Lot Qty Description
1011Blackjack Classic blade, chestnut laminated wood handled hunter, Effingham, IL made, leather sheath, MIB
1021Rare Schrade-Walden Buffalo Bill wood handled Bowie with marked leather sheath, in original box. Mint.
1031Case boot knife with garter, basketweave sheath, color box. Mint.
1041Blackjack, Effingham, Ill Applegate-Fairbairn, leather sheath, mint in original box.
1051McConnell handmade Boot knife, coffin pommel, slab handles of ironwood and white bone, no sheath. ''Bose'' is pantographed on the other side (do not think it is related to Tony) no sheath, 6 1/2'' oal, 2 1/2'' blade, 440c.
1061Puma Skinner Solingen Germany, stag handles, MIB
1071Dave Cato, VA , handforged dagger, great temper line, hidden tang, brass guard, mokume ferrule. Cato came in second place in a Forge in Fire episode, wood handle carved, brass guard and butt cap, maker's mark is on the butt of the pommel. all wood matching sheath, mint. Big 17'' oal, 9 3/4'' blade.
1081Buck custom Bowie with laminated wood handles and wall plaque,
1091Murphy Combat Knife in glass case from Murphy Combat Knife, Richmond, VA (a later owner of the Murphy knife mark.
1101Case 70's dots jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback
1111Case USA (1965-70) jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback, exceptional reddish tint handles. Cleaned to near mint
1121Pair of Case knives, 6225 1/2 coke bottle 70's dots and 63087 sh pen 10 dots, delrin. Delrin handles in 10 dots are uncommon, both mint.
1131Three Kabar issued sunfish in a knifepak, Union Razor mark with worm groove bone, Union Cut with jigged bone, and KA-BAR with black composition and Union Cut on the smaller blade, 1986, all mint.
1141Sears Craftsman, etched blade, USA made, laminated wood handle, likely Schrade made on the LB7 pattern, with leather sheath. Craftsman marked USA made knives are most collectible right now.
1151Pair of Kris knives, intricate carved handle and scabbard (throat is loose from the scabbard, need regluing) 12 1/2'' oal, 7 1/2'', carved horn, and a Damascus wavy kris blade with a carved wood handle, metal over wood scabbard.
1161Case 70's dots bone 6383 swell center whittler mint.
1171Pair of pretty handled Case bone whittlers, both 70's dots, 6383 swell center 10 dot and 6308 9 dot, both mint with exceptional reddish tint handles.
1181Pair of 70's dots bone handled Case knives, 62131 canoe with plain blade and 61093 Texas Toothpick, both mint.
1191Two Case XX (1945-65) knives, 6207 pen unused but spotted so near mint, and rough black 6308 whittler, near mint except for a single pit on the back side of the master blade.
1201Four stag handled Kissing Crane Germany knives, all red crane shields, stockman 1235XIV, copperhead 2025XIV, canoe 2625XIV, and baby butterbean 2925xIV, all mint.
1211Case XX (1945-65) jigged bone 61093 Texas Toothpick mint. I'd call it red bone but look at the pic and make up your own mind. Back handle matches the front in color.
1221Pair of bone Case knives, First run of C61050 folding hunter made for the National Knife Museum and first issue 6151 toadsticker made in the 80's for the Case Collectors Club, mint.
1231Five Case knives, 7207 wood handled mini trapper, M1059L, M279, M3102R, and M1057L, c. 1970's through 1989.
1241Case 70's etched blade canoe, 62131, some pitting on the back side of the two blades, looks mint from the front but figure cleaned to exc.
1251Three Case bone handled knives with the early 80's raised letter shield, 6347shspss, 6318shspss, and 6232. All mint.
1261Three Case knives, 6.52154 Tiny trapper, fancy handled '10096 toothpick in black pearl and chestnut bone (Shepherd Hills issue), and 610546 Backpocket, all in boxes.
1271Four Case knives, two bone marked for the Case Celebrations in 2001 and 2002, sowbelly and 6111 1/2 lockback, plus a Christmas transition trapper with red etching, and a 1999 NKCA club knife, 62100 saddlehorn. All MIB.
1281George Schrade official Boy Scout wire jack chow kit, fork also marked with Schrade mark, and short spoon that is often lost, leather official Scout marked sheath, minty.
1291Case 70's dot 6308 jigged bone whittler, spotted, exc.
1301Pair of case 70's jigged bone knives, 62131 canoe 70's dots and 6392 stockman 9 dot (1971), both mint.
1311Pair of Cripple Creek stag handled knives made for the American Edge Collectors Association, railsplittler with slant bolsters made in 1983 1 of 80, and dogleg jack made in 1985 1 of 95. Both mint. Both with 2 blade.
1321Case 10 dot 1970 jigged bone muskrat, near mint, both blades have been sharpened
1331Case 1989 Fulton's Muskrat II, serrated 2ed blade, created by Tom Fulton of Fulton Hardware. Jigged bone handles.
1341Case jigged bone 6217 2 blade sheepfoot. 10 dot, 1970
1351Case Tony Bose sleeveboard lockback whittler, stag handles, leather embossed pouch, MIB TB532005
1361Al Pendray handmade hunter forged from a wood rasp, micarta slab handles, straight tang, kydex sheath. Mint, 9 1/2'' oal, 4 5/8'' blade
1371Case Tony Bose stag dogleg 2 blade, embossed leather zip up cases, MIB TB532003
1381Case Tony Bose jigged bone 62048WH, chestnut bone, embossed leather zip up case, MIB
1391Case Tony Bose stag handled cotton sampler, embossed leather zip up case, MIB, burnt stag, TB612008
1401Cattaragus King of the Woods folding hunter with the folding guard missing, Blade good, no cracks, a great fixer upper.
1411Set of Five Parker-Edwards Damascus knives. These were the first five patterns made by Parker-Edwards.
1421Two Knife World knives, First and second editions produced by Knife World and made by Bob Cargill at Cripple creek, dogleg 2 blade and big cigar, both with jigged bone handles.
1431AG Russell Cattaraugus marked pair of Muskrats with jigged bone handles, ATS34 steel, two different sizes, coming in a fitted plastic presentation case. Mint.
1441Awesome grouping, Schrade Walden jigged bone Carpenter's whittler in the ORIGINAL Paper and ORIGINAL Box, etched, ''Everlastingly Sharp'', grooved bolster, peachseed bone, pristine mint. Rare enough pattern without the other extras. Schrade wrapping papers have their own rarity. Do not miss this one.
1451William Henry pearl handled wharncliffe gentleman's knife. Stainless steel frame
1461William Henry jigged bone handled wharncliffe gentleman's knife. VG10
1471Two Cripple Creek knives made for the American Edge Collector knife shows, 1985 smoked pearl 2 blade dogleg 1 of 100, and 1990 one blade copperhead jigged bone, 1 of 25. Both Mint
1481Pair of NKCA club knives, 1977 Gunboat Canoe by Kissing Crane and 1984 jigged bone Hen & Rooster lockback, both mint. #0516
1491Four Kissing Crane Robert Klass German made knives, stag stiletto lockback, black composition stilette etch, Black Angus composition handled sodbuster, and wood handled Brown mule sodbuster, all MIB.
1501Case 70's dots C61050 folding hunter, jigged laminated wood handles, one spot, otherwise mint.
1511Case Tested green bone 61050 big barehead coke bottle folding hunter, iron bolsters (c.1940's), flat ground, cleaned to near mint.
1521Three top collectible knives, Bowie Corp stag handled small equal end, almost a baby sunfish, same pattern in a Schatt & Morgan file and wire tested and ATS34 steel, and a pearl grooved bolsters muskrat marked SKC 2000 (Soy Knife Collectors?). All MIB.
1531Case XX pair of knives, 5383 swell center whittler with a couple of stress checks exc and a 62031 1/2 long pull, cleaned to vg.
1541For Kabar Knives, two blade large saddlehorn trappers made for the Ka-bar Collectors club in 2001, 2003, 2004, and a lockback marked ''First Production Run'' 1999 KA-BAR Collector's Club, all MIB
1551Blackjack Classic Blades, Effingham, IL crown stag Trail Guide and etched as a limited edition. A2 tool steel. Fancy tooled leather sheath by Treestump Leather is not original to the knife but made to fit it, mint.
1561Schrade-Barnett lockback with red carved bone handles, designed by Van Barnett.
1571Schrade-Kious jigged bone reverse congress with Damascus blades, designed by knifemaker Joe Kious. With an imitation alligator pattern pocket case. MIB
1581Pair of knives, Hoffritz 4'' pearl stockman etched ''Hand Forged'' etched, HAPO 4'' stag handled canoe, mint.
1591Pair of exquisite Ibberson pearl handled Sheffield knives, made for Ibberson by Stan Shaw and marked on the liner SS57'' (1957) Princess Margaret'' model, worked back, created as the same pattern presented to Princess Margart when she visited Sheffield in the 60's, plus and Ibberson lobster, SS77 on the inside liner (1977) both mint.
1601KA-BAR, three blade take apart hobo, yellow composition handles, cleaned to exc, except for a couple of deep pits on the back of the master blade.
1611Group of six matching lockbacks by A. G. Russell, bullet shields, handled in black pearl, white pearl, stag, smooth bone, ivory micarta, and ebony. Comes in a zip up case designed to hold all six knives, mint. 3 1/2'' closed, outside of the case is banged up.
1621Pair of Case vintage green bone handled knives, Case XX 6332 (1945-65) exc and 62035 1/2 very good with a Case Tested mark.
1631Pair of Marbles USA made stag handled congress knives, 4'' or so long, one with standard bolsters, the other with extended bolsters and etched ''Class Congress, 1 of 200'', both MIB.
1641Pair of Marbles USA made stag handled knives, baby sunfish and canoe with grooved and pinched bolsters. Both MIB
1651Two Marbles USA knives, Small 2 blade physicians with spatula, and jumbo stockman long pull, both MIB
1661Pair of Case bone handled Case USA knives (1965-70) 6318 sh PEN and 6214 1/2, both mint
1671Matched pair Marbles USA muskrat knives, one with stag handles, the other jigged bone, both MIB.
1681Two Marbles USA knives with genuine stag handles, small wharncliffe, and stand two blade physicians long pull with pen second blade, both MIB.
1691Pair of Case knives, new grind 62131 canoe (1980's) and 62052 long pull. Both MIB
1701Pair of Remington jigged bone Silver Bullets (sterling silver bullet shields), R1123 and R1303 patterns both with engraved bolsters, MIB.
1711Three Parker Cut. Co. pearl handled knives, Boothill, little Mustang, and a Unique lockback, all mint.
1721Puma folder with large round ball on end (this is not a fish knocker as often described but more as a counter balance, made for the hole in the tang to hold a ring, and with monafilment holding your fish, hang on the serrations on the upper blade and thus having a balance scale. Original lanyard missing, but mint.
1731Case pair of Gift sets, hammerhead with leather sheath, Arkansas stone and can of Case honing oil, plus Case Illinois state trapper with two encased state's quarters in presentation case, jigged red bone handles, both MIB
1741Three Winchester stag handled knives made for the American Edge Collectors Association, sowbelly, sleeveboard whittler, and swell center whittler, all with AECA shields plus crest shields. MIB. Patterns 3904, 3902, and 3949.
1751Group of 10 knives, Kershaw, Frontier, Fight'n Rooster pearl, Camco scout Camillus, Schrade, various small patterns. All minty
1761Wards four blade stockman, with punch, jigged Rogers bone handles, mint, pre 1960. 3 7/8'' closed.
1771Pair of knives made for the American Edge Collectors by Winchester, three blade sowbelly and swell center whittler, #3902 and #3949, both MIB
1781Keen Kutter etched blade premium stock knife, slant grooved bolsters, keystone shield, long pull, tang marked ''Made in USA'', unused, mint except for some age specking waterfall celluloid handles.
1791Case USA (1965-70) jigged bone 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback exc
1801Case 10 dot (1970) 5265 SAB folding hunter, stag, mint, in Case gift box that sold as an option during that time.
1811Pair of stag handled Case knives, 52087 blue scroll (1977) and 80's 52087 with raised letter shield. Both mint.
1821Ulster etched and mint Fish knife, 2 blade, red handles that have shrunk a bit but still good, etched ''Ulster, Stainless Steel'', nice. With original leather sheath but stitching loose on the bottom.
1831Robeson Shuredge Rochester swell center sunfish, #626409 bar shield, bone handle, iron bolsters, back of pen blade marked ''Made in USA'', very good condition. 4 1/4'' closed.
1841Rare Remington workman's set, 1123 Bullet, with heavy duty shackle and belt clip, and Remington marked sheath that holds the knife along with a sharpening steel with ring top, all well used, good only condition, but there is something about this that rings out kool.
1851Pair of stag handled Marbles USA knives, one blade trapper standard size prototype, one of 11 made in stag, and a two blade mini trapper with 1 of 40 etched blade, Both MIB
1861Pair of Marbles USA made knives, jacks, easy open barehead jack, and swell end English jack, both with matchstriker nailmarks, MIB
1871Pair of 70's dots bone handled knives, 6445R scout utility pattern and 62131 unetched canoe, both mint.
1881Group of four Schatt & Morgan cattle knife whittlers, 2004 one of 100, keystone shields and four different jiggings of bone handles: winterbottom, antique green, crimson and amber.
1891Three Bruckmann whittlers, hese exquisite quality knives were reportedly made pre World War ONE, and discovered in an old warehouse in Solingen, Germany in the 70's. c. 1912. Mint. Extremely well made. 3 3/8'' and 3''
1901Fight'n Rooster pearl handled back to back muskrat made for the 20th anniversary of Fight'n Rooster in 1995. One of 100. Etched blade.
1911Three Case knives, 6254ss, 6318, by 1980's, and 70's 6308 whittler, all mint.
1921Four Frost Cutlery knives, Little Barlow in black pearl and abalone, Shady Lady in abalone, and baby bullet in jigged bone. All mint, Japan.
1931Trio of NKCA knives, 1992 Sargent trapper jigged bone in presentation Case, 10th Anniversary of the National Knife Museum with genuine stag handles (Cargill lock) and Hen & Rooster #303 stag three blade pen, all mint.
1941Pair of 1970's Case pearl handled knives, 83064 and 82053R, both mint.
1951Trio of matching Henckels, Germany equal end pen knives with slant bolsters, handled in pearl, bauffalo horn and genuine stag, all mint.
1961Pair of stag handled German made knives, 1976 Bicentennial folding guard lockback made by Kissing Crane, mint with etched blade, and Coles Germany wharncliffe whittler with a clip blade, etched, ''Hand Forged'', both mint.
1971Four Case raised letter shield knives from the 1980's, 6254ss, 6347ss, 6207ss mini trapper, and 62131 canoe. All mint.
1981Four Frost Cutlery scrimmed genuine pearl Executive lockbacks, MIB. Different bird scenes on the handles. Fileworked backsprings.
1991Group of five carded knives, two multi-tools, Uncle Henry hunter, neck knife, and Smith & Wesson. All mint.
2001Bear MGC stag handled hunter made for the NKCA in 1994. MIB with sheath, plus parl of Bear Bryant knives in a box and a Kai pen knife with fold out ruler, MIB.