Lot Qty Description
1011Case XX 6232 (1940-1955) green bone 2 blade, mint.
1021Case XX (1940-1955) Green bone 6308 whittler, mint.
1031Case Tested XX (1920-1940) 5233 lp with a diamond shield, vg.
1041Case XX (1940-1965) green bone 62087 mint. Front handle is a little lighter than the back handle.
1051Case Tested XX (1920-1940) 6202 green bone, low very good condition, couple of hard to see hairlines.
1061Case XX Green bone muskrat, (1940-1965) MINT. Yes, that's what I said. MINT.
1071Case Tested XX (1920-1940) green bone 62053, 2 3/4'', mint
1081Case Tested XX (1920-1940) 6299 SH R large swell end jack with bail, sheepfoot master blade, cleaned to near mint.
1091IXL George Wostenholm IXL ''The IXL Bowie'' with stag handles, elaborate guard and horsehead pommel, IXL gold embossed sheath. Frog missing from the sheath. This is a 1960's era knife, most of these were made by James or Lowe. 16'' oal, 10'' blade. One spot toward the top and some water specking on the back is all that keeps this one from being mint.
1101Unmarked but almost certainly a Collins Bowie, fancy cast guard and pommel, spiral fluted handles, embossed leather sheath and fancy frog. Near mint, has been lightly used and a few specks, 18 1/2'' overall, 13'' blade.
1111John Nelson Cooper Bowie with a non-typical deep false edge, black micarta handle, fileworked ferrule and pommel, lugged guard, all brass, with leather sheath, one year mark, deep clip. 10'' blade. 15 1/2'' oal, 1967 mark used only that one year. Mint.
1121R. J. Kessnick, Northwood, Ohio stag handled Bowie, straight tang, leather sheath with nickel silver throat and tip, unused but some staining on the blade that should clean to near mint. 12 1/4'' oal, 7 3/8'' blade. Unused but time for a cleaning with expert hands.
1131John Nelson Cooper mini-Bowie with a Cooper marked sheath, straight guard, flared pommel, two different colors micarta with brass spacers, ''D.E.S.'' is engraved on the back bolster. Unused except for two or three tiny storage specks.
1141Chubby Huske handmade Bowie, brass guard and pommel, leather sheath, Texas maker who was a charter member of the Knifemaker's Guild. Cleaned to exc, but a crack the length of the wood handle, hidden tang. 13 oal, 7 3/4'' blade.
1151Western, Boulder, Colo Shark Knife, leather sheath, stacked leather washer handle. 10'' oal, 5 3/4'' blade, mint.
1161Robeson Shrudege No. 20, Mark I Navy knife with wood pommel. Left side sheath. Mirror polished and appears mint, but not seen a lot of government issue knives mirror polished. Possibly expertly cleaned.
1171Haake Handmade dagger with wood sheath with metal throat, sculped ivory micarta handle with straight tang, scrimmed with a black leopard. 14'' oal, 9'' blade. Unused but some age specking in a half dozen spots on the back side of the blade. Back handle is scrimmed with a stylized Indian head. Tapered brass wrapped tang.
1181Bob Forester hidden tang stag handled hunter, mint, pouch sheath. Brass guard.
1191Knife-Crafters of Philadelphia WWII era knife made from Civil War era swords during WWII. (See Silvy book ''Knives of the United States Military - World War II'') Some of the sword etching is still visible, leather wrapped handle, 12'' oal, 7'' blade, leather sheath. Some staining so near mint. Handle and sheath both stamped ''U3082''.
1201Abercrombie & Fitch Co. NY gold embossed sheath, integral one piece construction with tapered tang, rounded wood handled hunter with elaborate checkering. A&F on the button snap. Knife is unmarked, likely etched originally. High quality but has been used and carried, exc. Lot of character in this one. M. L. S. engraving faint on the blade. Exc. 12 1/2'' oal, 7 1/4'' blade.
1211GEK (George Koutsopoulos) small clip hunter, wood pin decorated ferrule, smooth stag handle with inlaid arrowhead shield, brass guard and pommel, with extended tang drilled for lanyard, mint. California Golden Bear in relief on the opposite handle. No sheath. 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade.
1221Bill Duff hunter with scrimmed ivory micarta handles. Knife is unused but some green crud damage to the brass guard, should polish, laced lanyard, no sheath. 9 1/2'' oal, 4'' blade,
1231N. M. Thune, Norway, Fancy Pukko knife, sterling silver guard, throat and tip to the sheath, which are engraved, 8 3/4'' oal, 4 1/4'' blade. Mint.
1241Helle Fabrikker Norway, wood handled pukko, strong geometric shaping, near mint with sheath, 8 1/2'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade.
1251Sidney Baxter & Co, Boston WII knife with ''Commando'' stamped on the tang. Appear to be micarta handles. Original sheath was likely reinforced with the brass overlay, not typical of known examples. Tang is stamped Comdr. Lowell Cooper USN (9686). Some age spotting on the blade, 11 1/2'' oal, 6'' blade. nm.
1261Sykes-Fairbairn n WWII commemorative series by the American Historical Foundation, Battle of the Bulge, showy, with gold plated fittings, checkered handle, blued blade with gold etching, in a fitted presentation case.
1271Gary Barnes Damascus handmade with fancy bolsters and black lip pearl on one side, other side is metal with fancy stamped design and a slide out mechanism to extend the blade. Mint. 3 7/8'' closed, 6 1/2'' open. Inside the slide dated 1983.
