Lot Qty Description
1011Gary Little, Broadbent, OR Damascus hunter, amboyna wood handles, tapered tang with stippled brass guard, sculpted handle, drilled for lanyard, pouch leather sheath, 9'' oal, 4 5/8'' blade. Mint.
1021DeLeon Fighter/Bowie with green micarta handles. Hidden tang, brass guard, spacer and pommel, 12'' oal, 7'' blade, leather sheath, mint.
1031Bob Dozier early drop point hunter, old ivory micarta handles, tapered tang with black liners, 7 1/2'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade, drilled for lanyard, pouch leather sheath, mint.
1041Jeff L. Chaffee spear point hunter, stag handles. Straight tang, slant bolsters, 8'' oal, 4'' blade, Schrap made sheath, mint.
1051Iron Mountain Knife Co. large hunter, pakkawood handles. Brass guard and pommel the sweep around almost like an Elmer Keith knife, aluminum spacer, staminawood handle. 9 3/4'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, leather sheath, mint.
1061Pair of Kissing Crane Robert Klass German made fixed blades. KC3 Rattlesnake skinner, and New Orleans Bowie, both mint with sheaths.
1071Keith Kilby Tanto, MS mark, micarta handles, has been light used, tapered tang, curved blade edge throughout, 11'' oal, 5 1/2'' blade, leather sheath, mint.
1081Pair of Case USA stacked leather washer handle knives, 362 and 365SAB. Mint.
1091W. G. Stegner, Rochester, WA clip point small fighter, wood handles, slant brass bolsters, straight tang, 8'' oal, 4'' blade, drilled for lanyard, leather sheath. Mint.
1101Linder Messer Germany heavy contruction Ranger knife. Genuine stag handle, straight tant.
1111Bob Dozier locking liner folder with cocobolo handles, and cocobolo backstrap, 4 5/8'' closed, 8'' open, mint.
1121Joe Pardue folder, Damascus with gold lip pearl handles, blued mosaic Damascus bolsters. Fileworked backstrap is inlaid with with abalone, gemstone on the thumbstud, 3 1/2'' closed, 6'' open, mint.
1131Wayne Whittaker Damascus folder, (W+W) hot blued Damascus with abalone handles, gemstone in thumbstud, locking liner of anodized titanium, fileworked liners and elaborately fileworked backstrap and blade back. Mint. 3 5/8'' closed, 6 1/4'' open. Mint.
1141Mark Sentz lockback, stag handles, nickel silver bolsters, 3 7/8'' closed, 6 1/2'' open, has been cleaned to near mint, but was a little on the crude side to start with, early.
1151Billy Mace Imel lockback, stainless with pearl interframe. Elegant lines, 3 3/4'' closed, 6 1/4'' open, mint.
1161Halfrich, San Marcos, TX carbon fiber handled slipjoint folder. Hand rubbed finish, 3 3/4'' closed, 7 1/4'' open. Mint.
1171Pat Crawford toggle lock, engine turned all metal finish, with belt clip and drilled for lanyard, 4 3/8'' closed, 7 1/2'' open.
1181Mel Pardue locking liner sheephorn with Damascus bolster, fileworked backstrap and liners, 3 1/2'' closed, 6'' open, fileworked Damascus bolsters and rivet head. Mint.
1191Voorhis large stag clip point Bowie, scalloped brass guard, brass pommel, hidden tang, stamped ''11279'' on the back of the tang, 15 1/2'' oal, 10 1/4'' blade, with black leather sheath, mint.
1201Tommy Lee Benchmade knives, hunter from Fain Edwards Damascus, maple scales. Tapered tang, dovetail bolster, with sheath designed to be carried in the back pocket of your jeans, 7'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade, mint.
1211Northfield stag gunstock, contract knife made by Queen. Mint.
1221Tiny Spencer slimline hunter, relic fossil ivory handle, hidden tang, 8 3/8'' oal, 3 7/8'' blade, mint, with laced leather sheath.
1231Zollan McCarty Scagel style fighter, stacked leather and crown stag hunter. 12'' oal, 6 3/8'' blade, both side sharpened, brass guard. Mint. Leather sheath.
1241Gil Hibben, La Grange, KY button lock folder, handmade and custom, rayskin inset and anodized aluminum handles. 4 3/4'' closed, 8 5/8'' open, mint.
1251Brian Tighe locking liner, carbon fiber handles with titanium bolsters, belt clip, 4 1/4'' closed, 7 5/8'' open, mint.
1261Terry Knipschield locking liner, jigged bone handles, grooved bolster, 4 3/8'' closed, 7 5/8'' open, mirror polished blade, mint.
