Lot Qty Description
3011IXL Stag spear Bowie, stamped IXL, stamped on the blade George Wostenholm & Son Washington Works, Sheffield, no sheath, vg. Guard is a little loose, 10 1/2 oal, 6 1/2 blade.
3021Joseph Allen Non-XLL Sheffield, England marked Cowboy Bowie, stag handles, no sheath, full blades. Take a close look at this blade, someone tried to artificially age this and if you will note how the rust is peppery looking and even. Whenever you see a knife with this style rusting beware of particular aging. Funny thing about this particuar made knife is there are plenty of them out there and aged or not the price is the same. vg, 11 oal, 7 blade.
3031Slater Bros, Venture Sheffield stag handled Cowboy Bowie, with leather sheath, marked on the tang and out on the blade, exc-near mint, vintage 10 oal, 6 blade
3041Gerber Mark II designed by R. W. Loveless and so marked on the blade, serial #A2109S. Minty, sculpted wasp style sheath although knife is straight edged.
3051Remington pre-1940 stacked leather washer Official Boy Scout fixed blade with etching still visible on the blade AND also stamped on the matching leather sheath, knife is exc.
3061Group of Franklin Mint knives: Eagle head, Indian, tiger, Wyatt Earp, WWII, owl (cover plate missing), Titantic, B17, and Mallard. All imported, not sharpened.
3071Imitation Stag handled carving set, Royal Brand ss, bock is rough
3081Group of zip up cases and knife socks: 12 sock up, 12 piece imitation fur lined, several sock-up singles, five small hunter zip up caess, six pocketknife size, plus two small roll up knife rolls. All have been previously used.
3091Marbles, Gladstone, MI Trailcraft Safe Grip
3101Case XX Kodiak, much older sheath, CASE in all caps, mint, Handmade in USA etched on the back of the blade (dates it closer to the 1960's). No box but mint.
3111Marbles vintage rare Girl Scout knife with Girl Scout emblem etched on the blade AND stamped on the matching sheath, exc. Extremely rare. Marbles on the retaining strap button, 7 1/2 oal, 3 7/8 blade
3121Johnathan Crookes horsehead pommel massive Bowie, fancy ferrule, straight guard, fileworked, typical styling of knives made by Freddie James and James Lowe (see recent article in Knife magazine). Hidden tang, stag handles, leather sheath mint.
3131Wm. Greaves & Sons Sheffield large spear Bowie with stag handles, long bar shield, leather sheath that is not original to the knife, some deep pitting overall, 13 1/2 oal, 9 blade.
3141Parker Indian Series IV, three matching pattern smooth bone knives, two lockback folders and fixed blade, Osceola, Running Bear, and Red Cloud. Mint in presentation case. #390
3151Schrade 80th anniversary delrin handled Daddy Barlow, c. 1974, mint in presentation case.
3161Benchmade Axis lock folder, 551 Griptillian MDP (Mel Pardue design) MIB
3171Japan made tool kit in a zip up case, one handle with fold out Phillips screwdriver and six interchangeable blades, mint.
3181Marbles stamina wood handled hunter, Gladstone, Mich made Plainsman Game Getter
3191Marbles Woodcraft with stacked leather washer handles and crown stag pommel, made in Gladstone, Mich, minty.
3201Browning South Pass Wyoming Jade handled lockback folder in velvet lined wood presentation case.
3211Browning Oregon Trail Wyoming Jade handled lockback folder in velvet lined wood presentation case.
3221Browning Great Divide Wyoming Jade handled lockback folder in velvet lined wood presentation case.
3231Three Vintage knives, all mint, Western States Boulder, CO with Western Office Knife on the handle, all metal Marshall Wells, Germany, metal handled long pull equal end, and Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett dogleg jack with celluloid handles, 3 1/2 long pull, mint.
3241Henckels, Solingen, German integral design, 10 oal, 5 blade finger groove stag handled skinner hunter, with leather sheath, knife is mint, some staining on the sheath.
3251Three Gerber fixed blades, Two Miming and one Pixie. The Miming's one has the Miming name, the other only says Gerber USA. No sheaths. Pixie has some flaking on the handle, rare.
3261Group of six knives, 4 imported in cases, three for Iron Horse to wildlife, and one Superknife box cutter on a card.
3271Jim McGee handmade hunter, straight tang, brown canvas micarta handle, near mint, 10 oal, 5 1/2 blade, leather pouch sheath. .
3281Pair of vintage knives, Robeson Shuredge Rochester pearl handled cattle knife, 73224, full blade but light pitting overall, has been cleaned, exc, and Schatt & Morgan vintage bent back physican's knife with swirl celluloid handles, long pull 3 1/4 oal, exc.
