Lot Qty Description
11Lile stag handled intgral handmade hunter, red liners, drilled for lanyard, frame is from a single piece of steel, typical Lile sheath, mint. 8 1/2 oal, 3 3/4 blade.
21John Nelson Cooper handmade Fighter, brass guard with his patented brazing, brass spacers wood handled and drilled pommel, with heavy duty leather sheath. Mark is etched. 13 oal, 8 blade.
31John Nelson Cooper Attack with S brass guard, stacked micarta brass and fiber handle, sawback top blade (rare variation on a Cooper), fancy leather sheath mint except for some specking and tarnish on the false edge and point, near mint, 12 1/2 oal, 7 5/8 blade.
41Randall No 3-7, stag handled finger grooved, 7 spacers, compass in the pommel, in a black button Heiser sheath, as mint as I have ever seen one of these.
51D'Holder handmade oosic and amber stacked handle, basketweave swinger sheath, mint. 6 5/8 oal, 2 3/4 blade, not including lanyard in measurements.
61Tommy Lee handmade stag handled small hunter with swinger sheath, dovetailed bolsters, tapered tang. 5 1/2 oal, 2 1/4 blade.
71Chuck Hawes handmade Damascus head tomahawk with curly maple handle. Long 18 1/4 handle, 6 1/2 head, 2 cutting edge, hammer pommel. Mint.
81Bill Cheatham, Phoenix, AZ handmade hunter featuring his original chipped flint blade design, hidden tang with spacers, nickel silver fittings, two piece handle is cholla cactus with epoxy filling and ironwood. With matching elaborate leather sheath, mint. 8 1/2 oal. 4 blade.
91Anslemo handmade knife made while apprenticing under John Nelson Cooper, large Bowie, leather sheath, typical Cooper styling except for the braised guard. Big oversized knife. In a Randall sheath, 16 1/2 long, 10 1/4 blade, bigàsome spots so near mint.
101Wayne Hensley handmade fancy art knife with clear horn handles, engraved ferrule and hilt on the straight blade knife, and an elaborate engraved silver sheath with a big cat in an engraved cartouche, plus a floral engraved frog, straight tang, hand rubbed finish, 9 1/4 oal, 5 blade, mint except for some cracking in the handle.
111Alex Daniels handmade Fancy dogbone handled Bowie,14 1/4 oal, 9 3/4 blade, carved burl wood handles, scalloped guard, engraved ferrule and wrap around pommel, hidden tang, large plate escutcheon, styles bottom etch, marked on the top of the wide hand rubbed blade. Unused but there are some tarnish spots on the front and some large splotches of tarnish on the back, great balance. no sheath. I have handled a lot of antique Bowie's of this style, and Alex has captured the feel.
121Barry Wood Mark II classic butterfly folder, red lined micarta, Wood, Irie, Colorado Spring, mark MIB.
131Cooper stacked micarta handled handmade mini-Bowie, stacked micarta handle with spacers, hidden tang, brass guard and pommel (typically made from melted down cartridge casings, 7 1/2 oal, 3 5/8 blade, cleaned to excellent.
141John Nelson Cooper miniature handmade hunter, stacked micarta and brass spacer handle, brass fittings, unused but a speck or two, no sheath.
151Cooper stacked micarta handled handmade Chef's knife, the straight single line mark was used for only one year. 14 oal, 9 1/2 blade, cleaned to near mint with a speck or two.
161John Nelson Cooper miniature handmade Bowie, stacked micarta and brass spacer handle, brass fittings, with matching leather sheath stamped COOPER, mint. 7 1/4 oal, 3 1/2 blade.
171John Nelson Cooper miniature Bowie, stacked micarta and brass spacer handle, brass fittings, with matching Cooper marked leather sheath, mint except for some light specking.
181Rick Hinderer Damascus sliplock folder with multi-color anodized all metal handles, sliplock, mint. 3 1`/8 losed 5 5/8 open.
