Lot Qty Description
1011Schatt & Morgan Congress, saw cut bone handles, File & Wire series, scrolled inside liner and moss green bone sowbelly etched 1 of 30, both MIB
1021Pair of Beretta airweight folders (Japan made) K-Air 3Y, 30% serrated, same pattern in gray plastic, both MIB
1031H. Boker pearl handled Double Tree special edition with Boker marked zip up case, fancy relief bolsters. Produced in 2005 in a limited edition of 1000 each, the 4 trapper retailed at $199.00.
1041Pair of ABCA club knives, Schatt & Morgan ebony handled folding guard lockback and Stag Case muskrat
1051Gerber Four piece miming set in wood presentation/storage box.
1061Buck 1976 Bicentennial knife, mint in the box, and with a sheath stamped with the Liberty Bell. (Not seen any previously with a sheath included)
1071Winchester Paua Shell canoe with slant, grooved, and pinched bolsters, Turn of the Century commemorative edition box.
1081Brian Yellow horse Spyderco Delica with mammoth tooth and turquoise handles, stippled edge. MIB
1091Boker red, white, and blue half congress set, in a special Boker marked fold up knifepack.
1101Kershaw Trooper dagger, with leather sheath, in presentation box. Mint.
1111Santa Fe Stone works Camillus knife handed in real dinosaur bone. Etched Dino, LTD. Inside of lid has COA stating that it is thought to be Brontosaurus bone. MIB.
1121Boker Damascus folder with thuya wood handles, Damascus by Manfred Sachse. 300 layers. COA. MIB.
1131Pair of fancy H. Boker knives, stag stockman with fancy bolsters and trapper, with the rare double tree mark that was issued in 2005 in limited editions of 1000, the trapper in stag retailed for $189.00. Ref: Page 49 in Boker: Two Centuries and Two Countries by Neal Punchard and Ricky Ray, a recommended reference for Boker that has just been released.
1141Case Classic stag handled moose, 52075 1990 Case Brothers mark with a relief bowtie shield and XX on the blade. Box is brand new, clean, and something in the printing (from someone who worked in a print shop at one point in my life) I suspect that someone is reproducing the boxes. Just my opinion.
1151Case Classic 73091 whittler, 1992 Cracked Ice handles that are pulling if your rub a finger over the bolster (nothing visible). Original box, distinctive Jim Parker numbering if you have seen a lot of Jims numbering. Mint except as noted.
1161Case Classic 53091 whittler 1990 Case Brothers mark with a relief bowtie shield and XX on the blade (Box same as the box in 114, please read the caveat there).
1171Queen David Yellowhorse, blue and white pearl with spiny oyster in a mosaic pattern, Eagle Mountain model, one of 10 numbered pieces, around a Queen Mountain man pattern, with case and COA. Mint.
1181Two Schatt & Morgan knives, jigged diamond bone Barlow 1 of 25, and a smooth bone gunstock 1 blade #40 Heritage. Both MIB.
1191Case Classic HB 63043 1/2, honey bone, 1992, Case Bradford PA marking, oval relief shield, MIB.
1201Bulldog first generation stag cattle knife, reverse frost etching, mint.
1211Kabar Big sleeveboard whittler with celluloid handles ETN91, 4 1/2 closed.
1221KaBar smooth bone folding hunter with Union etch, made for the Kabar club in 1992.
1231Buck 1991 Club knife, 1 of 500 made in a presentation case, 531 pattern with the front lock, some filework on the lines, mib.
1241Two knives, Queen smooth bone 92 stockman and a stag Robeson Mastercraft #16 mini toothpick, both MIB.
1251Bulldog stag handled congress with slant, pinched and grooved bolsters, reverse frosty etch, large. 4 1/4 closed.
1261Kabar stag coke bottle folding hunter made in 1981 for the Kabar Collectors Club. Mint
1271Kabar Club toadsticker with red jigged bone made for the Kabar club in 1988. Front lock. Mint.
