Lot Qty Description
1011Case USA5172 clasp knife, Bulldog, no box, vg.
1021Pre-1940 Winchester jigged bone three blade stockman, etched, Winchester, Stainless mint. 3953 Awesome.
1031Remington pre-WWII jigged bone 2 blade electricians knife, the screwdriver/wire skinner blade locks open and releases by pushing down on the closed sheepfoot master blade. R1973, one hairline on the back handle, Vg.
1041Winchester pre-1940 #4950 jigged bone scout/utility pattern, etching still visible and full blades, unsharpened but some specking so excellent. Crisp bone jigging, nice walk and talk.
1051Case XX 6265 sab jigged bone folding hunter, vg, rivet crack on the back handle.
1061Crandall Cut Co. Bradford, PA jigged bone long pull swell center whittler, early version what would later be a 6383 Case whittler. Vg. Chip off the back handle. There are few Case family brand knives as rare as this vintage whittler.
1071Case XX SAB 1945-65 jigged bone handled folding hunter, low exc.
1081Case Tested XX green bone 61050 barehead folding hunter large coke bottle, flat ground, near mint.
1091Case Brothers Little Valley NY 3 3/8 equal end whittler with bar shield, exc, full blades
1101Schrade-Walden stacked leather washer handle, red spacers, sheath is original and marked J. C. Higgins Bowie Hunter and is so etched on the reverse of the blade, near mint.
1111KA-BAR, Union Cut Co. green jigged bone outers knife etched Yellowstone Park mint. No sheath.
1121Henckels, Solingen, Germany integral finger groove stag handled leaf shaped blade, with leather sheath, knife is mint, some staining on the sheath. Mint. 9 1/4 oal, 4 1/4 blade.
1131Russell Green River Works stag handled one blade, brass shackle, drilled, and etched with Navy Knife, low near mint also includes a Russell Whittler's Kit Club pin back. 4 1/8 not including bail, 4 3/4 with bail.
1141Puma forester's knife, stag handles, half serrated blade, with saw blade, gutting blade and Phillips screwdriver that fold out of the handle, near mint. Etched on the back of the blade, Original Waidmesser fur Schalenwild, #3591. Hexagon inlay appears to have a silver qualification stamping. Leather sheath. Puma logo on the lower retaining snap.
1151Case Tested XX green bone C61050 folding hunter saber ground, bowtie relief shield, low exc, blade a little slow.
1161Case XX version of a Quartermaster knife made famous by Cattaraugus, turned stacked leather washer handle, left hand sheath, full blades, exc plus. #337 6 Q on reverse of the tang.
1171Union Cut Co. hatchet folding hunter, Boy Scouts stamped into the bowtie shield, deep worm grooved jigged bone, vg. 5 closed. One hairline at the back center rivet. Blades lazy.
1181KA-BAR Union Cut. Co. (Pat. Applied For) stacked yellow, black, and aluminum spacers, skinning blade, with a fancy tooled leather sheath, hand laced also stamped KA-BAR. Full blade, exc plus. Etching is faint but readable, Royal Trading Post.
1191Cattaraugus Feather Weight celluloid handled ultra lightweight skinner, celluloid handle with the name and a feather, left hand leather sheath, mint.
1201KA-BAR Union Cut. Co. yellow composition handled ultra-rare four blade folding hunter, full blades but some spotting, match striker regular pull nail marks, near mint except for a splotch on the screwdriver blade, three backsprings. Slight pull against the liners, just enough to prove this one is honest. 5 3/8 closed.
1211Case Tested XX flat ground 6165 folding hunter, bomb shield with Case in relief, heavily cleaned to low exc.
1221KA-BAR Union Cut. Co. mottled celluloid hunter, KA-BAR stamped on leather sheath, finger grooved handle, full blade exc plus. 8 3/8
1231F. A. Koch & Son NY jigged bone saddlehorn, saber ground, heavily cleaned to exc, drilled for lanyard.
1241Puma stag handled Hunter's Pal (faint), drilled for lanyard, leather sheath, exc.
1251American Shear & Knife Co deep wormgrooved swell center barehead jack, long pull spear master blade, exc plus but with a pit or two, 3 5/8 closed. Rare mark.
1261Case Tested '29 pattern, barehead, vg blade, rehandled in Christmas Tree celluloid.