191Mark Blevans handmade sub-hilt with amber and ironwood both edged sharpened spear Bowie with leather sheath. Blevans has made knives in Denver since 1975. 13 oal, 7 3/4 blade. Mint.
201Barry Wood Mike Irie micarta handled Classic butterfly knife, MIB
211Morseth Bowie, lugged brass guard and pommel, ironwood handle with spacers, hidden tang, mint. A. G. Russell era. Well done leather sheath, mint. 11 5/8 oal, 6 3/4 blade, near mint due to some scratches, unused.
221Chuck Hawes Damascus head tomahawk with curly maple handle. 18 5/8 long, 6 1/8 head, 2 cutting edge, mint, win both Hawes Damascus tomahawks in this auction and have a nice crossed pattern wall hanging.
231Ed Caffrey handmade Damascus hunter, burl wood handle, nickel silver guard, hidden tang, no sheath. 8 1/4 oal, 4 blade, nickel silver guard. Caffrey is an ABS Mastersmith now.
241H. L. Morris handmade wood handled skinner with laced leather sheath, 7 1/2 oal, 4 blade, near mint. #21594 also on the tang.
251J. Holbert well done handmade Scagel replica, stacked leather washer, brass and fiber spacers crowned with a stag pommel, with a hand done Indian style beaded sheath, mint. 7 oal, 3 5/8 blade.
261Bob Ogg, Paris, AR engraved 2 blade handmade folder, pearl handles, 3 1/8 closed, 5 1/2 open. Ogg usually made one blades so this knife comes with built in rarity, through the blade Scagel style nail mark. Dovetail bolsters. Had some pits and was cleaned to excellent.
271Lance Kelly fully engraved lockback handmade pearl handled folder, all four bolsters fully engraved as well as engraved blade. Kelly was known more for his engraving and he held nothing back on this one. FL based maker ahead of his time. Dovetail bolsters, 4 1/8 closed, 7 1/2 open. Mint.
281Simons, Highland City, FL engraved pearl handled handmade lockback folder with elaborate filework on the blade back and backstrap. 93 stamped on the inside liner, 3 1/2 closed, 6 1/2 open. Mint.
291Stan McKissack fancy handmade lockback folder with abalone handles and fully engraved bolsters, CKW on reverse of tang, thumbstud opening, and fileworked blade. 3 1/2 closed, 6 1/4 open. Mint.
301Larry Brandstreeter handmade Bowie replica, with the coffin hilt half horse half alligator pommel that he utilized a lot on his Bowies, large bomb shaped escutcheson, wood handles, straight guard, elaborate sheath with larger metal tip and throat and sculpted frog, mint. tapered tang. 10 oal, 5 3/4 blade.
311Colt Barry Wood butterfly folder, maroon micarta, with leather sheath embossed with the rampant colt. Knife is mint, some opening and closing wear on the sheath.
321Barrett & Clark Waco, Texas, Damascus Steel with engraving is on the bolster of this stag handled handmade lockback with a Damascus Blade, bolster shows some scratches but unused. An occlusion or two in the Damascus. Dovetail bolsters, 3 1/4 closed, 5 1/2 open, exc plus to near mint.
331Ed Caffrey handmade Damascus hunter, wood handles, pouch leather sheath, integrral guard, fileworked back, mint, tapered tang, 9 oal, 5 blade.
341Randall No. 4-5 Stag handle, hidden tang, not original sheath. Full blades, excellent, 7 spacers.
351Craig Steteller MO, handmade Damascus hunter with stag handles, hidden tang, 10 oal, 5 1/4 blade. Mint
361James L. Largent Colorado ironwood dovetailed, straight tang with pouch sheath. Mint. 6 3/4 oal, 3 1/4 blade, unused but scratched spot near the center of the blade, looks like a rust spot that was sandpapered.
371R Klingbell, maker, Outedo, FL multi color stamina wood handle, brass fittings, tooled leather sheath, hidden tang, 8 1/2 oal, 4 1/4 blade, gimping for a thumb rest, and paracord lanyard, mint.