1281Lockwood Brothers Sheffield (no England) stag handled one blade, mint except for age specking etched Real Lambfoot Knife'', grooved iron bolsters, barehead on the other end. 4'' closed. Mint.
1291Ruana straight guard and pommel hunter, no sheath. Very early, unmarked, 12 1/2'' oal, 8'' blade, exc.
1301GEK (George Koutsopoulos) engraved wood handled hunter, engraved blade (both sides) by David Morton, engraved guard, engraved escutcheon, dovetailed bolsters, straight tang, no sheath. 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade with finger groove, 440C steel. Mint.
1311Gerber Mark II with honesteel piggybacking in a double sheath, wasp shaped blade with serrations, gray armorhide handle with black guard and pommel #022848, mint except for three light scratches on the blade.
1321Randall 5-5, stag finger grooved handle, double guard, white stone, rough back Johnson sheath, unusual with serrations on the top edge, nickel silver guard. Stainless. Has been lightly cleaned that it still whispers mint.
1331Gerber Mark II with black handle and black leather sheath, distinctive in that it is NOT a dagger blade but has a spear point and false edge toward the tip. #005235
1341Schrade 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone.
1351Three NKCA club knives, Case 5154 ss, Rodgers Wostenholm green bone three blade canoe, made in England, and Schrade USA 2 blade genuine stag trapper.
1361Pair of Near mint Case knives, Case 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback 70's dots, lightly sharpened, and 6249 copperhed in a Case XX marking (1945-65). Cleaned, looks mint at first glance except for some spots on both nailmarks.
1371Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. (78-DSC_0184-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
1381Pair of Case genuine stag knives from 1976, gray etch blades from the limited edition stag sets of that year, 5265ss folding hunter and 5254ss trapper.
1391Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched Everlastingly Sharp, button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang.
1401Trio of Case '51 pattern Case Collectors Club knives, 6151, 6251, and 6251 take two blade hobo, all with bone handles, etched blades.
1411Three Genuine stag NKCA club knives, Kissing Crane 1977 three blade gunboat canoe, 1980 stag Kissing Crane three blade, and 2 blade big cigar by Queen with one natural check, long pull. Mint.
1421Sykes Fairbairn limited edition commemorating the end of WWII, Victory in Europe, wood handles, gold plated guard and pommel, etched blade, in a fitted presentation case.
1431Pair of Gerber made NKCA club knives, 2 blade jumbo trapper and one blade lockback, both with jigged bone handles.
1441Sykes-Fairbairn commemorative, honoring D-Day, June 6, 1944, issued by the American Historical Foundation, checkered handled, all gold plated fittings, etched blade, in a fitted presentation case. MIB
1451The ultimate reference book on the Bowie knife by arms dealer legend Norm Flayderman. You can read and read this for years and find some new tidbit you missed every time.
1461Living on the Edge, Logos of the Loveless Legend. The out of print high demand final book on R. W. Loveless and his knives, fantastic photos by Jim Weyer, required for every library, and almost impossible to get.
1471Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles. The last major knife book I wrote. Good articles. Good writing. Crammed with knife photos. Paperback. I will autograph the book upon request. (XV-007-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
1481Sheffield Exhibition Knives is a book by Bill Claussen, Bill Adams, Brad Watts and others. It is a 247 page book, hardcover with a color dust jacket. Published in 1999, it is considered the ultimate reference work of Sheffield Exhibition knives, featuring full color pages of many knives from the Joseph Rodgers, IXL George Wostenholm, and John Blyde/Greenhough exhibition collections. Retail at the time of issue was $89.95.
1491Master of the Forge: William F. Moran by B. R. Hughes and Houston Price. The story of Moran and his knives, co-founder of the American Bladesmiths Society, reinventor of Damascus steel for knives, teacher, legend, and friend to all who knew him. Rare hard to find book.
1501Four green bone NKCA club knives, 61050L folding guard, 1983, Saddlehorn with bolstors 61100 1991, 6240sp 1985, and 6345 1987. All Mint.
1511'The Carolyn Factor'' Novel centered around a knife dealing hero, written by J. Bruce Voyles, writing as ''JJ Bruce''. It is available as an e-book on Amazon, but autographed softcover edition is available exclusively through us. This is NOT an auction item. When you click on the bid box, it will process at the stated price. You can check out a review of this book at Kirkus Review. Retail is $16.99. As a registered bidder your price is $14.99.
1521Same as above but hardcover with color dustjacket, and also autographed. (If you want it specifically dedicated to someone please specify when you are contacted for the final amount of your winning bids plus shipping. Retail is $25.00. As a registered bidder with us, your price is only $19.99
1531Randall Model 14, G10 handle, finger grooved, Randall stamped buttons, smooth back. Stainless.
1541Richard Essegian, Fresno, CA elaborately engraved Bowie, brass engraved guard, engraved pommel, elaborate tooled windowpane leather sheath. Top notch all the way. Essegian was prompted to make a few knives by Paul Basch. Marked 2 under the flat of the tang. Nice American eagle engraved on the revese side. He did not make a lot of knives. Black and green spacers at the ferrule and the pommel. A big 16'' oal, 9 3/4'' blade. Mint. There are more photos in our non-bid high res catalog (www.jbrucevoyles.com)