1271Lou Hegedus, Jr. slip joint folder with ivory micarta handles and deer scrimshaw. Dovetail brass bolsters, dated 1984, 3'' closed, 5 1/2'' open, mint.
1281Tim Britton lockback folder, stag handles with stainless bolsters. 4'' closed, 7 1/4'' open, hand rubbed finish, with a Britton marked zip up case. Mint
1291George Muller, Heidelberg RSA (Republic of South Africa) locking liner, warthog tusk handles with stainless dovetailed bolsters. Locking liner of anodized titanium, 4'' closed, 7'' open, mint.
1301Vagnino Mastersmith locking liner, Damascus with dinosaur bone handles, locking liner, fileworked liners, 3 1/2'' closed, 6 1/4'' open, mint.
1311David Yellowhorse Queen native steel mountain man, reconstituted stone with eagle shield, 11 of 14, mint.
1321Chris Reeve Sebenza, large version, framelock, titanium with black micarta inlay. Includes Chis Reeve marked wiping chamois and adjusting accessories.
1331Chris Reeve Sebenza, large version, framelock, titanium with computer generated graphics of a nice mountain scene. Includes Chis Reeve marked wiping chamois and adjusting accessories.
1341George Cousino, Michigan engraved slip joint folder (GFAH engraver mark) 3 3/4'' closed, 6 1/2'' open, mint.
1351Tim Britton tactical folder, anodized titanium framelock. 4 5/8'' closed, 8'' open, with Britton zip up case, mint.
1361R. E. Brown, Upland. CA gunstock, slip joint, gold lip pearl handles with stainless bolsters. 3 1/8'' closed, 6'' open, long pull, dovetail bolsters, mint.
1371Mark Sentz lockback, ironwood handles with nickel silver fittings, 3'' closed, 5'' open, looks mint but has been cleaned.
1381Tim Britton lockback, wharncliffe folder with pearl handles. 3 5/8'' closed, 6 5/8'' open, hand rubbed finish, mint, with zip up case.
1391Jason Jacks tactical folder, locking liner, carbon fiber handles and anodized titanium frame, with belt clip, 4 1/4'' closed, 7 1/2'' open, mint.
1401Pat Crawford Tactical folder, with G10 handles, titanium frame, bead blasted blade, 4 1/2'' closed, 8 1/8'' open, belt clip. Mint.
1411Howard Viele locking liner folder with parkerized titanium frame. Hand rubbed finish on the blade, 4'' closed, 6 5/8'' open, mint.
1421Bob Dozier folder, locking liner, with burgundy micarta handles. D2 steel, 3 1/2'' closed, 6 1/4'' open, mint.
1431Pat Crawford Leopard folder, locking liner, titanium, bead blasted finish all round, 4 3/4'' closed, 8 1/4'' open, with belt clip, mint.
1441Joel Chamblin folder, thumb studs on each side, but locking liner is for left handed opening, black micarta handles, slant dovetail bolsters, belt clip, 4 3/4'' closed, 8 1/4'' open, mint.
1451B. Baskett tactical locking liner, G10 handles with clip. 4 3/8'' closed, 7 5/8'' open, mint.
1461Rick Hinderer framelock, midtech, Grooved G10 handles with titanium fittings. With belt clip, 4 5/8'' closed, 8'' open, mint.
1471Schatt & Morgan small Mountain Man, reconstituted stone handles by Painted Pony/Michael Prather, marked 1 of 10.
1481Case 5347 ssp stockman, gray etching (1976, part of the limited edition sets issued that year) in the original pumpkin Case box.
1491Bill Luckett Pit Viper fighter #2 of 4, ebony handles, sculpted brass guard, spacers at the guard and pommel, hidden tang, with a windowpane sheath with a genuine rattlesnake insert, tools all round. Mint.
1501Matt Lamey Bowie, wood handles, Kenny Rowe sheath, lightly used, 15'' oal, 10'' blade, wave pattern to the temper line, hidden tang, drilled for lanyard. Looks almost as if used in a cutting competition and not cleaned up.
1511W. C. (Bill) Johnson stag handled Bowie with fileworked back and on the brass guard and pommel. Mint. 14 1/2'' oal, 9'' blade, with leather sheath.
1521Pair of Queen USA pearl knives, #6 pen and #54.
1531Case 5254ssp trapper, gray etching (1976, part of the limited edition sets issued that year) in the original pumpkin Case box.