381Master Don c.1980, stag handled hidden tang unique grind blade, rough finished but long straight edge sharpened, and curved grind line. Maker was into martial arts and thus the name. Rough finish. 10 1/2 oal, 6 blade.
391Scimitar mark. Pair of handmade hunters, one with stag one with wood, mark is that of a knife stamped into the blade, one sheath, made to fit either knife, evidentially one for use one for show. All mint
401Tommy Lee's Lee Benchmade knives with smooth brown bone handles, engraved bolster boot knife and lockback folder made in 1984 commemorating Tommy winning the Knife of the Year, limited edition of 100, with a token and a wood presentation box. Folder bone rises above the bolster on one side, 3 5/8 closed, and fixed blade is 7 1/4 oal, 3 1/4 blade.
411Chuck Hawes early Stag handled straight tang all Damascus hunter, with finger groove, no sheath. Not stamped but marked Hawes with a vibrating pencil. 7 oal, 3 3/4 blade.
421CS small neck hunter with neck sheath, all metal, mint except for a couple of specks, 4 1/2 oal, 2 blade. Mint.
431Colorado Cutlery USA made neck knife, kydex knife sheath, double ground, hidden tang black micarta handle with engraved bolsters, marked Prototype on the blade, mint. 7 1/4 oal, 3 1/4 blade. Initially sold for $175.00.
441Lee, Jr. H.C. Mich. Handmade knife made by Lee OLSEN, Jr of Howard City, Michigan, a precursor to Olsen Knife Company that would make many many knives including some in the 1970's Colt series. This knife represents at time when that has not yet happened. Straight tang hunter with wood handles, unused but some specking, See high res photo in the non-bid high res catalog linked from our home page. 8 3/8 oal, 4 1/4 blade.
451H. L. Morris #151 Crown stag Bowie with brass guard, laced leather sheath. 1993. Near mint, spotted. 15 1/2 oal, 9 blade.
461Pair of fixed blade knives. CASE stag handled with clip 8 3/4 oal, and Remington Dupot (1936-1940) jigged bone outers knife, no sheath, both exc.
471Two KA-BAR, Union Cut. Co fixed blade hunters, jigged green bone outers pattern with patched chips on the pommel 7 1/4 and small celluloid with a stag pommel, no sheaths, vg. 6.
481Two English knives, Walker & Co. Sheffield imitation ivory shadow equal end commemorative for the coronation of King George (1937--Queen Elizabeth's father), 3 1/2 exc, and a Taylor's Eyewitness wood handled swell end jack etching real (eye) witness knife. Near mint. 3 3/8
491Winchester pair of knives, pearl equal end pen with etching faint but still visible #2377, 2 1/2 closed and a larger wood handled tear drop jack, etching faint but visible. #2630, some pitting but still excellent.
501Two George Wostenholm IXL knives, stag handled stag 2 blade clip barlow and rough black slant bolster cattle whittler with punch, all blades marked, 3 5/8 closed both mint. C.1960's-70's.
511Pair of vintage Case knives, Case XX 3201 and USA 6269, both mint except for some spots.
521Gerber Big hunter, mint, with sheath. 11 oal.
531Case Classic, Case Bros mark, 1990, 6275 moose, mint.
541Randall Made Knives, Orlando, FL Model 4-6, micarta handles, seven spacers at the brass guard, three at the pommel, rough back sheath with brown buttons, and 2 piece crestelon made in USA stone. Has been carried and sharpened but only lightly, a couple of scratches on the blade, but otherwise near mint.
551Pair of Marbles leather washer handles, Ideal and Woodcraft with patent numbers on the back of the tang, button is missing from the handle snap, low exc.
561Trio of English knives, Wade & Butcher, Sheffield England stacked leather and fiber washer handle etched, Teddy. Washers are a little loose. XLNT A. W. Wadsworth Czechoslovakia jigged bone hunter with no guard, and William Rodgers stacked leather washer dagger with aluminum pommel I cut my way, near mint but only because of the specks.
