Lot Qty Description
2011Three Browning knives all MIB, Ridgeback fixed blade (imported), USA wood handles sportsman, and pearl Japan made lockback.
2021Three Western Cutlery USA Colorado made lockbacks, laminated wood handled 532 (C date), color boxes, 522 Pheasant and 521 Bobcat etched smaller versions with pocket sheaths. All MIB
2031Two Japan made limited edition sets. Elkhorn small sunfish honoring Great American ships the Constitution and the Raleigh, and Frost ''The Doctors''#175 little Doc knives, handled in stag, pearl, smooth bone, and abalone. Mint in presentation box.
2041Three AG Russell knives, acorn scout in black plastic, pearl lockback on a Loveless design (Loveless Gentleman's Folder, original price $245), and a thumbstud opener China made with bone jigged to look like stag. Two boxes, one pocket sheath. All mint.
2051Four baby sunfish Schatt & Morgan knives, 1 of 100, etched blades, double pulls, 2004. Handled in Winterbottom, Amber, Mahogany Catalina, and Goldenroot bone.
2061Pair of Frost Sets, Shady Lady set of three lockbacks with nude women etchings, in presentation case with leather pocket pouches (foam interior is crumbly, and The Trailblazers smooth bone lockback with Western themes. Both set mint, five knives in all.
2071Rare opening knife. Evercutlery, Bklyn, NY sterling handles, blades are low very good, but the unique thing about this knife is the patented mechanism in which an extension slides out from the handle and works as a lever to open the blade, one for each end of the knife, very uncommon. 3'' closed. Lever opens to a half stop.
2081Four Parker ''Little Louie'' knives, mini-Barlows handled in bone, wood, pearl and abalone, in a walnut Case. This set was named for the late Louis Pendleton, a leading dealer from Louisville, KY during the heyday of knife collecting.
2091Three Parker knives, Parker sandbar stag (bone) handles, two with bolsters forming their own guard, on a K47, and the other a sowbelly. One is Parker-Imai. All mint.
2101Blackjack Mamba, Effingham, Il with sheath, MIB
2111Case 5200 copperhead trapper and Schatt & Morgan stag handled gunstock stockman, both made in 1992, 1 of 1000 for the ABCA, included an embossed knifepak that holds them. Mint.
2121Two versions of Remington pre-WWII bone handled scout knives, RS3333, one with an acorn shield, the other the more common round shield (rivet crack on the back handle), both with Boy Scouts of American Emblems, vg.
2131Two wood handled vintage knives, three backspring whittler by E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter and two blade equal end 3 1/4'' by American Knife Co. Thomaston, CT, both very good.
2141Pair of Case knives, 70's 6488, speckled but unused, and 4318 white comp. serpentine, mint except for back handle is shrinking.
2151Pair of Remington rare knives, stars and stripes teardrop jack, and composition handled teardrop jack advertising Endicot Shoes on the shield, but with a BONE back handle and original (likely a salesman's sample), both with spear long pull master blades,
2161M. B. Drost handmade French CK WV 25th anniversary (2013) wood handled hunter with horn spacers and red liners, S90V steel hidden tang, 10'' oal, 5 1/4'' blade, fancy tooled leather sheath. Mint.
2171Parker Cut. Co. pearl handled Bowie, etched, ''Self Defender'' scroll relief fancy ferrule and pommel, MIB, no sheath. 13 1/4'' oal.
2181Pair of figural vintage knives, Case Tested GS1097 leg knife vg and unmarked shoe knife.
2191Six vintage two blade jack knives, three wood and three jigged bone, very good or worse condition.
2201Pair of Case bone handled knives, 70's, 6201 bone and 6292 Texas Jack with one spot,
2211Two Pre WWII Remington bone handled knives, both #6483 patterns, tip bolsters, one exc, one vg with a rivet crack hairline on the back side.
2221LM marked (Larry Mensch, PA small stag handled dagger, brass guard, sculped handle, cordura sheath, tapered tang. His model 13. 6 1/8'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade. Mint.