1271KA-BAR Union Cut Co. Pat. Appd. For Union Cut co stg handled hunter with stag pommel, some deep pitting on the blade but has been cleaned, vg. With sheath. 6 1/2
1281Puma Plainsman wood lockback folder. This is the original lockback before the name was changed to the Game Warden. Very old with paper bottom to the Green plastic cover, will original insert, hang tang, and even the soft leather pocket pouch, all intact and mint.
1291Case Collector's Club 1981 jigged bone 6151 toadsticker, mint, with wall plaque.
1301Case Tested XX wood handled Electricians knife, shield is tamped S.C. U.S.A. (signal corps) with TL-29 on the shield as well, cleaned to exc. WWI era
1311Case Tested 6185 Red bone. Mint except for a speck or two. The Doctor's knife is one of the few genuine Tested knives that was handled in red bone as well as green bone.
1321Case Tested XX 62109x baby copperhead, rough black handles, nm.
1331Case Texas Lockhorn double lock, micarta handles, mint, in the original box, no sheath.
1341Gerber/Loveless folder, in a wood presentation box. Blade is etched Design by R. W. Loveless and in gold engraving on the frame, R. W. Loveless, rubber inset handles, lockback. In a conversation with Pete Gerber he told be about how hard this knife was to produce. There wasn't a flat surface on the entire thing, Pete said.
1351Case Tested XX 62048 slim trapper, full blades, dark green bone, unused but some specks so overall near mint.
1361Case USA (1965-70) 5172 Bulldog, stag handles, wood stamped box, full blades, minty.
1371Case Tested 62031 1/2 long pull rough black handled swell end jack. Mint.
1381Case P172 Buffalo, pakkawood handles, mint in original wood presentation case. 6 dot 1974
1391Case Tested XX Tadpole 9229 1/2, blade is short and pitted, vg or worse.
1401E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter swell end large barehead jack, large spear blade and can opener blade, full blades cleaned to near mint, bone handles, includes an original E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter pin back. Missing bail. 4.
1411Case Collectors Club 1983 take apart hobo on a 6251 pattern toadsticker, jigged bone handles with original wall plaque, mint.
1421Diamon Edge serpentine two blade, etched, and plain, celluloid handles, unused but some light tarnish, so near mint. 4
1431Case Classic 1990 61050 sab Case Bros folding hunter double pull, bowtie shield, colorful original box. Mint.
1441Pine Knot J. W. Price one blade curved back jack, crest shield, grooved bolsters, jigged bone, exc. 3 5/8 closed.
1451Shapleigh Diamond Edge swell center three blade, etched blade, long pull, DE diamond shield, long pull, mint despite a single speck on the false edge. It is unrealistic to expect a knife this old to not have a blemish. If it were flawless we would grade it pristine mint. 3 5/8.
1461Case Classic 1990 Case Bros jigged bone moose with bowtie shield, colorful box, mint except for some tarnish.
1471Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched Everlastingly Sharp, button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang.
1481Case Classic 1990 Case Bros 6391 Anglo-Saxon whittler, double pulls, bowtie relief shield, mint, in color box.
1491E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter pearl handled Orange Blossom whittler patter, full blades, with a fold out manicure blade on the opposite side, crest shield, tip bolsters. Near mint.
1501Case Classic 1990 W. R. Case & Sons 6391 long pull, bomb shield, match striker nail mark with double pulls, color box. Mint.
1511Diamond Edge long pull small serpentine 2 blade, diamond shaped DE peachseed bone handles (Schrade contract) some specks but unused, original polish overall, near mint, 3 3/8
1521Stainless Cutlery Co. (Camillus brand) Coca Cola Bottling Co. advertising knife with all metal handles, etched, Stainless Steel. Original. Back is stamped Delicious and Refreshing
1531New York Knife Co. Hammer Brand jigged bone Army Knife and so marked on the shield, Etching is faint but still plain, sharpened, low near mint. Pre-1932
1541Case Collectors Club 1984 6488 long pull, raised letter shield, jigged green bone handles, on original wood wall plaque, mint.
1551Case Collectors Club 5th anniversary 1981-1986 etched blade 6165 flat ground folding hunter, with wood wall plaque, mint.
1561New York Knife Co. Hammer brand etched moose, bowtie shield, lightly cleaned to low near mint. Rare. 1885-1932. 3 5/8 closed, nice peachseed bone.
1571Buck 110 USA (1972-1986) folding hunter with sheath and original old yellow box. Mint.
1581New York Knife Co. Hammer Brand swell end jack with peachseed bone handles, etched blade and mint for a pre-1932 barehead jack. 3 1/2
1591Miller Bros equal end whittler, bone handles, bar shield marked Lane Baskets. Minty. 3 1/8 closed.