571Two pearl handled knives, W. H. Morley 4 blade pearl Germany 2 1/2 exc and equal end pearl 3 marked Sheffield, England.
581Joseph Rodgers stag handled large spear-point Bowie, J. Rodgers & Sons, No. 6 Norfolk St., Sheffield, England, with the star and cross on the reverse tang, straight nickel silver guard, slab handles on a straight tang, with leather belt sheath with metal throat and tip. 13 3/4 oal, 8 3/4 blade, has been polished and cleaned, shows some carry use and a couple of small spider spots on the back, still for a knife well over 100 years old still have to judge this one mint.
591Pair of Case knives, 70's dots. 6225 1/2 bone coke bottle and 6318 sp punch, for flesh only etched on the spay blade, mint.
601Case Classic, Case Bros mark, 1990, 6275 moose, mint.
611Case XX 6265 sab folding hunter in a Queen leather sheath, very good. Repinned but original. Rivet crack on the back handle.
621Pair of Case bone handled knives, Case XX 6318 sh sp, and 62087 USA, unused but some spotting. Exc
631Two Case knives, Case Tested XX 6227 1/2 sleeveboard 2 3/4 closed, vg, and XX 62042 green bone mint except for some tarnish.
641Case XX 6333 long pull, green bone, full blades but spotted and pitted overall, exc.
651Four Flint River club knives, handmade fixed blade 2016 by TED 1 of 30, Buck 110 with color handled, Case pieced stone handles, and pearl Hen & Rooster canoe. Mint. Some in original packaging
661Parker Eagle brand smooth bone convertible. Top edge is half ground into a dagger, with leather sheath. However depressing the lock allows the handle to rotate into a push dagger. MIB.
671Sheffield Exhibition Knives is a book by Bill Claussen, Bill Adams, Brad Watts and others. It is a 247 page book, hardcover with a color dust jacket. Published in 1999, it is considered the ultimate reference work of Sheffield Exhibition knives, featuring full color pages of many knives from the Joseph Rodgers, IXL George Wostenholm, and John Blyde/Greenhough exhibition collections. Retail at the time of issue was $89.95.
681Two club knives. 1998 AECA Winchester pearl handles wharncliffe clip whittler W15-2808, and Camillus NKCA club knife 1998, bone mint
691Bowen knife company etched with a wild Turky Scene belt buckle knife, etched by Dillingham Graphics, mint, MIB
701Three vintage knives, Dasco, Rockford, Ill celluloid 4 blade equal end, unused, original polish but specks, Camillus USA delrin handled Razor Edge Stainless 165 serpentine stock near mint, and Case XX 6208 bone half whittler, vg.
711Group of three pearl handled knives, Henckels five blade pearl sleeveboard with a glove hook vg, Griffon XX three blade pear vg, and Henckels equal end imitation ivory long pull pen with tip bolsters nm.
721Schrade 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone.
731Remington pre-WWII stacked leather washer hunter, RH51, with official Boy Scouts of America etching and the matching mark stamped on the sheath, exc. Etching is faint on the knife.
741Three used Case knives from the 70's, 6244 delrin, 62048 ten dot delrin with missing shield, and 06247 delrin, all exc plus except as noted.
751KA-BAR, Union Cut Co. full blade hunter in the Woodcraft style, original sheath, stacked fiber washer handle with aluminum pommel, excellent plus. 7 1/2 oal, 3 5/8 blade.
761Four Pearl handled knives, vintage, Seeman Cutlery German 3 blade equal end with crest shield vg, A. W. Wadsworth pearl equal end whittler long pull with grooved bolsters and shield, exc., STALVARD? Shadow pearl equal end nm, and Case XX Stainless M279 polished, near mint.