2231Extremely rare brand, Phoenix Knife Co., with worked back, pearl GUNSTOCK whittler, vg. 3 3/8'' closed, tip bolsters, no cracks in the pearl.
2241High Carbon Steel Scout with semaphore flags emblem, etched, ''Sta-Sharp Chrome plated'' on the master blade, Sears-Robebuck pre-Craftsman brand, 4 blade bone scout knife, unused but speckled, so near mint.
2251E. C. Simmons Keen Cutter serpentine Physican's knife, 2 blade, pen, with metal butt cap, low exc. 3 1/4'' closed, one almost impossible to see rivet crack.
2261Enterprise Cutlery well made bone scout knife with heavy duty shackle, bowtie shield with ''Scout'' on it, long pull master blade, exc.
2271Wilbert Cutlery Co. jigged bone sunfish, iron bolsters, double pulls, vg/low exc. 4 1/4''
2281Valley Forge Cutlery Co. 2 blade cattle knife, second blade is a punch, bowtie shield, etching is still visible on the blade but has a pit on the blade, one hairline rivet crack on the back handle. Excellent.
2291Three wood handled vintage American Hawkbill knives, Challenge Bridgeport, Conn etched, exc, John Primble India Steel Works etching visible, and American Shear & Knife Co, Hotchkissville, Conn etched ''Our Best'', exc.
2301Where American cutlery began, Waterville large sleeveboard whittler, 3 1/2'' closed, well made, matchstriker nail mark long pull, excellent.
2311Diamond Edge etched blade serpentine, cracked ice handles, stamped, ''Sonora Wool & Mohair Co., Sonora, TX. Full blade and appears to be unused but age spotted so near mint. Spay blade has been sharpened, the others not.
2321Mint pre-WWII Remington metal handled pen with bail advertising Deltabeston Wire and Cable, etched ''Remington Master Knife.'' Knives this old can have a speck or two and still be mint, in my opinion, so mint. (Not pristine). Back side is marked, ''Handle Die Stamped'', likely a salesman's sample, R7339.
2331The very first Schrade Old Timer was a smooth bone 2OT swell end jack like this one, long pull, grooved bolsters, full blades so high excellent.
2341Winchester pre-WWII pearl handled sleeveboard, near mint, etching still clear and plain, tip bolsters. #2368
2351Diamond Edge wood handled Electrician's knife, etched, original polish, appears unused but some age spotting, DE in diamond shield. Screwdriver blade locks open and is released by pushing down on the back of the closed spear master blade. Near mint except for a nasty spot on the front of the screwdriver.
2361Pair of Smokey Mountain Knife Works early limited edition sets. Pearl and Stag 2 blade gunstock knives (Queen made) in a presentation box with ''The Wilderness'' etching, plus a pair of Little Smoky boot knives one in pearl one in stag in a presentation box, both mint.
2371There's rare and then there is very rare. Platts Bros, Andover, NY equal end cattle knife, bomb shield, wood handles, long pull. Condition is rough, but find a better one!
2381Marvin Poole spalted wood handled mini hook blade straight tang, leather sheath. 5'' oal, 2 1/4'' blade, handle is 1 3/8'' wide. Mint.
2391Three pen knives, Diamond Edge sleeveboard jigged bone, exc, Diamond Edge mint pen, etched, tip bolsters plastic handles with light specs, and LF&C Universal etched pen with rough black handles, mint except for a rivet crack.
2401Winchester pre-1940 jigged bone Texas Toothpick, saber ground #1936, vg
2411Northfield Knife Co. one blade big cigar with bowtie shield, very good, 2 rivet cracks (This is the original Conn. Valley made vintage knife.
2421Rare 61048sp Case XX (1945-65) bone, reddish tint but not red bone, mint.
2431Two National Knife Collectors Association knives, 1990 Stag large Hen & Rooster stockman 1 of 5000, with gold etching on all 3 blades, and 1984 jigged bone H&R lockback, both with NKCA shields, both mint.