1541Winchester USA bone clasp knife, deep etch of a buffalo on the blade, buffalo head shield, colorful pony express rider box, c.1998. MIB
1551J. D. Clay stag handled semi-skinner. Tapered tang with red liners, drilled for lanyard, 7'' oal, 2 3/4'' blade, angled carry quality leather sheath. Mint.
1561Keith Coleman Damascus tanto, wood handles with amber spacer, fileworked pommel cap, leather sheath, 9'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, mint.
1571Harold Corby small subhilt, buffalo horn handles, engraved one minor pin crack. Tapered tang. Mint otherwise. With boot clip sheath that shows some carry wear. 9'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade.
1581Frank Centofante, Tampa Fl wood lockback folder. 3 1/2'' closed, 6 1/4'' open, mint.
1591Mark Sentz(claw logo) stag handled handforged twin hunter set, ABS member. Hiddent tang, nickel silver fittings. Larger knife is 9 1/2'' oal, 5'' blade, smaller is 8 1/4'' oal with a 3 3/4'' blade, both fit in a double sheath with tooling around the edge, some light carry use, near mint.
1601P. J. Tomes, Mastersmith mark, Scagel style large hunter, leather and crown stag handle with multiple spacers. 11 1/2'' oal, 6'' blade, with sheath. Very well balanced.
1611Stek knives Damascus Bowie, stag handles with a buffalo horn spacer. 16'' oal, 10 3/4'' blade, Damascus guard and pommel, hidden tang, mint, with leather sheath.
1621Jeffrey Davidson mequite and mule deer handle with a sheep horn cap, Forged 5160 steel, pieced hidden tang, Ed Fowler influence camp knife, with sheath. 12 1/2'' overall, 7 1/4'' blade, with sheath. Mint. Card with it states originally priced at $600.00.
1631Pair of Bulldog Brand Germany knives, pearl handles with biblical etching. A big 5 1/4'' closed stockman with a scene of Christ on the cross, the other a jumbo 5'' trapper with ''The Lord's Supper'' etched on one blade, and a copy of DaVinci's ''Last Supper'' etched on the other. Both mint.
1641Pair of Orvis marked knives, stag Italy made bird knife and Camillus USA wood trapper.
1651Pair of Browning Japan knives, brass frames with rosewood inlays. Two different blade shapes, 3 1/4'' lockbacks,
1661Pair of Case NKCA club knives, cheetah 6111 1/2 2005 bone, and Rog6211 1/2 2 blade. Both MIB
1671Buck model 532 lockback folder with leather sheath, discontinued
1681Case 5347 ssp stockman, 9 dot, 1971, stag handles.
1691Pair of Japanese made Butterfly knives, IXL and Taylor Manila folder. (Check you local laws to be sure you are legal to own these before bidding please)
1701Pair of Beretta Japanese made folders, k92 with bullet shield that is the locking lever, and K402. Both MIB
1711Pair of Col. Coon knives, made in USA by Queen.
1721Pair of Case pearl handled knives, TB81117 swayback and 8201R pen knife with bail. Modern, mint in presentation cases with ''Case XX'' on the satin interior lining. Sleeves over the cases included, mint.
1731R. Crowder dress hunter with fossil ivory handles, dovetail mokume bolsters and pommel, mint ATS34 steel, tapered tang with black liner. In a well done windowpane sheath marked ''Kilby, MS'' (A little loose in the sheath but a close fit.
1741Pair of Puma knives, 230702 Pretec saw and 410675 stag handled stockman. Both MIB
1751Ron Gaston slipmline fighter, California buckeye handles, 8'' oal, 3 3/4'' blade, dovetail bolsters, tapered tang with red liners, 2 1/2'' sharpened false edge, hand rubbed finish, mint.
1761Ron Fraizer meteorite blade, hunter, stainless guard, stag scales around a hidden tang, 7'' oal, 3'' blade, mint but has a few natural occlusions.
1771John Fuller, Douglasville GA, hunter, wood handles, some filework, tapered tang with red liner, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, tooled leather sheath mint.
1781Rick Nowland Damascus hunter, wood handles, mokume guard, dovetailed, tapered tang, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, leather sheath, mint.
1791Tommy Lee Benchmade knives hunter, old ivory micarta scales. 7 1/2'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade, tapered tang with black liner, black leather sheath. Mint.
1801Barry Gallagher fighter, burl maple handle, mosaic pines, tapered tang with red liner, dovetailed nickel silver bolsters, extended lugs on the guard, 13'' oal, 8'' blade, ''Greg Walker'' etched on the blade back. (former editor of the late magazine Fighting Knives). Mint, a scuff or two on the Kraig Bergun made sheath.