3291Kabar stag handled 2 blade folding hunter, mint except for a few storage specks here and there. Typical of the knives that came from the Kabar Georgia factory in the 50's, mint.
3301Pair of Cattaraugus knives, swell center, one in white bone, the other in jigged bone, both exc, 22278 and 22279.
3311Four Fight'n Rooster millennial club knives for the International Fight'n Rooster club, pearl barehead stockman and stag bearhead stockman, and a pearl gunstock whittler and the same pattern in stag. Mint.
3321Four Fight'n Rooster knives, 1999 club knives of the International Fight'n Rooster club, 100 of each made, pearl three blade trapper in pearl and stag, and three blade physicians knife in stag and pearl, Mint.
3331Pair of Queen knives, 2004 winterbottom bone teardrop jack for the Soy Knife Club, and a stag small Queen hunter marked Queen Cut. Co. both MIB.
3341Four modern Queen City knives, extended bolster bone folding hunter, English jack, swell center 2 blade with propeller shield, and large half congress with bar shield, all MIB.
3351Three knives, Kabar jigged bone saddlehorn made for their club, Winchester 1 of 30 pearl 3808 made for the American Edge Collectors Association in 1998, 1 of 3, and 2002 150th anniversary of New York Knife Co, square bolster muskrat (Schrade made) bone handles, MIB.
3361Three American Made knives, Great Eastern Tidioute spay trapper, Northfield jigged bone large muskrat, and Northwoods knives stag handled Texas Toothpick with arrowhead shield, all mint in original containers.
3371Three Case knives, C61050 engraved bolsters, etched blade, bone, Case Classic blue bone engraved bolsters '94 Gunboat canoe, and pocketworn swayback gent, TB61117, MIB
3381Two knives, Case modern issue 8197 leg knife, early 90's, and M. Grossberg, Solingen, German pearl 2 blade with black pearl spacers, also has pearl covering the backspring. Both mint.
3391Humason & Beckley, New Brittan, CT stag handled pen knife, bar shield, match striker nailmark, great polish and exceptional quality. Some storage spots are all that keep this from being mint. Unused. Early piece of cutlery history.
3401Two knife kits. Utica plastic handled folder one blade with area on other end to attach any of the seven blades that come with it, plus Utica marked pliers, all in a zip up leather case, plus four pieces of an imported tool kit with no handles. Good condition.
3411Three stag handled knives, Case 5383 swell center whittler, engraved bolsters with satin lined box, Gerber stag handled lockback stockman with fancy bolsters, cloth pocket pouch, mint.
3421Three Pacific Cutlery Co. Two Laredo series wood handled lockbacks, and a Barry Wood design Pacific Cutlery butterfly knife, all mint.
3431Three Case Tony Bose designed knives, 6139 sowbelly with Tony Bose etch and metal box, Case Collectors Club 2011 green bone TB61546 and same pattern in jigged red bone, all mint.
3441Four Case knives, 6220 peanut with green stripes, muskrat with zebra stripes and two bone baby butterbeans, three boxes. All mint.
3451Four Buck Knives, 110 folding hunter 2007, 380 wood small trapper, 1999 AECA 1 of 20 bone handled Texas Toothpick, and a 759 Buck Whittaker 2004. All mint.
3461Four Case knives, five blade copperhead in red bone R6549, plus blue bone hobo trapper, and blue bone 2013 Charter member of the Shepherd Hills Collectors club in a 6254 blue bone trapper and the Junior member in a tiny trapper, last three are all MIB.
3471Pair of tinned Case knives, Orange County Choppers 6347 with OCC shield, and American Red Cross 6207 smooth bone, both MIT.
3481Pair of Case knives, Collectors Club 6139 sowbelly with CCC shield, and jigged bone modern Muskrat, both MIB.
3491Group of assorted knives, Winchester Germany unauthorized repo made in the early 70's coke bottle folding hunter with jigged bone handles, Kershaw 2001 Soy Knife Club knife, Bear 547 jigged bone serpentine stock, Ontario Old Hickory 615 Muskrat with derlin handles, MIB, and two knives by McGrew Arkansas swell center three blade delrin handled Hillbilly Classic 1 and a Hillbilly Classic II serpentine delrin handled three blade. All mint.
3501Pair of Cattaraugus pearl handled knives, one loose pin, equal end whittler otherwise exc #22899 3 and 22294, and 2 blade sleeveboard low vg, lazy blade.
3511Case Classic 1990 W. R. Case & Sons 6391 long pull, bomb shield, match striker nail mark with double pulls, color box. Mint. Not a dupicate listing, we have two of these Case classics in this auction.