771Four pearl handled knives H&B lobster vg, LF&C N.B. Conn exc, swell center long pull half whittler near mint, Wards pearl 2 blade with tip bolsters cleaned to exc, Ulster Knife Co. pearl equal end full blades near mint.
781Gerber Bolt Action in First Production Run October 1983, mint in original box except for metal piece that covers the rivet pin.
791Pair of Case folding hunter, 5165 flat ground Case Bradford Pa, blade is short but exc overall, and 5265 sab USA. Near mint.
801Cattaraugus fighter/theater knife (likely made from an 225Q blade), top edge sharpened full length, 10 3/8 oal, 5 1/2 blade, aluminium pommel, finger grooved, English sheath, exc.
811Pair of Union Cut. Co Olean NY made knives, one OLCUT, multi layered celluloid 8 3/4, full blade exc and Keenwell 5 small imitation onyx celluloid handles, exc.
821Group of 3 German knives, K Ritter Ulrich, Solingen Germany appears to be a bone handled knife that resembles a Hitler Youth knife but no Nazi markings, metal scabbard exc, , wavy blade Anton WIngen fixed blade with stag handles 9 1/4 mint, Puma vintage stacked leather washer hunter no sheath 8vg,
831Four Case bone handle stock knives from the 70's with bone handle, All 2 dots, 6375 jumbo stockman 2 dot, one splotch on back otherwise mint, 6292 2 dot mint, 6392 2 dot mint, and 6332 mint.
841John Pritzlaff Hdw. Co mint etched Everkeen knives, three blade serpentine and dqul end pen, both long pull, etching still very plain, blades unused but a tiny bit of not even tarnish but discoloration. Near mint.
851Pair of IXL knives each in original wrapping paper, one in original sleeve, smooth bone handled IXL Barlow, 2 blade pen, and etched 2 blade serpentine with imitation ivory handles, mint.
861Case XX (1945-65) 5265 sab stag handled, exc. Old hairline (dark inside) on front handle likely since the knife was made.
871Wilbert Cutlery Co. jigged bone handled Cowboy Bowie, clip blade, weathered leather sheath, exc plus. 9 3/4 oal, 5 3/4 blade.
881Three knives, Case 6308 bone whittler, 70's dots, deep pitting, exc plus, two blade German pen, and a 6347 with a broken master blade.
891Case XX (1945-65) jigged bone muskrat, red bone, cleanted to very good plus, crack on the front handle at the cente rivet.
901Spectacular original pre WWII Remington advertising card, full color with six of the original 12 mint 2 blade straightline Remington swell end jacks. Mark on the card is Remington Dupont (1936-1940) mint.
911Puma Original Bowie, stag handles, serrations on the back of the blade, snap missing on the leather sheath, exc plus #6396
921Case 6165 XX Redbone, very good on the low side.
931Schrade-Walden USA vintage two blade fish knife,#208 Stainless, etched Fisherman's Special Stainless steel, yellow composition handles, fish sharpener whetstone and serrated disgorer blade with a magnetic tip and ruler stamped into the blade, mint.
941Case XX (1944-65) jigged bone folding hunter, nm
951Winchester pre-WWII jigged bone 1920 folding hunter, vg.
961Case Brothers Little Valley long pull wood handled swell end jack, low vg. 3 1/4 closed
971Case XX (1945-65) C61050 red bone, full blade, very good, hairline at the back center rivet.
981Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett & Co celluloid handled sunfish, double pulls, exc. Little bit of typical shrinkage, blades slow
991Case XX (1945-65) bone handled 6265 sab dr folding hunter, vg
1001Super Rare Artist's Models punchboard, 5 cents per punch, complete with 12 original knives with art model celluloid handles, in equal end 2 blades in two different sizes, unused punches, and one of the few intact I have ever seen. Some rusting on a couple of the knives but an unbelievable unit. The knives have been wired on the board so I left them intact, the number of potential manufacturers is small and should not affect the price at all. 14 1/4 X 7 3/4 . 8 large equal ends and four 2 blade pens.