1811Koji Hara custom hunter, ATS34 blade, sculpted black micarta handles, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, tapered tang, with black leather pouch sheath. Mint.
1821Valade engraved Tiny Spencer hunter with maple handles. Straight tang, 7 1/2'' oal, 3'' blade, mint. Pouch leather sheath.
1831Daryl Hibben drop point hunter, fileworked tang, wood handles. Straight tang, 7 1/2'' oal, 3 3/8'' blade. Mint, with tooled pouch leather sheath.
1841J. B. Moore, Ft. Stockton hunter, osage orange handles. Tapered tang 7 1/2'' oal, 3'' blade, pouch leather sheath. Mint.
1851Ralph Smith, SC maker, skinner, maple handles, 8'' oal, 3 3/8'' blade, tapered tang with red liners, unused but there are a few specks on top where the steel bolsters meet the tang, otherwise mint, with pouch leather sheath.
1861Barry Dawson fixed blade, stonewashed steel finish, brown pakkawood handles, straight tang, riveted leather sheath, mint, 8'' oal, 3 3/4'' blade.
1871John Greco Scagel style fighter, with handles of stacked leather washer and stag. 11 3/4'' oal, 5 3/4'' blade, mint with heavy black leather sheath.
1881Ed Small (ES) Damascus Stag hunter, straight tang, 8 1/2'' oal, 4 1/4'', Unused but a couple of specks on the top edge, several occlusions in the Damascus which appear to have been natural and intended by the use of something like a chain for the steel before the folding started.
1891Murry Sterling stag handled heavy duty skinner. Fngergroove index finger stag handle, dovetailed slant bolsters, nickel silver guard and pommel, tapered tang with red liner. 9 1,/4'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, mint. Heavy duty leather sheath.
1901Carlie Ochs, Ox Forge stag hunter, guardless design, tapered tang, drilled for lanyard, OX Forge marked leather pouch sheath, 8 1/2'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, has been cleaned to near mint.
1911Rick Dunkerly Damascus folder with gold lip pearl handles. Fileworked anodized titanium liners, locking liner. 4'' closed, 7'' open, gemstone on the thumb stud. Mint.
1921Chuck Stewart lockback stiletto interframe with green stone inlay. 4'' closed, 7 3/4'' open, mint.
1931Steve Hosteller Mosaic Damascus folder with mammoth tooth handles, Mosaic Damascus bolsters. Anodized titanium locking liner, 4 1/4'' closed, 7 3/8'' open,
1941Tim Britton tear drop folder, black lip pearl handles, slipjoint, 3'' closed, 5 1/4'' open, hand rubbed finish, long pull, comes in a leather A. G. Russell marked leather pouch.
1951Mike Franklin (Hawg Knives) large framelock tactical, black micarta handles. Framelock but still with handles on each side, a massive 6 5/8'' clong closed, and 11 1/2'' open, six different grind surfaces on the blade, exposed liners are engine turned, laced lanyard. Mint.
1961Michael Walker folder, marked "Walker's Lockers, M. L. Walker" this knife is marked on the back of the blade, "003". Beautiful hand rubbed finish, 3 1/2" closed, 6" open, extra fine checkered wood handles that appear to be either burl walnut or ironwood. This knife is unique in that at first appearance it is like a Barry Wood swing around folder. The two liners with handles will separate like that and spin around for complete disassembly of the knife, however the knife does not appear to work that way for use but rather for cleaning or adjusting tension on the blade, as it is a very nice friction folder. And most important of all it is a handmade folder by Michael Walker, inventor of the liner lock, and a true artist whose recent knives have sold for as much as very high five figures (almost six figures). This one is earlier and your best chance perhaps to ever own a Michael Walker knife.
1971Dan Graves, Shreveport, LA Damascus Bowi with stag handles, Damasus ferrule, pommel, and nut, 13'' oal, 7 1/2'' blade, unused but some spotting on the back side so near mint, no sheath.
1981DeYoung trailing point hunter, 2 piece wood handles with nickel silver spacers, straight tang, leather sheath, 9 1/2'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, mint.
1991Dan Westlind large Damascus hunter with elk antler handle. Straight tang with red liners, basic filing on the to edge, 11 1/4'' oal, 6'' blade, basketweave leather sheath, mint.
2001Lloyd Pendleton hunter, brown pakkawood scales, brass bolsters, tapered tang, white liners, early as his name is pantographed rather than etched. Sheath shows a lot of wear, knife appears near mint, has been cleaned. 8 3/4'' oal, 4 1/4'' blade.