Lot Qty Description
11Marvin Poole handmade crown stag hunter, made in 1986, 12 oal, 6 1/4 blade.
21Wes Hibben, Alaska marked stag handled hidden tang hunter with tooled sheath, sculpted pommel matches the grooves in the stag mint.
31Schrade-Barnett lockback with green smooth jade green carved bone handles, etched on back 1 of 500 First Production run, designed by knifemaker Van Barnett.
41Poole.2 handmade hunter with imitation ivory composition handle, U. S. Air Force emblem set into the handle, straight tang, 9 oal, 4 5/8 blade, leather sheath, mint. 16-621 on reverse of the tang.
51M Poole handmade knife made for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club in Atlanta in 2003, one of 60 made, stag, with Chattahoochee marked sheath 6 1/2 oal, 3 1/2 closed.
61Tom Berry Rockdale TX handforged hunter, tapered tang, 9 5/8 oal, 4 3/4 blade, near mint.
71Roemis handmade hunter, wood handles, hidden tang, ivory micarta sdpacer, 9 3/4 oal, 4 7/8 blade, mint.
81Schrade/D'Holder designed stag handled top end hunter, tapered tang with red liners, basketweave sheath, 8 oal, 3 7/8 blade, comes with a zip up case, mint.
91Browning stag handled Centennial set, 1979, all made in Germany, lockback, canoe and three blade stock knife housed in top quality presentation wood box.
101Case Tony Bose jigged bone Tribal spear, embossed leather zip up case, MIB
111Marbles 8 blade Ideal, 12 1/2 oal, stacked leather washer handles, strap is broken but Marble button still there. Excellent plus
121Challenge Cutlery Co. etched big coke bottle wood handled folding hunter. Vrare with any etching visible, 5 1/4 closed.
131Three Case made NKCA club knives, 1983 61050L folding guard folding hunter, 1991 jigged bone saddlehorn, and 1985 6240sp with green bone handles, all mint.
141Two Cripple Creek knives made for the American Edge Collector knife shows, stag coffin jack made in 1992, 1 of 25, and pearl barlow with engraved bolsters, 1 of 100 made in 1984. Both mint.
151Two stag handled Kissing Crane knives made for the NKCA. 1977 gunboat 3 blade canoe, and 1980 three blade gunstock, both mint.
161Two Knife World Cripple Creek knives, first and 2ed edition, one a 2 blade humpback jack, the other a big cigar. Both mint.
171Pair of Canoes made for the NKCA, 1977 Kissing Crane gunboat canoe and 1978 Rodgers/Wostenholm jigged green bone canoe.
181Case XX 1945-65 jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback. Exc.
191Case 10 dot (1970) jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback. Cannot see all 10 dots but know it is by how close the dots are to the edge of the tang. Mint
201Three mint Case knives in the boxes, USMC Mark II Case version, Ducks Unlimited laminated wood guthook skinner, and jigged bone handled Case hunter with blood groove. All MIB
211Pair of Fight'n Rooster Anglo Saxon whittlers, one pearl one stag, made for the Fightn' Rooster Collectors clu in 1994, only 200 of each were made. Mint.
221Pair of Fight'n Rooster sowbelly knives, one lear and one genuine stag, made in 1996 for the International club.
231Fight'n Rooster gold plated blade Anglo Saxon whittler designed by yours truly for the 15th anniversary of Blade Magazine in 1988. Scrolled black etched blade, bowtie shield, MIB.
241Pair of Case 70's dots baby copperhead, 62109x, one delrin one bone.
251Pair of Oriental tourist knives, one wood scabbard the other cast plastic. More novelty items than using knives.
261Two pearl handled Fight'n Rooster cattle knives, 3 blade, both with three color etched blade, battle ax shield and semi-bowtie shield on the other. Both 1 of 100, one is 20th anniversary of the club, the other is 1997.
271Fight'n Rooster pair of knives, 1 of 100 20th anniversary pearl Texas toothpick, and 1998 four blade congress canoe, both mint.
281Four Schatt & Morgan jumbo sleeveboard bone 2 blades, a big 4 1/2 closed, jigged bone in four variations, all with keystone shield, all MIB. Handles in Amber wormgroove, Crimson, Mossy oak, and Dark brown bone.