2441Pair of Winchester knives. Pearl toothpick issued in 1989 for the Ft. City Knife Collectors club and jigged bone Texas toothpick, Patterns 1924P and 1936. both MIB.
2451Utica Knife Co. Buffalo head jigged bone jumbo trapper (same size as the big Remington bullet), full blades but tarnished, so vg, low exc, some pitting.
2461Winchester 1920 folding hunter, bowtie shield, full blades, pre-1940. Required in an coke bottle hunter or folding hunter collection. A classic. Exc
2471Stag handled hunting knife, integral guard, etched ''Masakne High Steel'' with tooled leather sheath. 10 1/2'' oal, 5 3/4'' blade, tapered tang Exc.
2481A. W. Wadsworth XLNT big dogleg, long pull, with beautiful pressed horn snakeskin handles, crest shield, full blades but tarnished, exc. 3 1/2'' closed
2491Challenge Cutlery Co. Bport, Conn Etched jigged bone Cattle knife with punch, long pull, grooved bolsters, nice jigged bone handles, etched ''American Electric Company.'' Very high excellent.
2501Pair of wood handled vintage knives, Challenge huge 4 3/4'' closed one blade swell end jack, Booth Bros. Stockholm 4 1/2'' 2 blade cattle both long pull, both with bowtie shield, and both low excellent.
2511Case Tested green bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback, oval shield, low exc.
2521Pair of Case knives made for the NKCA. Green bone 6270 issued in 1989, and 1983 61050L folding guard folding hunter,
2531Case XX 5383 mint, (1945-65)
2541E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter scout etched, ''Keen Kutter Scout Knife'' unmarked Keystone shield, near mint, does have some specks but original polish too.
2551Curtain & Clark Hardware English jack, arrowhead shield, iron bolsters, long pull, CCCC stamping on the blade, exc. 4 1/2'' closed, rivet crack on the back handle.
2561Pair of NKCA club knives, Camillus jumbo trappern made in 1988, and Gerber 1986 jigged bone lockback, both mint.
2571Shapleigh's 2 blade cattle knife with cracked ice handles, long pull, mint, advertising ''St. Joseph Lead Co.'' ''Samuel O'Neal'' on the back, 3 1/2'' closed, mint except for some small spiders on the front blade and a spot on the back.
2581Winchester wood handled Electrician's knife, etching is faint but visible, has been sharpened, high excellent near mint. #2682, screwdriver blade locks, and unlocks by pushing down on a closed master spear blade.
2591E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter Texas Toothpick jigged bone, vg
2601OVB (Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett Hdw) coke bottle coffin pommel folding hunter, celluloid handles, long pull, full blades, etched ''Our Very best'', full blade, exc, 5 3/8'' closed, some shrinking of the celluloid handles.
2611Vintage jigged bone sleeveboard, excellent, Townley metal & Hdw. Kansas City etching is still visible, one rivet crack on the front, otherwise exc.
2621Schrade Carpenter's whittler mint in original box etched ''Craftsman''. Grooved bolsters, peachseed bone, and pristine mint in the original box. Vintage knives do not get better than this, mirror polished on the front, brushed on the back, which was only done on Schrade's finest knives.
2631Pair of top Sheffield Thistle top hunter, IXL Geroge Wostenholm & Sons Sheffield England, and E crown R Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield, England (Edwardian), both with weathered leather pouch sheaths, full blades, exc.
2641Two stag handled Cripple Creek knives made for the American Edge collectors, 1993 2 blade sowbelly with long spay blade in the opposite end and a three blade serpentine with slant bolsters made in 1996
2651Group of five 90's era Japanese knives, Edges 10th Anniversary (tang marked) 1123 size trapper, smooth bone, Parker-Imai K267 lockback sandbar stag, K126 genuine stag lockback, K86 Parker-Imai hawkbill with bone handles, and five blade Parker sowbelly smooth bone, all mint.
