Lot Qty Description
3011H. M Sanders Pearl wharncliffe, chip and crack at front handle corner ''WMK'' initials engraved on the shield. 3 1/2'' Exc except as noted.
3021Pair of knives, Colonial Prov RI survival kit knife exc, 6'' closed, locking liner, and unmarked civillian version of a Mark II--(this is NOT military issue), exc.
3031Rare pair of Blackie Collins versions of Frisco Shiv handmade versions in a limited edition of 300, includes 1982 permission letter from Pete Gerber. 2 knives with sheath, in one mint box.
3041Pair of Case Collector club knives, blue bone trapper, and 6151 bone 25th anniversary knife, issued in 2006. Both mint in the box.
3051Pair of knives, NKCA 25th anniversary green bone Case canoe in the box and Smith & Wesson 144th anniversary etching, issued in 1996. Micarta handle, basketweave sheath.
3061Emerson CQC7B Satin folder, MIB
3071Buck 110 USA with channel inlay handles on a finger groove model, truqoise and other material. NOT marked and does not look like Yellowhorse quality.
3081Unusual brass interframe 2 blade, not marked but does have pat. No, which was assigned to Imperial. Patent was applied ofr Oct 25, 1930, granted 4-28-31 to Henry Vossler.
3091Group of knife related pin backs, Three buck, two peanut patterns with crosses, two Case, one Swiss army, Queen, 1992 ABCA Blade Show badge, and Parker abalone handled in box.
3101A dozen Frost knives (so old these were made in JAPAN!) Razor trapper, 2 cottontails all smoothbone, 2 Palamino--one bone one wood, two cross knives, pair of lockbacks and three blades with smooth bone, two say Regan-Bush 1980 and two say Carter-Mondale 1980. All the political ones come in leather sheaths.
3111Group of six mesc knives. Push dagger pliers knife, two serpentine stock and two throwing knives. All imported.
3121Group of four knives, Fight'n Rooster and Cripple Creek,with the handles rusting the blades, Swiss Army small knife, and a 6254 trapper that has been customized and rehandled in stag. Minty.
3131Group of eight knives, one a double fixed blade, two locking liner, lockback, folding key knife, couple of others, etc.
3141KA-BAR, three blade take apart hobo, yellow composition handles, cleaned to exc, except for a couple of deep pits on the back of the master blade.
3151Marvin Poole spalted wood handled mini hook blade straight tang, leather sheath. 5'' oal, 2 1/4'' blade, handle is 1 3/8'' wide. Mint.
3161Shapleigh's 2 blade cattle knife with cracked ice handles, long pull, mint, advertising ''St. Joseph Lead Co.'' ''Samuel O'Neal'' on the back, 3 1/2'' closed, mint except for some small spiders on the front blade and a spot on the back.
3171Case new version of a red etch 5220 peanut, mint.
3181Mike Mercer masterpiece miniature, one of the miniature masters and this FIVE blade sowbelly proved it, three backsprings, jigged bone, hand rubbed finish, and is only slightly bigger than a quarter. Photographed on a quarter to give you some perspective. This knife is amazing.
3191Case XX 1945-65 jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback. One crack in the handle, otherwise exc.
3201Douglas Ward, Franklin GA stag handled Damascus hunter, spacer of stag too at the brass guard, crown stag, with leather sheath mint. 8 1/4'' oal, 3 3/4'' blade.
3211Robeson, Germany stag handled three blade carving set, gold etched carver, fork, and steel. All pieces marked. No box or sheath. 11 1/2'' oal carver.
3221Tom Downing handmade hunter, micarta handles, straight tang, 7 1/2'' oal, 3 3/8'' blade, mint, leather sheath. (ahmi fl20-291)
3231Blackjack, Effingham, Ill Applegate-Fairbairn, leather sheath, mint in original box except the handle is cracked on the back side from the lanyard to the edge, unused
3241Blackjack imported dagger etched ''Everything Comes Back in Spades'' with a stag handled, leather sheath in a color box, imported.
3251Browning Classic fighter design by Gil Hibben with Makoto Tabaka Damasus steel of nickel and high carbon stainless in 200 layers utilizing pine charcoal around a hard core center, full tang, cocobolo handles, 1 of 1000 made c. 1980's, 7 3/4'' oal, 3 3/4'' blade. This model has the full length of the top edge ground. Comes in a wood presentation case.