Lot Qty Description
4011Three Schatt & Morgan knives, small mini muskrat with jigged bone handles, slant grooved & pinched bolsters, pair of tear drop jacks one horn with pearl keystone shield, the other jigged bone, all 1 of 100.
4021Six USA Made Schrade Old Timers, including trapper in 2 and one blade, peanut, small 3 blade, two small two blades, one small three blade. Patterns 104OT, 12OT, 104, 94OT, 194OT, and 108. 2 boxes and 4 in original factory plastic pocket, All mint.
4031Pairl of Kabar bone handled jumbo congress knives, one smooth natural bone, the other jigged red bone, one box.
4041Three Kabar toadsticker knives, two smooth bone, one with fancy bolsters, and one jigged red bone, two boxes. All mint.
4051Case Collectors club 2012 set in original boxes with paperwork, Texas Toothpick regular member, Life member copperlock, and junior member wharncliffe baby copperhead, all MIB
4061Three vintage utility knives, Remington Electricians, Henir Boker Alemania marked Six blade scout with black composition handles etching visible, exc plus, and Camillus 4 line electrician's knife, ''TL29'' stamped into the handle but only the ''TL'' is clear. Exc.
4071Pair of vintage jack knives, wood handles, Empire with iron bolsters, 2 blade, ''Empire'' on shield, 3 1/2'', and Schrade Cut. Co., Walden NY 3 1/4'' with crest shield. Very good.
4081Three black composition handled knives, 2 teardrop jack easy opens AA Fisher, NY, and Henry Sears, both exc except for a crack across back handle on the Sears and one IKCO dogleg near mint. all 2 blades,
4091Pair of William Rodgers Sheffield (no England mark) jigged bone shadow pattern knives, sleeveboard and equal end with crest shield, 3 1/2'' and 3 3/8'', both near mint.
4101Trio of vintage Diamond Edge knives, very old vintage Bulldog pattern (very very thick backspring and blade, 2 blade jack exc, plus a Schrade-made peachseed bone big cigar moose vg, and a celluloid pen good.
4111Pair of vintage bone swell end barehead jacks, Hollingsworth Knife Co. Kane, Pa (RARE) high vg/low exc 3 5/8'' closed, plus a Napanoch long pull, 3 3/8'' closed, blades exc, crack across the front handle.
4121Pair of Gun company hawkbills, wood handles, iron bolsters, Winchester and Remington, both pre WWII, both very good condition.
4131Pair of jigged bone E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter cattle knives, two blade and a 3-blade. One of the other blades on the 3 blade is also long pull. Both very good.
4141Pair of pre-WWII vintage knives, Schatt & Morgan Texas toothpick very good and 3 3/8'' Remington candy striped long pull 3 blade, excellent overall except for a center rivet hairline.
4151Three wood handled hawkbill knives with iron bolsters, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter with brass cap, OVB with iron cap, and rounded end Cattaraugus, all very good condition.
4161Three vintage swell center knives, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter moose, good, S. Norvell St. Louis jack with wood handles very good, and bone E. C. Simmon whittler with crest shield, would be excellent except for a crack across the front handle.
4171Three vintage knives, Boker Big Cigar with jigged bone handles 4 1/8'' exc, Wards equal end 3 5/8'', and Boker in old Script mark, bone handled 4 blade cattle knife, most excellent except the smaller blades on the 4 blade cattle are very good. Lot of character in these.
4181Pair of Novelty knives, Shapleigh 2 blade ball bat knife, inset reads ''Official League Ball'', and on the handles, ''National Disinfectant Co. Dallas'' very good, and black and white celluloid Judsohn Cutlery leg knife. Exc blades, some handle shrinkage but no beyond what one could expect from a knife this old.
4191Pair of nice vintage doglegs, Bridge Cutlery 3 1/2'' and Empire Cutlery 3'' with exceptional deep jigged bone handles, both long pull, one with a crest shield the other with an oval, both exc except for a hairline on the Bridge at the center rivet. So small you need a glass to be able to see it.
4201Pair of Hardware company trappers, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter pen trapper, and Shapleigh Diamond Edge, both Very good or a little worse, Diamond Edge has crack across front handle.
4211Pair of Pre-WWII vintage Remington knives, Wrigley's pattern bone 2 blade exc, and square iron bolstered muskrat very good.
4221Three yellow handled pre WWII Remington knives, straightline 3 blade serpentine $4845 in ink numbers on back of tang, straightline mark, mint except for some specks, imitation onyx R105 pattern low exc, and imitation onyx equal end pen, vg.
4231Sheffield Exhibition Knives is a book by Bill Claussen, Bill Adams, Brad Watts and others. It is a 247 page book, hardcover with a color dust jacket. Published in 1999, it is considered the ultimate reference work of Sheffield Exhibition knives, featuring full color pages of many knives from the Joseph Rodgers, IXL George Wostenholm, and John Blyde/Greenhough exhibition collections. Retail at the time of issue was $89.95.
4251English stag handled Bowie, straight out Joseph Rodgers style, integral iron pommel backstrap and guard, scalloped guard, with a leather sheath. The knife is only marked with a faint Anchor trademark. 31 1/4'' oal, 8 3/4'' blade, with a 3'' false edge, heavy stock, some deep scratches in the blade so very good condition.
4261Case stag handled Bowie honoring the 175th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. Nice wood presentation case that has a wind up music box that plays the Star Spangled Banner. Mint.