291Three Browning knives, all MIB, micarta Bowie, stag locking liner DX700, and Pursuit sheephorn.
301Pair of Case green bone knives in gift tins, Case club green bone Texas toothpick and green bone Russlock. Both MIT.
311Five Browning knives, three Spartan folders, Sheephorn folder, and Black Label tactical, all imported, three on cards two MIB.
321Large group of Schrade imported knives, 12 bone handled Tobacco whittlers, two Uncle Henry delrin trappers, yellow trapper, 194OT locking liner, 34OT, 33OT, and four bone small stock all mint. no boxes, all mint.
331The knives produced for the American Blade Collectors Association in 1988, Case raised letter shield 61113 swell center long jack, and smooth bone trapper by Parker-Edwards, Jacksonville, AL, matching numbers and complete with gold embossed knifepak.
341Four different Case knives, all presentation boxed around the theme of The New River in NC/Virginia. Three wood trappers and stag Canoe.
351Group of five imported knives, Bowie, United dirk, Rough Riders #176 wood hunter, diving knife and United Dag style with beaded sheath. Mint.
361Five imported knives, one stag, one bone and leather, laminated wood, wood, and plastic in a camo pattern made by Frost, Cobalt, Timberwolf and 2 others.
371Rare Case fixed blade only sold briefly with a thermometer in in handle. #469 Outlander, Leather sheath, MIB
381Three Schrade drop points, each with a different handle, all MIB, Amerian made. PHW, PHI, and Loveless style drop point in the lower part of the box with fading on the micarta handle and a crack near the shield, unused otherwise.
391Three Schrade USA made knives, Golden Spike hunter and Scrimshaw Sharpfinger 152OT, both MIB, and a used Old Timer Sharpfinger.
401Franklin Mint Jim Bowie on wall plaque 13 1/2 oal, imported Robert E. Lee knife and a stag ULU with stand and Alaska scrimmed into the stag handle.
411Pair of Knives, Kershaw stag handled fixed blade and United Gil Hibben Silver Shadow with wire wrapped handles, both MIB
421Two Boker Solingen knives, wharncliffe shaped 2 blade and pearl pen, both MIB in their Classic series.
431Three German whittlers, Buckcreek swell center whittler, Kissing Crane pearl swell center whittler 2737XV, and Hen & Rooster Gutmann 3 closed wharncliffe clip blade whittler. All mint.
441Four German knives, Fayette County Whittler with gold etched blade tang marked Washington CH Ohio (Washington Courthouse) by John Hickey jumbo sleeveboard pear whittler, Kissing Crane limited edition No. 3, Kissing Crane vintage pearl with fold out scissors, and Henckels all metal handled pen knife with etched blade. All mint.
451Three pearl handled German knives, Kissing Crane pearl congress 1747XV, Bear and Bull pearl congress, and small Hen & Rooster C. Bertram Germany pearl congress, long pull.
4612 sets of Parker Cut. Co. Japan Little Louie knives (no box) extended bolsters, handled in abalone, pearl, smooth bone, and wood. All mint.
471Three Old Timer/Uncle Henry gift sets, 120tw pal, 720Y dogleg and 610TY yellow handles, 120tw pal, 1080tw junior, and 94OTw all with wood handles, and 707UH, 897UH, and 877UH all with delrin handles, all clampacked.
481Case 10 dot 1970 6383 whittler
491Case Collectors Club 6250 jigged green bone sunfish, zipped embossed pouch, MIB.
501Camillus wood handled folding hobo. One piece knife with large spear and large fold out spoon, wood handles, 4 1/2 closed. (I have seen this style knife offered as a Civil War mess kit knife, but unfortunately for those sellers, Camillus did not start business until 50 plus years following the end of the Civil War.)
511Frost American Wildlife knives, color scrimmed handles, front lockback folding hunters, each in a presentation case. Both mint.
521Case Collectors Club set of three knives made in 2017 for Life, Regular and Annual members, all MIB with COA and laser engraved wood presentation case suitable for hanging on a wall.