1281Case factory mistake, 6254 trapper with no tang mark, although the etching and shield are Case marked. Rare.
1291Cripple Creek mini trapper etched Ta Na Si #3 1 of 150, Citico Creek, jigged bone handles.
1301Case 5347ssp red etched engraved bolster serpentine stock
1311Schatt & Morgan 1 blade, lockback, fancy handles with turquoise inlay. 1 of 10 etched on the blade. 3 1/4 closed.
1321Pair of Queen winterbottom bone handled knives, 2 blade stock #2, 3 3/8 and a peanut
1331Pair of Kershaw Leeks with Painted Pony corian handle treatments, one blue, one orange, both MIB
1341Case 6165 Case Collectors club 5th anniversary, 1981-1986, and 6254 trapper with raised letter shield. Both mint.
1351Kershaw Leek with azurite and aluminum handle, MIB
1361Kershaw Santa Fe Stoneworks Kershaw Leek handled pearl and ironwood.
1371Pair of Winchester modern knives, coffin jack #2921 87 and sowbelly #3949 89. In Winchester boxes. Mint.
1381Pair of Pearl Kissing Crane knives, congress 1747 XIX and swell center whittler #2737 XVIII
1391Pair of NKCA knives, Gerber jigged bone lockback and Camillus bone jumbo trapper. Made for the National Knifew Collectors Association in 1986 (1 of 6200) and in 1988. Both mint.
1401Pair of Case peanuts, 6220 Appaloosa bone in the box, and SR220 red smooth bone.
1411Queen lockback with winterbottom bone handles, 1 of 700, made in 1983 and a bone handled Mountain Man pattern made to commemorate the opening of the National Knife Museum in Sevierville, TN after the move from Chattanooga in 2007.
1421Fightn Rooster pair of Doctors knives, one handled in horn, the other in bone.
1431Powers micarta handled hunter, dovetailed curved bolsters, tapered tang, mosaic pins, filework on the tang and blade back, fingergrooved, 7 3/4 oal, 3 5/8 blade, pouch leather sheath with some tooling (and some scratches). Knife is mint.
1441Gerald Click wood hunter, straight tang, fileworked blade back and tang, slant bolster, 9 1/4 oal, 4 1/4 blade, pouch sheath with belt clip mint.
1451Wayne Hendrix hunter, stainless guard, drilled for lanyard, ironwood handles, tapered tang, great light balance as one would expect from a maker who trained in the shop of George Herron. Pouch leather sheath, dated 2012, mint.
1461Karfavan hunter, straight tang that is fileworked with red filler, sculpted wood handles, mosaic pints, 9 oal, 4 1/4 blade, leather sheath. Mint.
1471W. W. inside a crest marked hunter, (Weldon Whitley?) Stag handled hidden tang with a compass inset into the pommel, engraved guard, 7 5/8 oal, 3 5/8 blade, quality leather sheath. Ming.
1481Ox Forge (Charles Ochs) stag handled hidden tang hunter, 9 3/4 oal, 5 blade, nickel silver guard, cleaned to minty, no sheath, comes with a zip up case. Handforged.
1491Stek (Craig Steketee) Damascus Hunter, Hidden tang, brass guard and pommel with a malachite colored pommel spacer, dated 2001 on both the knife and the sheath, 11 oal, 6 blade, mint. Steketee is a true artist, holding a Master of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University majoring in sculpture and printmaking, and taught art at the university level from 1977 through 1991. In addition to his cutlery art, his sculptures, painting and prints have been exhibited at numerous art galleries and museums.
1501Harold Corby wood handled subhilt fighter, iron wood handles, engraved guard and subhilt, double ground full length of the blade, sculpted wood handles, 10 oal, 5 blade, mint. No sheath (comes with zip up case). Mint.