1601Two American Edge Collectors Cripple Creek stag handled knives, 1990 1 of 42 toadsticker, and 1994 one of 24 barlow, both with three leg buffalo shield, mint.
1611Holley Knife Co four blade gents knife, sterling silver cast relief handles (most likely put on the Holley frame by a fancy jeweler as was typical. Holley would sell the handleless frames, (these were called Waldemeyer knives). Mint, 3
1621Three vintage knives, Valley Forge jigged bone 3 7/8 three blade cattle knife, etching still visible, grooved bolsters long pull, Remington 2 blade on a Wrigley's pattern but this one has a long spear blade vg, and a nice two blade tear drop jack with acorn shield and punch, R403, bluing still inside the punch bevel, long pull, etching faint but visible, excellent all.
1631Case Collectors Club 1985 C51050 coke bottle folding hunter with a gold raised letter shield and reverse etched blade, complete with wood wall plaque. Mint.
1641Rare in this condition Empire Winsted, Conn four blade equal end, Empire Brand etching visible, stag handles, excellent. 3
1651Remington R1253 Bullet Remington, etching still clear and plain, on the borderline between high excellent and low near mint.
1661Case 1987 Smooth gray bone BL2019 English Jack made for the Case Collectors Club, complete with optional wood wall plaque, mint.
1671Remington Pre-1940 six blade bone handled Scout/utility pattern R3843, etching plain, but has been sharpened, near mint.
1681Remington Pre-1940 bone handled tear drop easy open jack with bail, full blades, shield is advertising Endicott Shoes. Excellent plus. 3 3/8 not including bail.
1691Parker American Eagle set, produced in 1975-76 for the American Bicentennial, five different stock knives, each with a different color delrin handle, with intact wall plaque. This was one of the very first Parker commemorative offerings and the start of what was to become his boom in knife business.
1701Remington minty pre-1940 three blade R3163 cattle knife. This knife has never been used, original polish overall, mint except from some light water specks from storage.
1711Gerber folding sportsman with etching of deer jumping, possibly a pre-production proto or a reject, as it has XXXX on the reverse of the tang, and Beisen & Forsthoff Solingen knock off with a longer spear blade with a big skinning belly to it. Both lockbacks and both mint.
1721Mint Remington pre-1940 Baby Ruth pattern (with Baby Ruth shield) etched, pristine mint in the original box.
1731Remington near mint pre-1940 whittler, R6803, exc, tip bolsters bone handles, oval shield, etching clear but some specks and tarnish, in the box.
1741Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. (78-DSC_0184-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
1751Pair of specialty knives, Wraggs Harwood St Sheffield England relief two blade Souvenir of Canada with elaborate crests and maple leaves, and Robeson Shuredge Rochester 128521 black handled Shriners knife with bail, both full blades but exc due to some spotting.
1761Pair of Scout/utility patterns, Camillus Four line with USA shield, near mint, and a Cattaraugus with a long sheepfoot blade (brushed finish indicating it was assembled from original parts. Scout on shield, large distinctive bail, jigged bone handles,
1771Group of five knives, various ages, Gerber thermoplastic lockback with fading handles, blade mint, (2) Imperial riveted construction 2 blade celluloid equal ends (1 mint, 1 exc, Utica curved early mark cracked ice peanut, and all metal Prov. Cut Co. two blade gents knife. Conditions range from vg. See photo in the high res catalog (link to it from our home page)
1781Nice group of vintage and collectible knives. Top to bottom. Jigged Rogers green bone Queen 1976 Texas toothpick #20, etched and mint. Schrade-Walden pre-1972 wood handled Electricians knife, full blades but tarnished, near mint. #204S, F.C.Co (Frary) two blade jigged bone pen knife with tip bolsters, near mint. IXL George Wostenholm Sheffield England rough black slant bolster cattleman whittler, mint, and John Primble bone handled two blade equal end long pull exc.
1791Group of seven celluloid handled knives: Celluloid Commander swell end vg, equal end Henry Sears, half congress Enterprise, Camillus advertisers with corkscrew and bottle opener, Ulster Knife Co. Waterfall, nm. celluloid lobster, KA-Bar equal end and Wards two blade lobster with bail
1801Pair of Russell knives, Green River stabber with checkered wood handles and leather sheath 9, near mint, USA, plus a Russell Stainless 5 3/4 wood handled sheepfoot blade utility fixed blade with leather sheath that shows some carry wear. Blades on both are mint.