531Pair of Schrade made knives, 80th anniversary clasp knife with delrin handles, sterling silver shield, and stockman made in 1980 for the 60th anniversary of Snap-on tools in a satin lined presentation case.
541Four Kissing Crane Robert Klass German made knives, stag stilletto lockback, black composition stilett0 etch, Black Angus composition handled sodbuster, and wood handled Brown mule sodbuster, all MIB.
551Remington 1982 Bullet, delrin handles, mint in the original box with paper, but as all of them there is a crack in the delrin at the lanyard hole. Spring on the hinged box no longer works. Unused.
561Group of nine smaller knives, top quality and good brands, great starter set. Lockwood Bros Real Pampa knife with metal handles, Fight'n Rooster Lobster with metal handles, bone handled Henckels pen, Fight'n Rooster Rachel one blade, plus smaller swell end, pearl Tuxedo, black and tan celluloid small knife, pearl equal end with bar shield, and Parker Boot Hill lockback.
571Group of around 40 cigar box collection knives, ranging from old American vintage knives to a few modern imports, most vintage and used. Included Schrade Cut, HS&B, dogleg, 2 pre-WWII Remington, IXL, Camillus, more. Feeling lucky?
581Pair of Marbles USA knives, stag handled, 2 blade gunstock and one blade copperhead, both marked 1 of 150 MIB.
591Group of 30 plus used mesc. Knives, bone vintage and others, Colonial cub hunter in leather sheath, Various conditions.
601Five Parker Cut. Co. japan pearl handled knives, two pearl Eagle Beaks, two Abalone Pearl Eagle Beaks, and one Pearl Eagle Claw with necklace ring, all mint.
611Pair of Henckels Germany knives, jigged bone whittler HK7B MIB and three blade etched stag pen, mint.
621Three knife items. Case gold shield 52048sp, small lockback on the Little Mustang lockback, and Case wood yoyo. All mint.
631Three Bruckmann pearl handled knives. These exquisite quality knives were reportedly made pre World War ONE, and discovered in an old warehouse in Solingen, Germany in the 70's. Equal end, three blade and two blade pen knives. All sport the no longer found black polish, that comes from buffing on lead-faced wheels. All mint.
641Three 70's era Case knives, two 4200 melon testers and 32095 fish knife with the fish hook sharpener shield. Mint except handles are shrinking on one of the 4200's.
651Four Appaloosa bone handled knives, 6254 trapper, 6235 1/2 swell end, 62009 1/2 barlow, and 62033 pen knife. All mint. Barlow and swell end are 70's.
661Three Parker Cut Co. pearl handled knives, Little pillbuster, two blade barlow, and leg knife made for the anniversary of the 1st Coca Cola bottling plant, that was in Chattanooga, TN.
671Three pearl handled German lobster knives, two 2-blades, one three blade. Two Hartkopff and one Giesen & Forsthoff All mint.
681Group of Case knives, 6254 jigged bone trapper, 80's, 61048ss delrin 70's, modern 63047wh, 80's 64052 bone, and 70's 6279ss bone. All mint.
691The rarest of the ABCA club knives, 1990 Case Triple X 62100 saddlehorn, first time the triple X was ever actually used by Case on a knife, plus a Parker USA Damascus 51009 stag barlow, and unique as well as the knife was made by Case with the Parker logo, the only knives known to have been produced during the era when Parker owned Case.
701Pair of knives made in 1993 for the American Blade Collectors Association. A first ever made '18 pattern muskrat in stag (designed by Bruce Voyles) and an ebony handled Schatt & Morgan folding guard lockback with keystone shield. Both in gold embossed knifepak.
711Trio of Case raised letter shield knives, 80's, 6347ss, 6232, and 22087 dogleg. All mint.
721Four pearl handled Japan made knives, two abalone handled lockbacks by Khyber, Gerber pearl international and the same pattern in abalone mint.
731Five knives, Two Parker knives made to fit in a shirt pocket and resemble a pen, two Frost Cross knives, and a Kershaw knife in the shape of a shotgun shell. All were made to look like something other than a knife, all MIB.
741Pair of knives, Case serrated melon tested with blue bone handles and deluxe leather case, Schatt & Morgan four blade congress, file and wire tested with S&M stamped bolsters, plus a Case whetsone in a belt sheath. All mint.
