Lot Qty Description
1011CASE stag handled hunter; mint; with Case sheath. 564 with serif mark.
1021CASE stag handled hunter with long blood groove; with sheath; mint. 5325-6; sans serif logo.
1031CASE green bone handled hunter; mint; Case Tested marked button on the sheath. #64.
1041CASE stag handled 523 - 5 1/2 hunter; 10'' oal; with sheath; knife is mint. serif tang mark.
1051Cattaraugus jigged bone pen knife; etched ''G. N. Portman'' has a storage speck or two but otherwise mint; bar shield. 3 1/4'' closed.
1061Keen Kutter pen; jigged bone; E. C. Simmon mark; full blades and unused but some storage specking. Minty otherwise. Barehead jack; dovetailed bolsters on the other end; 3 1/4''; one rivet crack.
1071Valley Forge long pull fishtail one blade; bar shield; bone handles; vintage; exc. Etching visible; 3 3/4'' closed.
1081Winchester wood handled Anglo-Saxon 2 blade with grooved and pinched bolsters; Etching faint but visible; very high excellent. #2676; 4 1/2'' closed.
1091Winchester pre-WWII #1936 saber ground Texas Toothpick exc; plus a brass buckle marked Winchester.
1101Three fancy celluloid handled knives. Harris Bros & Co. Chicago; Ill glitter strip fish tail exc; NCCO leg knife with vintage soiled dove photos under the handles nm; and rare Union Knife Works; NY USA green and gold glitter stripe Texas Toothpick. exc.
1111Winchester jigged bone 2 blade English jack; long pull; with grooved bolsters.
1121Barnett Tool Co. tool knife; pliers punch and long pull spear blade; includes an original ad for the knife; knife is exc. Bone handles.
1131Keen Kutter shadow pen; cracked ice celluloid shadow pattern; with bail; etched; mint except for some age specks. 3 1/4'' closed.
1141Cattaraugus wharncliffe whittler; bar shield; jigged bone; cleaned to exc.
1151Cattaraugus 2 blade easy open equal end; etched George W. Lord Co; Philadelphia; full blades but with some deep pitting; exc. Back side etched ''Lords Boiler Compound''; 3 5/8'' closed.
1161Unusual Cattaraugus equal end with cracked ice celluloid handles; on the handle reads FEHR'S BEER and etching on the blade are musical notes and bar reading ''It's al-ways FEHR Weather''. Second blade has an unusual folding cap lifter blade with than marked Pat. Applied For. Near mint. ''Frank Doerr'' stamped into the back handle.
1171Winchester large long pull wood handled dogleg with crest shield. High exc. 3 5/8'' closed
1181E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter bone handled four blade congress with grooved bolsters; exc. 3''
1191Winchester clip blade wharncliffe shape; pre-1940; slick black; long pull; #2006; high excellent; 3 5/8'' closed.
1201Winchester pre-WWII equal end fancy celluloid pen knife; unused but some deep storage pitting; etched blade with etching clear. Adding the pits into the equation overall I'd value it as excellent. Blade is a little slow; #2058; 3 1/4'' closed.
1211Cattaraugus Two blade hobo with bone handles; clip blade and fork blade with bottle opener; take apart; exc; #21419.
1221Pair of Case USA Twin Finn set; M3Finn and 523-3 1/4; stag handles; one sheath holds both knives; all mint.
1231CASE stag handled hunter with old style Case sheath; mint. 515 pattern; sans serif logo.
1241Pair of CASE marked stacked leather washer handled knives; M3Finn; and 323-3 1/4
1251Pair of Case stacked leather washer handled knives; 323-5 1/2 Hunter and smaller CASE with sans serif mark with sheath; looks like a 365 but is 7 1/4'' oal. Mint.
1261CASE XX marked wood handled specialty knife with leather sheath; exc. 5 7/8'' oal.
1271Emerson USA Sheepdog locking liner. Checkered G10 Handles; MIB
1281Emerson USA Patriot with wave feature; G10 handles; MIB
1291Pair of Emerson knives in Desert brown; CQC IV and Specwar A; both MIB
1301Emerson 2013 CQC13 with wave feature; MIB
1311Emerson Aftershock; black blade; G10 with Wave feature; MIB
1321Emerson CQC15; made in 2013; black blade; MIB
1331Emerson Gentleman Black blade; G10 handles; MIB
1341Case Bros Springville; NY (Extremely rare mark) Equal end; stag handles; XX stamped on the blade; 3 3/8''; one blade is broken; good condition only.
1351Emerson Barracuda made in USA; black blade; G10 handles; MIB
1361Emerson Commander; blade blade; G10 handles; MIB
1371Emerson CQC14 blacked blade locking liner; G10 handles MIB
1381Zero Tolerance ZT AST flipper locking liner tactical; Hinderer Slicer #0562 MIB
1391Emerson CQC 7AW; blacked blade; G10 handles; MIB
1401Pair of knives. Case Arapaho with stamina wood handle and basketweave sheath and Frost Cutlery Arkansas Toothpick copy of a Gerber boot knife. Both mint in the sheath.
1411Case Crazy Horse stag hunter with blued blade and gold etching that is blurred a little. This was a special contract order for Davidsons sporting goods; with a brass coin; no box.
1421Case Bowie knife with the brass back and brass trimmed sheath; no box. No stars on the guard.
1431Case USA 516-5 stag handled hunter; Mint in sheath.
1441Case USA 523-5 stag handled hunter; metal wrapped brown sheath; mint.
1451Case USA 523 stag handled hunter; metal wrapped black sheath; mint.
1461Case USA M5Finn small hunter; Mint in sheath.
