Lot Qty Description
3011Case's Stainless fish knife; yellow composition handles; knife is near mint; but appears to be rehandled. Crack on back handle.
3021Case Bradford PA candy stripe R1096 Texas toothpick; exc
3031Rare variation of Case peanut; yellow composition handled peanut marked Case's Stainless with ''Stainless'' on the shield; vg; both blades marked.
3041Case Bradford PA pearl handled lobster 2 blade with bail; very good. 2 1/4'' closed.
3051Case Bradford PA swell center 08267 pattern; long pull; blades are low very good. One imperfection in the pearl (not a crack).
3061Case Bros; Little Valley NY metal flake pen knife; ''Tested XX'' stamped on the blade; bar shield; 3 1/4'' exc.
3071Case Brothers; Little Valley NY stag handled 5250 sunfish; bowtie shield; high exc.
3081Case Tested XX jigged green bone with shield marked ''Case Scout''; cleaned to excellent; 6445 R pattern; punch blade marked too.
3091IXL Bowie Sheffield; Spear and saber ground; nickel silver guard and pommel; hidden tang; round stag handle; a little loose; IXL gold stamped leather veneer sheath; frog missing but nickel silver throat and tip still good. Very close to near mint for a Bowie this old. 12 3/4'' oal; 8 1/2'' blade.
3101Harrison Brothers & Howsen Sheffield dagger; horn handles with three round pearl inserts covering the pins; exc. No sheath.
3111Cambridge Cutlery Sheffield; England; stag Cowboy Bowie; no sheath; well pitted very good. 11 3/4'' oal; 7 1/4'' blade.
3121Challenge Cutlery Co. Sheffield (different from the American company); jigged bone handles; Cowboy Bowie with clip; leather sheath probably not original to the knife. 8 1/2'' oal; 4 3/4'' blade; tapered tang.
3131Standard Knife Company dagger with sheath; stag handles; bar shield; full blades; high exc. 10'' oal; 5 3/4'' blade; two small dings on the blade edge.
3141Pair of English tool knives bearing famous Bowie names; Wood handled swallow tail blade marked Petty's Celebrated Sheffield; and a carved white bone marked Wm. Greaves & Sons; both high vg/low exc. 8 1/2'' and 8'' oal.
3151Marbles Trailcraft bone handle with spacers; leather sheath; modern made in Gladestone; MI. MIB
3161Calmont group of four knives; very short run based on a design by Cal Montgomery of South Carolina featuring a fixed blade and a fold blade cover that folds into the handle or out over the blade to used as a skinner tool; All with sheath; one leather; three camo cordura; two are all metal handles; two are thermoplastic hunter; all in the original book.
3171Hen & Rooster quartet of stag handled fixed blades; each with leather sheaths; each MIB. (2) 4803 8 1/4''; 4901 10 5/8'' long; and 8''. Marking on one designates made in Spain. Others are not so marked but they look almost the same.
3181Puma pair of knives; one stag SGB Bowie Rolled Stag; one Coyote micarta; both claiming Germany blades; which indicates that assembly was likely China. Both MIB.
3191AWACS bead blasted blade; made in Effingham; Ill; leather sheath; MIB 10 1/4'' oal; 6'' blade.
3201Columbia River Knife & Tool FTWS #2060 designed by Allen Elischewitz; tactical fighter; ballistic cloth sheath; MIB
3211Pair of Gerber Freeman design hunters; wood handles; one is a clip point; and the other is a gut hook. Both MIB. #22-0864 & 0865.
3221Beretta Loveless design drop point; zytel handle; black leather sheath; MIB
3231Holly Handmade straight tang; 8'' oal; 4'' blade; 03 on the back of the tang; stippled brass guard; canvas micarta with a linen micarta spacer mint with sheath.
3241EK Commando Night Fighter; Xpedition knives; kraton handles; bead blasted blade; Bark River Mi; some spotting but still in original box. 11 1/2'' oal; 6 1/2'' blade.
3251Moki pearl handled lockback folder; interframe with five firery mother of pearl inset into both sides; 3 7/8'' closed; 7'' open. Mint.
3261Case 10 Dot 1970 5347 shp sp stainless; polished; nice stag handles. Smaller blades stamped ''SS''
3271Winchester etched Muskrat; pre-WWII; rough black handles; some shrinkage; otherwise mint
3281W. R. Case & Sons; Bradford; PA 6151 low exc/vg blade; propeller shield; bone handles.
3291John Nelson Cooper Mohawk Brave; trailing point; 10'' oal; 5 1/4'' blade; no sheath; cleaned to near mint.
3301Case Tested XX Tadpole 9229 1/2; blade is short and pitted; vg or worse.
3311Case commemorative V-42 combat daggers produced by the American Historical Foundations; set of 2 knives; one honoring the Americans of the First Special Service Force and the Candians of the First Special Service Force; one blade is mirror polished; the other is black; both come with deluxe wood presentation cases is velvet liners; top of the line commemoratives.
3321'The Carolyn Factor'' Novel centered around a knife dealing hero; written by J. Bruce Voyles; writing as ''JJ Bruce''. It is available as an e-book on Amazon; but autographed softcover edition is available exclusively through us. This is NOT an auction item. When you click on the bid box; it will process at the stated price. You can check out a review of this book at Kirkus Review. Retail is $16.99. As a registered bidder your price is $14.99.
3331Same as above but hardcover with color dustjacket; and also autographed. (If you want it specifically dedicated to someone please specify when you are contacted for the final amount of your winning bids plus shipping. Retail is $25.00. As a registered bidder with us; your price is only $19.99