751Three stag handled sets by Elkhorn, Hatfield & McCoys Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp gunstocks, and Bill the Kid and Jesse James mini-canoe. All in cased sets, one of 600. Mint.
761Three knives, Case USA bone tadpole used, Schrade one blade peanut on Card, USA made, and Old timer 34OT on a card comes with Schrade knife oil. (Should have oiled the knife before it went on the card because the spay blade is rusting on the knife and some spotting!
771Pair of limited edition knives, Boker 1987 jigged bone congress knives honoring the signing of the U. S. Constitution, and a Queen rogers bone peanut, both in presentation boxes and mint.
781Three vintage used barlows, Winchester pre-1940, Big Q Queen sheepfoot, and C. F. Wolfertz & Co, Allentown, PA. All 2 blades, all very good or a little worse.
791Pair of very vintage Russell Barlows, Daddy pattern very good and well used 2 blade standard, good, both pre-1932.
801Pre-Winchester, so pre-1920, Napanoch, jigged bone pen trapper. They do not get much rarer than this, and a great pattern too. Saber ground master blade with a deep swedge, very good, barehead on one end, grooved bolsters.
811Four Fixed blades, Joseph Elliot & Sons, Sheffield England Dadley style scalping knife, Russell pattern cross hatched wood handled fish knife, checkered wood handle hunter, and tool knife, no sheaths.
821Ulster Knife Co. wood handled lockback, bowtie shield, wood grain still visible in the knife, not black like you usually find old wood handles, exc.
831Two checkered wood Thistle top fixed blades, with pouch sheaths, one marked Joseph Allen, Sheffield England Non-Xll, full blade but cracked handles, and the other unmarked with a deep blood groove, looks as if it was made from leftover bayonet parts.
841Case Tested XX green bone 6376 swell center with diamond shield, long pull, blades are lazy, one small blade has the circle tested mark. excellent.
851KA-BAR Union Cut green bone extended bolster Dogs-Head folding hunter, green bone, saber ground, match striker nail mark, blade is vg, a couple of deep pits.
861Joseph Rodgers & Sons No. 6 Norfolk St. on master blade, G crown R Cutlers to His Majesty on the second blade, wood handled swell end jack, 3 1/2 closed, mint.
871Pair of vintage knives, Scharde Walden NY (pre-19272) with rough black handles long pull peanut with I Cut Keen etching visible, but spotted so near mint, and a Schatt & Morgan yellow and red metal flake 2 blade small physicans knife, full blades, long pull, exc.
881Case 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback, 8 dots visible, mint.
891Cattaraugus bone handled gunstock, cleaned to exc, 3 5/8 closed.
9011123 Bullet, very good, rivet crack and the typical cracks at the lanyard, bone handles
911Parker Bowies, horn handles with a coffin hilt etched, Protected by her Brave Volunteers, etc. and a sandbar stag style bone handles with a Liberty & Union guard, etched, My country, my steel, its protection. Both MIB
921five Case knives, bone muskrat and four baby butterbeans, three bone, one yellow composition, 62132 and 32132, MIB.
931Pair of Frost smooth bones, clasp knife coon hunter with etching and bear claw, both MIB, Japan made.
941Four fixed blade knives, Bear MGC Double Eagle stag handled subhilt, Buck 692 Vanguard, Boker 558 hunter, and Schrade USA made Golden Spike, all MIB.
951Frost Japan made Game Getter 1 and 2, with smooth bone handles and color scrim, with sheaths, MIB
961Two Bear stag NKCA club knives, fixed blade, 1992 and 1993. Both MIB.
971Remington jigged bone silver bullet patterns with sterling silver shields, R4243 scout and R1273 2 blade toadsticker. Both MIB. Outside of the boxes are not pristine.
981Buck 110 folding hunter, Gerber 400 LST, and Boker stag handled trench knife (no sheath), all MIB
991Group of seven Frost Hornet knives, made in Japan, each with a different wildlife scene on the box and etched on the blade.
1001George Schrade Bridgeport, CT wire jacks, 2 piece set, knife and fork, near mint, in gold embossed belt case.