1811Pair of big knives. Mexican Bowie with an eagle pommel, horn handles, full thick blade, elaborate leather sheath, 12 1/2 oaL, 8 blade, and an unmarked long dagger with horn handle and long metal scabbard 14 1/2 oal, 10 blade. Both the guard and the throat of the sheath have matching filed rings. Both knives excellent.
1821Bark River Knife & Tool USA made green canvas micarta #132 skinner, three hollow rivets through the handle, mint. Reverse of the blade is etched, 1st Production Run
1831Case 6111 1/2 bone handled folding guard lockback 5 dot, cleaned to exc
1841Pair of Blackjack Classic Blades with stag handles, Model 1-7 and Model #5, Both unused in original boxes but there is some spotting that keeps them from being mint.
1851Group of Old Timer and other imported gift sets, most in gift tins. (Set 1) 72OT dogleg jack, 120OT pal, and 96 OT Bearhead. (Set 2) 12UH Roadie, 285uh pro trapper, and 897 UH premium stock. (Set 3) 108OT Junior, 12OT Pal, 8OT Senior. (Set 4) 108OTY, 12OTY Pal, 8OTY Senior, plus Tractor up bone cattleman, Ozark Trail mini pocketknife, and a Schrade mini stock in a Merry Christmas tin. All mint in packaging.
1861Group of Seven imported clam-packed knives, Coleman Campmaster 1 metal folder, Old Timer 2014 Gift set with Shaprfinger and 3 blade, Northwest Trail 3 piece set in tin, Wrangler channel linlay lockback, Case 6207 red bone mini trapper, Uncle Henry Golden Spike, and orange handled Sharpfinger. All mint in packaging.
1871Group of seven Case knives, 70th anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry clam packed '225 lockback, two 73087 80's, (2) 7333, 72042, and 72042 with raised letter shield. Six original boxes.
1881Browning USA fixed blade, designed by Gil Hibben in the 70's. American made, mint with leather sheath.
1891Handmade Heroes knife (some call a Theater knife), stacked handles with a brass pommel with layers of fiber and aluminum. No sheath other than friction tape over cardboard. Exc plus. 11 oal, 6 1/2 blade.
1901Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles. The last major knife book I wrote. Good articles. Good writing. Crammed with knife photos. Paperback. I will autograph the book upon request. (XV-007-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
1911The first two years of the NKCA club knives, the 1975 legendary No. 1 club knife that brought $625 in 1981, and the 1976 Case 4380 whittler. Both mint except for the typical rivet crack on the Case delrin handled knife.
1921Pair of military style knives one with grooved wood handles with a flat pommel and a tang extended for the ring, some cracking in the wood, marked E. G. W. Knife, cut out in the blade for a bottle opener, 10 oal and the other a double ground stacked leather washer handled fighter with brass double guard with Italy the only marking 12 1/2 7 3/4 bladeNear mint.
1931Dog figural, 3 closed, A. W. Wadsworth & Son Germany exc.
1941Pair of knives, Buck custom skinner 1989 alternate selection club knife, MIB, and a Browning USA wood handled folding hunter, brass bolsters that are spotte4d and should clean. This knife was designed by Gil Hibben.
1951Group of knives, four IXL with etched blades, Rough black pen, Rough black etched Real lambfoot knife, (2) wharncliffe one blade slick blacks, and a Henckels wood handled two blade with fold out corkscrew. All are unused, storage spots on a couple, rest are mint except as noted.
1961Pair of vintage knives, Remington pre-1940 slick black moose R4702, and a Holingsworth Knife Co, KANE, PA swell end jack with a bowtie shield and bone handles, blades are all there but show some deep pitting, thus very good. How many Kane, PA made knives have you ever even had the opportunity to hold, let alone bid for? Not a time to be bashful.
1971Pair of Winchester pre-WWII knives, swell center whittler with saber blade #3925, very good, patched spot on the back handle, and a two blade pen with bone handles, mint.
1981Two vintage bone handled knives. Ulster 2 blade #50 with etched blade, near mint only due to some cross grain cleaning on the back of the master blade, and E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter grooved bolster peanut with Keen Kutter etching visible on the saber ground blade. exc.
1991Schrade-Walden NY USA carpenter's whittler #804 with jigged green bone handles, grooved bolsters. This one is a puzzler, handles would not typically have been this modern looking bone on this style knife, which lends itself to a more modern production. Well made but not sure it is vintage.
2001Case 70's dots 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback. 70's dots (six or more, can't tell because guard restricts exact count. Mint.