1511Shawn Ellis Damascus stag hunter, hidden tang, Damascus guard and pommel with a copper ferrule, filewored blade back, no sheath, 11 oal, 6 blade. Mint. This is your chance to own a knife from a Forged In Fire winner.
1521Murphy Combat Knife 50th anniversary knife, SOG style, stacked leather washer handle with finger grooves, brass guard and pommel that is drilled for a lanyard. Etched Murphy Combat knife, 50th anniversary Edition, 1938-1988. 11 oal, 6 blade. Mint. Marked Murphy Combat Knife Company, and sheath is so marked with Richmond, VA on it also.
1531Linder style Stag bowie with the etching in reverse (must have laid the stencil down backwards) reverse etching Hirsch Kroma, Solingen, Germany. 13 oal, 8 blade, leather sheath mint.
1541Western long hunter W46-8, stamina wood handles, long blood groove, brass guard, no date mark, unused but a couple of specks you would expect from an older knife such as this.
1551Hoffritz Germany stag handled long African hunter with a deep clip, lugged guard, aluminum pommel and round stag handle, 13 3/8 oal with an 8 1/4 blade, leather sheath,. Mint.
1561Ek Commando knife spear blade wood handled fighter, 10 3/4 oal, 5 1/2 blade, made in Effingham, IL. Leather sheath, mint.
1571Case Kodiak no box. Stars on the guard. Mint.
1581Smith & Wesson 1970s Bowie, in the series designed by Black Collins. Mint. Sheath does show some storage box banging.
1591Case Boss with sheath, no etch, likely one of the few that except for that would count as cleaned to mint.
1601Case Sidewinder with sheath, no box, mint.
1611Buck Folding hunter, upside down logo, early. As all those did, leaning to the crude side, blade is a little proud in relation to the frame. Appears unused.
1621Fightn Rooster pearl 1984 six blade stockman with round bolsters, made for the International Fightn Rooster club in 1984. Mint.
1631Randall Fireman (non catalog pattern), finger grooved micarta handle, brass guard, stainless, 8 1/2 oal, 3 3/4 blade, Randall smooth back sheath. Mint.
1641Voorhis micarta handled fighter, brass fittings, drilled for lanyard, sharpened false edge full length of the blade, F148 on reverse of the tang, slightly tapered tang with red linting. Unused but some specking keeps it from being mint.
1651Ron Fraizer tanto, rayskin handled, wood scabbard, fancy ferrule and pommel both engraved, and deep relief engraving on the blade itself. Exceptional. 13 oal, 4 1/4 blade. Mint.
1661Keith Kilby, Journeyman smith mark stag hunter, tapered tang, nickel silver guard, 9 1/4 oal, 4 3/4 blade, pouch leather sheath, unused but there are a few specks on the blade.
1671John Perry mosaic Damascus long hunter, elaborate mosaic patterning, hidden tang, nickel and blue guard, wood handle, Journeyman smith mark, intricate leather sheath with wide hanger and frog, 11 1/2 oal, 6 3/4 blade, mint, 3 5/8 sharpened false edge. Nice.
1681Cousino, Michigan, wood and Amber hunter, hidden tang, nickel silver guard and pommel with spacers, #1023 on the reverse of the tang, 9 oal, 4 1/2 blade, tooled leather pouch sheath mint.
1691Joe Cordova, New Mexico stag handled drop point hunter, mirror polished guard and blade, tapered tang with liner, drilled for lanyard, mint. 8 1/4 oal, 3 3/4 blade. Mint.
1701Fightn Rooster horn handled 12 blade horn handled congress, gold etched blade, mint.
1711Lile wood handled hunter, straight tang, brass fittings, drilled for lanyard, 8 1/2 oal, 3 3/4 blade, Lile marked sheath, mint except for some very light tarnish that should clean and appear mint.
1721Bulldog Brand Germany horn handled 4 blade congress with reverse frosty etching. Mint.