1471Case Kodiak; stag handles; old colorful box; no stars in the guard (older version of the color box model)
1481Case XX USA stag 523 trailing point hunter; mint; metal wrapped sheath.
1491Case Tested 22031 spear point swell end jack; vg.
1501Case Tested jigged bone long pull clip blade; swell center dogleg 62035 1/2; vg; 2 hairline cracks.
1511Pair of Case Tested peanuts; one rough black; one green bone with diamond shield; both low vg.
1521Case 70's 3-dot folding guard lockback; 6111 1/2 L; mint.
1531Case 70's greenskeepers knife; 4247K; unused but blade is tarnished to the point of exc; nm; greenskeepers knife. This knife was contract only and never sold through Case dealerships. Back is stamped on the handle; ''Lawn and Golf Supply''; unused; full blades; would clean to nice.
1541Pair of used Case XX (1945-65) pocketknives; 6437 shsp and 62048 slim trapper with Rogers bone handles; both vg.
1551Case USA 5488 second cut stag near mint 4-blade congress.
1561Case's Stainless; Sea Beast fisherman's knife; yellow celluloid handles; 5 1/2'' closed; vg.
1571Pair of Case 6279 bone handled knives; green bone Case Tested XX exc; and Case 70's dots Stainless mint.
1581Case Bradford PA S233 LP; gold stone metallic handles; long pull; exc; tiny bit of shrinkage to the handle as natural with any this old.
1591Pair of Case XX (1945-65) knives; Muskrat low exc and 31098 yellow Texas Toothpick unused but speckled.
1601Pair of Case XX (1945-65) vg condition 64052 and 6207 pen with a rivet crack.
1611CASE 557; sans serif logo; stag handled hunter; mint; with Case sheath.
1621CASE 5Finn stag handled hunter with short squared pommel; sans serif logo; leather sheath mint.
1631Case USA 5361 stag handled hunter with metal wrapped sheath mint.
1641Case USA second cut stag handles; sharpened; 5Finn; low near mint; ''Eric Momsen'' has been scratched into the top edge of the handle.
1651Case USA 523-6 stag trailing point hunter; mint.
1661Case Tested XX pearl handled 82023; 2 7/8'' teardrop two blade long pull pen knife; exc plus.
1671Case USA jigged bone coke bottle 6225 1/2 mint.
1681Case Tested XX green bone6392 stockman; exc plus.
1691Kutmaster jigged bone long pull 3 7/8'' serpentine stockman; mint.
1701Case Tested XX green bone 6216 barehead jack; exc
1711Robeson folding guard one blade with yellow composition handles; etched Robeson Frozen heat; mint with minute shrinkage. This model is not a lockback. #812872
1721OVB (Our Very Best) Hibbard; Spencer; & Bartlett swell end jack with rough black handles; spotted; etched; and unused but tarnish puts it in the near mint category. 3 3/8'' closed.
1731Keen Kutter etched serpentine stockman; mint 3 5/8'' closed.
1741Robeson Shuredge USA strawberry bone clip blade 2 blade standard barlow; long pull; mint except for a speck or two. 521179 mint
1751Case Tested green bone long pull sleeveboard whittler 6379 1/2 F; exc.
1761W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. teardrop pattern; diamond relief shield; long pull; low exc.
1771Case XX 61093 Texas Toothpick; bone handles; 1945-65; exc
1781Case Tested XX green bone 6299 spear full blades; cleaned to near mint except for a ''U'' shaped crack on the back handle (handle is all there).
1791Case Tested XX green bone 6299 1/2 near mint; if not an ''A'' blade it is very close to it. Later style C on the shield.
1801Clauss; Freemont; OH green bone 6299 1/2 near mint pattern; contract knife made by Case.
1811Case Tested XX 630047 punch long pull serpentine stockman. Many attribute these models without a shield as WWII era made for the government; vg.
1821Case 6216 sp budding knife; green bone; spotted a little but unused.
1831Case 5 dot cleaned to near mint 6254 used trapper; bone handles.
1841Case XX 61093 Texas Toothpick; bone handles; 1945-65; near mint
1851Case XX 1945-65 5265 sab; excellent plus folding hunter; one rivet crack and one hairline.
1861Case XX 61093 Texas Toothpick; bone handles; 1945-65; near mint.
1871Case Military contract knife made MS LTD marlin spike; very good.
1881Case Tested 6151 Toadsticker; bone handles; exc but has three or four bad pits on the backspring.
1891Case Tested XX 8251 pearl handled take apart toadsticker excellent except for a crack totally across the front handle (see photo);a both blades marked.
1901Case USA 61093 9 dot bone toothpick; exc. But with a rivet crack on the front.
1911Case XX bone 6165 sab not drilled. Tarnished but exc.
1921Case XX green bone 6165 SAB near mint save for one hairline crack.
1931Case Tested XX B10050 coke bottle folding hunter; imitation onyx; flat ground; vg; pulling near the bolster
1941Case bone USA 6488 congress exc.
1951Three Cripple Creek AECA show knives; 1991; 1 of 25;1986 1 of 50; and 1989; 1 of 25; stag handled stockman; oval butterbean; and min trapper. All mint.
1961Two Cripple Creek AECA show knives 1991 and 1992; 1 of 40 and 1 of 43; two blade toadsticker and clasp knife; both with stag handles; both mint.
1971Three American Edge Collectors Association Cripple Creek club knives; trapper 1982; Texas toothpick 1984 5th anniversary and sowbelly 3 blade 1984; all mint.
1981Three modern era Case trappers; two jigged bone; one yellow; 2 blade '54 patterns; all mint.
1991Case 5254 trapper 10 dot; mint; includes the Case gift box.
2001Case 54052 congress 10 dot (1970) mint; includes Case gift box.