2661Four yellow composition handled Fish knives, one blade Camillus USA stamped on the handle, ''Fisherman's Luck'' mint, master blade forms a bottle opener, Kabar, Olean NY with hook sharpener exc., KA-BAR yellow comp handle with T75 stamped on it in red mint, and L. L. Bean marked 2 blade fish knife, mint but has rivet cracks and a crack from the hook sharpener to the rivet.
2671Russell Turner Falls, Mass thistle top hunter, pouch sheath, checkered round wood handle, near mint.
2681Two Cattaraugus CloisonnT knives, Knights of Pythias and Masonic Scottish Rite knives, both low exc. 3'' closed, One leather carrying case.
2691Trio of nice metal handled knives, W. H. Morley relief metal handed two blade advertising Fowler Commission Co. Kansas City and Shreveport, plus a Diamond Edge pen self-advertiser (uncommon to be advertising themselves) mint etched long pull blade etched ''Diamond Edge'' and handles stamped ''Diamond Edge Pocket Knives'', and a Napanoch metal handled advertising C A Fischer Co. Ft. Worth Texas. All mint.
2701Three great vintage pen knives. KA-BAR Christmas tree metal wrapped pen etched, ''Stainless Steel'' with Union Cut. Mark on the small blade, John Primble etched cracked ice pen, and Rich-Con fancy celluloid with tip bolsters, etched. All mint.
2711Pair of vintage knives. John Primble half congress Schrade made with nice green peachseed bone handles, long pull, mint and a Simmons Sonny swell end jack boy's knife. Unused but some specks, tarnished some on the back of the master blade.
2721Pair of etched knives. Keen Kutter pen with keystone shield, and cracked ice handles, mint and a nice OVB Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett 2 3/4'' dogleg with fancy celluloid swirl handles, etching reading Dickinson Hdwe Co. Exc.
2731Pair of Ring opening knives, Marshall Fields Germany jigged bone pen, vg, and J. A. Henckels, Solingen, Ger. all metal, 3 1/4'' vg.
2741Group of three 1970's dots, 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockbacks, all bone handles, and dots are a 1, 2, and 3 dot. All mint
2751Case 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback, 4 dots visible, sharpened and carried, low near mint.
2761Three Jigged bone Winchester modern era knives, gunstock, 2 blade Doctors, and two blade bent back with slant and grooved bolsters, all MIB #2851, #2935, #2978.
2771Pair of Schrade Walden jigged bone knives, one a peachseed bone swell center 3 5/8'', the other a #236serpentine 2 blade with later style jigged bone 3 1/2'' closed, both cleaned to near mint except for spider on the serpentine.
2781Pair of nice vintage jigged bone folders, Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett saber ground 3 1/2 sleeveboard whittler with crest shield exc., and Hibbard 3 5/8'' larger tear drop easy open jack, long pull with a bowtie shield, near mint.
2791Case 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback, 8 dots visible, mint.
2801Knifecraft, A Comprehensive step-by-step guide to the Art of Knifemaking by Sid Latham, hardcover, color dust cover, and a classic knife book. A requirement for any good knife library. (XV-005-rel) Minimum Bid $15.00
2811Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles. The last major knife book I wrote. Good articles. Good writing. Crammed with knife photos. Paperback. I will autograph the book upon request. (XV-007-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
2821Unmarked Tanto in wood sheath hand handle, nice temper line. 12'' oal, 6 3/4'' blade. Mint (XV-144-rhh) Minimum Bid $30.00
2831Three knives, two Precise Blackhawk series knives by Aitor (Spain) no sheaths, and an ANZA small caping knife with staminawood handles that has been made from a file. ''98'' All mint. (XV-175-rhh) Minimum Bid $25.00
2841Waltco Saf-T-Sheath version of the butterfly knife, tang stamped ''Made in USA'', celluloid handles. VG. 4 1/2'' closed. (-tlo) Minimum Bid $35.00
2851Three versions of the jumbo trapper bullet, 30th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Bullet knife, Marbles 100 years edition, and Marbles with duck scene and Marbles etch imported. All mint. (XV-230-jlmi) Minimum Bid $45.00
2861Massive library of five different Remington resources, reprint of the Remington C4 and C5 catalogs, Remington sheath knives, and two editions of the Remington Bullet Knives by Mel Brewster. (XV-237-rel) Minimum Bid $35.00
2871Three reference books, reprint of an early Schrade catalog, reprint of Keen Kutter catalog and a Winchester reprint. All softcover. (XV-238-rel) Minimum Bid $25.00
2881Group of Eight Wrangler imported items, two stag fixed blades and a stag folding hunter, plus a miniature set of three small stags, and two miniature tomahawks, sheaths and original wood display boxes included. All mint and modern. (XV-256-jlmi) Minimum Bid $50.00
2891Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack. (78-DSC_0184-rel) Minimum Bid $5.00
2901Pair of matching Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Little Valley NY Sleeveboard whittlers, both with bomb shield, jigged bone handles, only one is a spear point and the other a clip. Both cleaned to exc.
