade is broken in half, horn handles, bar shield, pearl inserts, master blade is excellent. Knife could be restored as a one blade by a skillful mechanic. 5 3/8'' closed
781Group of five knives, Leatherman Micra, Zippo money clip knife, Swiss-tech keyring took, Swiss Army knife in box, and a key knife. All mint.
791Gerber Profile and Boker 112-060 model, both MIB
801Three knives, pair of bone handled Kukri, pommel cap missing off one, small knives missing on both, and a Windlass bone handled long Bowie with leather sheath mint.
811Pair of knives, Case HA199 1/2 ''high art'' with bathing beauty under clear handles, and 82079 1/2 pearl handled sleeveboard made by Case for the 1982 World's Fair. Both mint.
821Four Cutlery items. Browning G10 Hell's canyon on clampack, Winchester imported bone stockman, Winchester brass 2.5'' folder, and Stone River Gear stag handled Cermanic blade knife blacked, MIB with sheath.
831Three Schrade mini Lockbacks, Two Uncle Henry MIB, Schrade Scrimshaw with squirrel, plus a miniature folder and a Union Cutlery lapel pin.
841Four Kershaw knives, 1410 ST Titanium ATS34, 1600, 5300 Sna on in lather sheath, and #2002. 3 with all metal handles.
851Case Sidewinder, colorful old style box, with sheath. Has been cleaned a little but need some serious buffing, some staining from the green grunge that gets on such knives stored in the sheath. Unused but because of that condition is near mint plus.
861Texas Lockhorn, colorful old style box, with sheath. Has been cleaned a little but need some serious buffing, some staining from the green grunge that gets on such knives stored in the sheath. Unused but because of that condition is near mint plus.
871Wrangler set of long wood handled Bowie and the same knife in a miniature version in a wood presention case, imported. (Imagine, Grandad has the big Bowie and he gives each of the smaller versions to grandchildrenàjust sayin')
881Case 62031 1/2 xx green bone, long pull, mint except for a small rivet crack that someone covered in nail polish to insure no spreading.
8916392 xx, mint except for the tiny tip of the sheep foot blade has been tipped.
901Group of 10 knives, three Remington all metal knives mounted on a card, two Schrade imported wood handled trappers in tin boxes, Winchester imported two knife set in presentation tin, and the same two knives without the tin. All mint.
911Group of 10 imported knives. Marbles gold plated ax in wood box, mint except for some chipping of the plating, two stacked leather washer cmobta knives, Fancy relief elk scene knife in box, and three pair of neck knives in the form of a minature ka-bar style, one clip one dagger. All MIB
921Sam Barker, Richmond, VA handmade hunter, smooth stag handle, hidden tang, 12 1/2'' oal, 7 1/4'' blade. Mint
931RMM initials are the only mark on this micarta handled drop point, on the crude side, exc. 8 3/4'' oal, 4'' blade
941Wood rasp, unmarked handmade knife with distinctive made from a wood rasp with much of the grooves remaining. Handle appears close to snakewood but not positive. Straight tang. 9 1/2'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, with sheath
951J. C. Ryan handmade, micarta handles, marked 440C, straight tang, red liners, 9'' oal, 4'' blade, no sheath.
961Marbles Matchsafe pair, Pair of vintage Marbles matchsafes, marked with ''Marbles'' info on the end. Excellent condition.
971Ka-bar Doctors knife Set, made for the Ka-bar knife collectors club, two blade doctors knife, one in jigged bone, the other in imitation pearl handles, both MIB.
981Ka-bar Cotton Sampler pattern, one handled in laminated wood, the other white delrin stamped with an imitation Civil War battle scene, both MIB.
991Case Buffalo 1970's, minty
1001Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack