Lot Qty Description
11SOMETHING TO SAY: As The lead knife from Auction 113 is relisted here. There was no reserve on this knife--but a worthless idiot thought he would be a big dog when he was only a little mutt bid a large single bid thousands of dollars above the nearest bid. Others could no longer bid. The idiot won the bid--maybe he was broke or just dishonorable by not living up to his word, per the bidding terms. He would not pay. We have no choice but to relist the knives on which he bid to be fair to the consignor. For you as a bidder, those of you that wished you had bid higher last auction and bought this fabulous knife, you have another chance. The idiot who reneged on his bid will never be allowed to bid in our auctions again, and because of the amounts involved we are reviewing legal remedies. Bid like you want to own it--because you just might. H. H. FRANK GOLD ENGRAVED CUTLERY MASTERPIECE. If you do not know who H.H. Frank is you will not be much of a bidder on this one. Every part of this knife that can be engraved is: bolsters, blade, top and bottom of the tang, inside the backspring, pin heads, even the end of the removeable gold toothpick, and the gold shield. Dovetailed gold bolsters, 3 3/8'' long closed, 6'' open, dated April 3, 2001, and is one of the most spectacular lockbacks I have ever held in my hand. If you are lucky enough to win the bid on this cutlery masterpiece, you can hold it in your hands and will understand what I mean. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, www.jbrucevoyles.com and following the links to the high res catalog.(pnmá HM13-002)á Minimum bidá $4,000.00.
21(See intro to lot one--same circumstance) Dietmar Kressler Damascus integral subhilt stag fighter, THE KNIFE: , double ground, tapered tang, drilled for lanyard, beautiful red stag handles, 9 1/2'' oal, 4 7/8'' blade with a leather sheath. Mint. (dht HM13-124)
31Ron Lake lockback folder, (see intro to lot 1, same circumstance) THE KNIFE, with exotic horn handles, engraved by the legendary Winston Churchill, stamped ''24'' on the reverse of the tang. Slide out toothpick under the handle, marked ''LAKE'' on the front side, grooved bolsters, 3 1/8'' closed, 5 1/2'' open, knife is mint except as is often the case with horn handles, the horn is pulling and rises above the bolsters a tiny bit. This may be the sleeper Ron Lake knife of all time. , THE MAKER: For more about Ron Lake, please see his bio on Lot 5 in this auction--and I will add he has always been one of the most helpful to other makers, and a good friend to me. As an officer in the Knifemakers' Guild he once said, ''To be a great organization we have to do great things.'' The same can be said of his him--he does great things. (pnm HM13-013)
41IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM PEARL LIBRARY KNIFE. Featured on page 90 of ''Sheffield Exhibition Knives'', George Wostenholm Celebrated, 3 7/8'' long with a wharncliffe master blade, long pen blade, buttonhook and corkscrew all in a shadow bolsterless pattern, ivory blade for turning pages without getting ink on your hands. Milled brass liners. Pre-1901 and thus antique. (pnmXHB007)
51IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM Exhibition Sports Knife. Featured on page 147 of ''Sheffield Exhibition Knives'' . Six blades, most marked IXL George Wostenholm Sheffield, master blade does not have IXL on the tang. Fine filework on the backs of every blade, and is even fileworked inside on the backspring. Fine pebbly exhibition grade stag, bar shield, 3 1/4'' close, 5 1/2'' open with master blade only. Long pull through the tang nailmarks on BOTH sides of the Master blade, Mint. Comes in a Gold foil embossed leather covered exhibition case with the IXL logo inside in gold on the satin liner. (pnmXHB023)
61PICQUE PEARL handled knife. This is NOT a fruit knife, as there is not a sterling silver blade, marked what appears to be ''HMILE?, London''. Carved pearl with a massive number of pins (some of the pins are missing (the pins were not fastened to the liners but merely went through the pearl). Rolled silver covering on the backspring, 3 1/8'' long closed, 4 1/2'' open, blade has some pitting, excellent. (pnmXHB045) Estimate $300-$400.
71IXL GEORGE WOSTENHOLM GRACEFUL MULTIBLADE featured on page 159 of ''Sheffield Exhibition Knives'' . A 4'' multi blade sports knife with a locking master spear blade etched ''G. Wostenholm & Son IXL Sheffield''. Other blades include: pen, buttonhook, corkscrew, triangular leather punch, hoof pick. Slide out pick and tweezers under the handles. Blade backs and inside the backspring on both sides are fileworked. There is some specking along the back of the master blade and a single spot on the front of the spear master blade close to the tang. Marked ''George Wostenholm IXL Cutlery Sheffield'' on the tang. Mint except as noted.(pnmXHB025) Estimate $850-$1400. (Relisted due to dishonorable winning bidder not paying per the stated terms).
81Joseph Rodgers stag congress exhibition knife--Not Previously offered, grooved bolsters, 3 1/4'' closed, marked Sheffield, England, Cutlers to His Majesty, quality suggests pre-1914, unused and mint except for some spotting on the backspring.
91IXL George Wostenholm, Sheffield, (No England) designating pre-1890 and thus legal as it is over 100 years old. 4'' closed, 7 1/2'' open, punch and glove hook opposite the main blade, which is a front lock, 2 implements under handle, corkscrew on the back side with some filework. Unused but some spots on the upper blade back, and cracks across one rivet on each side. Bar shield.
101Ron Fraizer handmade skinner, stag handles, leather sheath, tapered tang, hand rubbed finish. One of the top makers of his time. West Virginia maker. 9 1/4'' oal, 4 1/2'' closed
111T. R. Overeyender interframe , Arlington, TX made fiery colorful pearl interframe, two inset pearl pieces on each side, front lock, tang dated 1989, engraving is by legendary Lynton McKenzie (also dated 1989), hand rubbed finish, 3 1/4'' closed, 5 7/8'' open, mint. (See info in Lot 1 on why this knife is being relisted).
121J Greenhough ivory smokers knife and ivory pen. Both with golfer logos on the smaller blades, pen is 2 5/8'' closed, long pull, mint. Lobster smoker's knife has a sheep foot master blade, pen blade, fold out button hook, cigar fork, and on the back a manicure blade and cigar venting punch, all in a 2 1/4'' package. One rivet crack on the front and a chip missing from the pivot rivet up on the reverse side. Blades are mint. *Part of the multi-parcel offering. Please see the attached addendum for details.(pgnXHB133)
131Larry Feugen fancy crown stag folder, elaborately fileworked, carved stag, 3 1/2'' closed, 6 1/8'' open, handforged. Note accompanying the knife states that reportedly one of only four made this size. Mint, although the finish does not compare with his more recent art.
141R. W. Jeffries hidden tang handmade with a crown stag handle, leaning toward the crude side, no sheath. 9'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade.
151Watson stag handled hunter, nickel silver guard, saber ground, genuine stag handles, drilled for lanyard. 8'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, red liner, straight tang
161Exkelibur (Barry Burger, South Africa) marked well done wood handled drop point hunter in pouch sheath. 7 1/2'' oal, 3 1/2'' wood handle, straight tang, hand rubbed finish, pouch sheath.
171Al Pendray handmade Bowie sized hunter forged from a wood rasp, micarta slab handles, straight tang, kydex sheath. 12 1/2'' oal, 7'' blade Mint
181J. H. Lloyd handmade folder, Walrus ivory handles (the pebbly part that identifies it is clearly visible and not subject to US Fish & Wildlife restrictions for elephant ivory sales). 3 1/2'' closed, saber ground, mint, but a natural check on the back side. Please check your local regulations on walrus ivory before bidding.
191Larry McEachern, Villa Rica, GA smooth bone handled handmade hunter, pouch leather sheath, straight tang. Sharpened and used, so near mint. (XV-276-tgg) Minimum Bid $60.00
201Jim Siska fancy Bowie, deep and long false edge, slant guard, spacer, hidden tang, hand rubbed finish. Pommel is filed to fit indentations in the stag, leather sheath, in other words a damn nice knife! 13'' oal, 7 1/2'' blade. Mint
211Gary Barnes Mastersmith art knife, Damascus blade, pearl gold lip interframe on both sides, fileworked tang, sculpted metal handles, 10'' oal, 5 3/8'' blade. No sheath, comes in a zip up case.
221R Baker drop point with wood handles, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, laminated wood handle that has some surface cracking, straight tang, early knifemaker finish, brass guard, fileworked blade back, used, sheath stamped ''H. P''. (Houston Price, the late publisher of Knife World). (XV-417-mhpt) Minimum Bid $40.00
231Tommy Lee wood handled locking liner wood handled folder with thumbstud, dovetailed bolsters, 4 1/2'' closed, 7 1/8'' open
241Lile laminated wood handled folder, lockback, nickel-silver guard with thumbstud, 3 3/4'' closed, 6 7/8'' open, mint.
251Trio of Dan-D (Dan Dehenney) throwing knives, sharpened points on both ends, one larger 15'', two smaller, 13 1/2'', They appear to have been thrown some but no damage, near mint.
261H. McCarty stag handled drop point, red liners, drilled for lanyard, pouch sheath, tapered tang, 8 1/8 oal, 3 1/2'' blade.
271Chuck Hawes, Weldon, IL Handmade Damascus hunter, hidden tang, stag and stacked leather washer handle, brass guard, 9 3/4'' oal, 5 1/2'' blade, pouch sheath by Greger Leather of Tustin CA, mint.
281Handmade fingergrooved hunter marked MRB, with lanyard, sculped wood handles, pouch sheath. 8 1/2'' oal, 4'' blade mint.
291Unmarked handmade with cholla cactus and epoxy handle. Leather pouch sheath. Straight tang, red liner 9'' oal, 4 1/4'' blade.
301Morris Pullium handforged handmade Bowie, crown stag handle, Damascus blade, Spanish notch formed into a heart, journeyman abs smith mark with Indian beaded primitive leather fringed sheath, mint. 17'' oal, 12 1/4'' blade, G. W. Boos in a plate on the end of the crown stag.
311Wayne Hensley handmade G10 handled tactical liner lock. 4 3/4'' closed, 8 3/4'' open, with thumbstud. Mint. Drilled for a lanyard, with a beltclip on the back (couple of scratches on the clip from storage), otherwise mint.
321Poole.2 stag handled small ulu style skinner, 4 1/4'' oal, 1 1/2'' blade but blade is 2'' wide too,2 1/2'' of cutting edge. Mint with leather sheath.
331Poole.2 mini stag handled skinner, leather sheath, mint. Straight tang, 4 1/8'' oal, 2 1/8'' blade.
341Marvin Poole sheephorn handled large Bowie, straight tang, engine turned blade flat. Leather sheath. 11 3/4'' oal, 7 3/4'' blade, straight guard, Mint. ''98 2854'' on the back of the tang.
351Poole.2 micarta handled mini cutter, drilled for lanyard, leather sheath. Straight tang, 4 1/4'' oal, 2'' blade, mint.
361Remington Pre-WWII vintage lobster, etched, pristine mint condition. R6204, 3'' closed.
371Remigton unused pre WWII vintage pyremite 2 blade, couple of age spots that are deep, but still super nice. R4145m nunt except for the spider on the front (see photo).
381Remingtion pre-1940 pyremite 2 blade dogleg, long pull, crispy mint. R7465, 3 3/8'' closed.
391Camillus USA ''DeLuxe'' stock knife, clear etching on the blade, mint, #69, jigged bone handles, grooved bolsters, 4 inches closed. Mint.
401Schrade-Walden NY USA #880 pattern peachseed bone three blade Premium stockman, saber ground with ''Kon-Kav'' etched on the long pull blade. Mint, a couple of age specks that do not disqualify from that rating for a knife this old.
411Keen Kutter etched ''Keen Kutter'' and spay blade etched ''For Flesh only'' bowtie shield, three blade jigged bone cattle knife with grooved bolsters. Unused but some specks, still mint considering the age, 3 1/2'' closed. K3071 1/4.
421Bernard Butt, Danville VA is the name on this otherwise unmarked wood handled Bowie on a wood deer tine stag, fileworked blade back, 15 3/4'' oal, 11'' blade, straight tang.
431Case later model ''First Steps on the Moon'' Astronauts knife. 90's, Parker era. Mint.
441Herb Derr, WV Crown stag folder, handforged Damascus blade, heart shaped piece on the pivot pin, friction folder. 3 5/8'' closed, 5 7/8'' open. Mint. With a leather sheath.
451Fancy Damascus Bowie, brass guard ferrule and pommel, hidden tang, burl wood handles, comes with a wood display stand (no sheath) one spot on the back, 16'' oal, 10 1/4'' blade.
461Boker Applegate-Fairbain OSS smatchet. Gt handles, with a ballistic cloth sheath and canvas carrying pouch. Bead blasted finish that has a few specks, unused and otherwise mint.
471Pair of Fight'n Rooster knives, 1995 Club knife, stockman whittler, and 20th anniversary pearl stockman with 3 color etching, and grooved bolsters, both mint.
481Pair of Fight'n Rooster Anglo Saxon whittler, one pearl one stag, made for the Fight'n Rooster Collectors clu in 1994, only 200 of each were made. Mint.
491Pair of Fight'n Rooster square bolster muskrats made in 1998 for the Fight'n Rooster club, only 100 of each were made,fileworked ends on the bolsters, both mint.
501Kelgin (Ken Largin) handmade stag handled hunter with stacked leather spacer, brass fitting, some filework, leather sheath, and brochure from when he was working in the shop adjoining Smoky Mtn. Knife Works (no longer there), 8 1/2'' oal, 4 1/8'' blade, mint.
511Two Fight'n Rooster canoes, one pearl handled anniversary knife with three color blade etching 2 blade, the other a 4 blade 1998 club knife, 1 of 100. Both mint.
521Cargill handmade pearl handled gunstock, one of 70 made in 1981 for the American Edge Collectors Association and so stated in a gold etch, 2 blade, master blade had a match striker nail mark.
531Two Fight'n Rooster congress knives, made for the FR international club, one in pearl handles, one in stag, both with 4 blade, match striker nail marks, and mint.
541Quartet of celluloid handled Fight'n Rooster sleeveboard sunfish, made in 1995, a different state and different etching and celluloid color handles on each. States on these is Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, and Alabama. Unused, and mint but the celluloid is like celluloid and pulls a little.
551Case stag handled Bowie with plaque, sheath and blacked blade, gold etching honoring the 80th anniversary in 1985. Mint.
561Case stag handled Bowie with plaque, gold etching, honoring the 200th anniversary of the signing of the U. S. Constitution. Birds head pommel, mint.
571J. M Wolfe, straight tang handmade hunter, drilled for lanyard, nice grained wood handles, pouch leather sheath mint. 7 3/4'' oal, 3 5/8 blade, straight tang, Loveless style large rivets, North American Hunting Club stamped sheath. Mint.
581Pair of Schatt & Morgan jigged bone handled knives, 1 of 400 each, Premiere muskrat with grooved bolsters and a Premire trapper, both MIB
591Four Schatt & Morgan Physician's knives, wood, jigged bone, jigged red bone (all with keystone shields), and a spectacular checkered pearl. Handles are Amber jigged, Sheffield pearl, red jigged, and mossy swamp All 2 blades with spatula, MIB
601Four Schatt & Morgan gunstock stockman each with a different distinctive bone jigging, all long pull, all with slant grooved bolsters and MIB Handles are golden root, amber wormgrooved, fire oak bone and autumn corncob.
611Trio of stag handled Fight'n Rooster knives, each made for the FR international club, sowbelly, cattle, and 2 blade wharncliffe/clip serpentine, 1993, 1997, 1995. Short runs on each. All with match striker nail marks.
621Case USA (1965-70) jigged bone bared head jack 61024 1/2
631Case 70's dot 6207 bone handled pen blade mini-trapper pattern.
641Case XX 6269 bone handled baby congress (1945-65), mint except for some water specks.
651Fight'n Rooster pearl muskrat, gold etched ''Captain's Rooster'' in a reverse etching, grooved bolsters. 1 of 100. Early.
661Cargill handmade stag handled 2 blade canoe, with an oak leaf shield, two long spear blades, 3 5/8'' closed, #8068 on the back of the tang, mint.
671Pair of bone handled Case knives, 6208 half whittler and 6201 bone. Both USA marked (1965-70), mint.
681Four Schrade USA made knives, housed in the 1970's era clear tubes, twp square bolster improved muskrat knife and so etched, three blade, all with delrin handles, and all metal handled gentleman's knife. All MIT
691Embrenberger handmade hidden tang handforged hunter, burl wood handle, pouch leather sheath, Damascus blade, #202 and his ABS Journeyman stamp is on the back side. 9 1/4'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade. Mint.
701Group of four Buckcreek, Solingen, Germany knives, Rattler stag stockman, Cobra half congress, Bobcat congress 4 blade stag and same pattern in cracked ice celluloid all mint.
711Quartet of four delrin handled 70's era Case knives, 6235 1/2 with a small rivet crack, 6202 1/2, 6244, and 06263ss. All mint except as noted. .
721Five 70's era Case knives, 6225 1/2 coke bottle, 6220 peanut, 06263ss, 62033, and 92033 with some slight pulling on the handle. All mint except as noted.
731Pair of pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives made for the international club, swell end whittler with heart shield and a fishtail, both with three color etched blades, 1 of 100, 1995, all mint.
741Pair of 2 pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives made for their international club, Two blade serpentine with long spear and a clp blade, and three blade sowbelly with dogbone shield and grooved bolsters, both mint.
751Ron Hewitt, GA Matched pair of knives, hunter and folder, laminated wood handles, engraved bolsters and guard, both fit in the same sheath. Mint. Hunter features tapered tang, dovetailed bolsters, 9'' oal, 4'' blade, and the folder is 4 1/2'' closed, 7 1/2'' oal, mint except for a rivet crack at the front rivet, dovetailed bolsters. Marked ''Set 004''. Mint except as noted.
761Pair of pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives, pearl stockman whittler 1995 for their club, and four blade congress 20th anniversary 4 blade congress, all mint with 3 color etched blade.
771Gary Barnes tine small skinner with a neck sheath, fileworked, speckled with hairlines at the rivet on both sides, so exc/near mint. 8'' oal, 2 1/2'' blade. Barnes is an ABS Mastersmith.
781W. H. Muth WV handmade hunter, sculped stag handles, drilled for lanyard, tapered tang with red liners, 8 5/8'' oal, 3 7/8'' blade, with pouch leather sheath, mint.
791Fight'n Rooster pearl trapper, 1 of 100, made in 1995 for 20th anniversary. Mint.
801Fight'n Rooster pearl jumbo sleeveboard sunfish, 1995 20th anniversary of the International club, double pulls, mint, grooved bolster.
811Four Schatt & Morgan jigged bone in four variations including Winterbottom bone, Mahogany Hanover, brick jigged and carmel wormgroove, scout utility patterns in original box.
821Daniel Embrenberger MO, ABS Journeyman smith mark, handforged, hidden tang hunter, maple handles, pouch leather sheath. Mint. 9 1/8'' oal, 4 1/4'' blade.
831Tinus Benkes, Risiville, Vereenging (South Africa) Handmade wood handled hunter made from a wood rasp, blued blade, African blackwood handles with decorative pin work of 24 pins on each side, 10'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, Ostrich leather sheath. Mint except for a natural imperfection in the handle that is not a crack. Tapered tang.
841Trio of Marbles knives made for the Northern Virginia knife collectors, Wood hunter 2002, stacked leather washer woodcraft with stag pommel, and 2002 laminated wood hidden tang hunter, all with sheaths, MIB, SF Dagger curly maple, Expert, and Woodcraft.
851Schatt & Morgan 3ed Edition President's knife, square bolster muskrat with gold etching, ''President's Choice.'' Laser engraved presentation box 1 of 300. Mint
861Four Schatt & Morgan muskrat knives, all with different bone handled jigging, one winterbottom, caramel wormwood, amber jigged, and dark brown smooth, all with keystone shields, and MIB
871Dave Cato, VA Handmade hunter, Scottish style carved rosewood handled, hidden tang, brass guard, tooled leather, mint. Cato came in second place in a Forge in Fire. 10 3/4'' oal, 5 1/2'' blade, fileworked. Final finish could be improved upon.
881Don Lozier ''D'Grinder'' wood sculped handle of wood, brass guard and ins, tooled leather sheath, mint. 6 7/8'' oal, 3'' blade, leather sheath, mint.
891BRJ Handmade hunter, laminated wood handle, brass guard, straight tang, green leather sheath, #295 on the back of the tang, 8 1/2'' oal, 4 1/4'' blade, mint.
901Unmarked stag and stacked leather washer hidden tang camp knife, well made, and identified as made by Shuffet out of Kentucky. Leather sheath. 12 1/4'' oal, 7 1/4'', according to a note enclosed the maker studied under John Greco. Finish appears natural/sort of stone washed with natural scratches, etc. Maker's phone number is on the note. No idea on earth why any maker would make a knife and not but at least a mark on it.
911Schrade 80th anniversary clasp knife, delrin handles with a sterling silver shield in plastic presentation case.
921Pair of Blackjack Effingham, Ill made knives, stag dagger ''Everything comes back in spades'' A2 Made in USA in a color box, and in a white box, ivory micarta marked A2 bC315A1
931M. B. Drost handmade French CK WV red liner spacers, laminated wood handle, drilled for lanyard, tooled leather sheath. 7 1/2'' oal, 3 1/8'' blade, straight tang.
941Case stag handled Kodiak in old style color box, no stars on the guard (older). MIB.
951Perry Pearce handforged railroad spike knife, made from a genuine Union Pacific Railroad spike, leather sheath, mint in box.
961Buck Bowie with white bone handle, leather sheath, and old style yellow box, mint.
971Dave Murphy handmade fixed blade with engraved pommel, interframe. Mint. Made as a gift for Houston Price, the late owner of Knife World, with an accompanying letter stating such from Murphy, handles are osage orange, deer horn, Mexican purplewood, and vertical grain tulipwood, 10' oal, 4 1/4'' blade, mint, no sheath.
981Benchmade Butterfly knife, MIB, black synthetic handle, weehawk blade, USA made.
991Schrade Walden old Time 15OT in original wood grain box with very old style laced leather sheath, with ''Old Timer'' original whetstone. Mint
1001Unmarked Handmade knife with stag handled the end is carved into a lifelike snake head, note with the knife says it was made by Roger ''Mudbone'' Jones, with the carving of a Rattlesnake head by Richard West, 12'' oal, 7'' blade, mint. snakeskin window leather sheath. Mint.