2911Joseph Rodger white bone handled eraser, Star and Cross on the reverse side, Sheffield, England tang mark, ex. One crack on the front (XV-302-cho) Minimum Bid $15.00
2921Marbles wood handled ax with the folding guard. Has been polished to a mirror finish, on marking is on the folding blade cover, 11'' handle, 4 1/4'' head, 2 3/4'' cutting edge, cleaned to low exc. (XV-306-jlmi) Minimum Bid $50.00
2931Marbles U handles ax with hard rubber handles and nail puller (which is not rusted like the other items and possibly a modern add-on), bid on the ax, not the nail puller. Very good. (XV-308-jlmi) Minimum Bid $50.00
2941Two Kershaws, 2415 locking liner and 2001 2 blade interframe and a Sog Key knife still on a card. All mint (XV-311-jlmi) Minimum Bid $50.00
2951Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched ''Everlastingly Sharp'', button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. (rel 78-DSC_0191 rel 78-DSC_0204) (78-DSC_191-rel) Minimum Bid $20.00
2961Three vintage knives. Robeson Shuredge Rochester 3 5/8'' sleeveboard whittler, 63296 blade low very good or worse, A. C. Penn New York Coffin swell center jack, nice bone handles, high vg, 3 1/2, and vintage Schatt & Morgan dogleg jack, long pull 3 1/2'' exc. (XV-168-bev) Minimum Bid $60.00
2971AG Russell Thumb dagger made out of composition, also comes with two plastic sheaths, made to be sewn under a collar or some other place of concealment. (Originally also came with a metal thumb dagger too but is missing from this) 4 1/4'' (XV-398-mhpt)
2981Pair of Black Collins produced knives, based on his design, one an ivory micarta switchable blade in a camo sheath, the Deuce, the other a thermoplastic handled hunter that fits in a thermoplastic sheath and locks like the Gerber Frisco Shiv. Letter inside the hunter box from Pete Gerber dated 1982 reads ''This note gives you permission to use our standard Frisco Shiv handles and sheaths for a limited edition of 300 handmade versions which you wish to produce. These knives are to be marked in a manner which will distinguish from our production models and will bear your medallion in the handle in place of the Gerber medallion...''. Both MIB. One box has puncture damage in one spot. (XV-404-mhpt) Minimum Bid $115.00
2991Sheffield Exhibition Knives is a book by Bill Claussen, Bill Adams, Brad Watts and others. It is a 247 page book, hardcover with a color dust jacket. Published in 1999, it is considered the ultimate reference work of Sheffield Exhibition knives, featuring full color pages of many knives from the Joseph Rodgers, IXL George Wostenholm, and John Blyde/Greenhough exhibition collections. Retail at the time of issue was $89.95. (SEK-rel) Minimum Bid $20.00
3001HOLBURN CO, HOLBURN CIRCUS, London maker featuring brass guard, checkered horn handles, blade and grippers on the other end. Described as a castration knife. This is the actual knife pictured on page 81 of ''The London Knife Book, 1820-1945'' by Ron Flook. Exc condition. (jjb) Estimate $400-$550.