Lot Qty Description
3011Fight'n Rooster pearl extravaganza, a quarter of pearl handled stock patterns: 1986 3 bl. International Club knife, Six blade round bolster club, 1983 3 blade stockman trapper, and 1987 five blade stockman. All mint.
3021Marbles wood handled ax with the folding guard. Has been polished to a mirror finish, on marking is on the folding blade cover, 11'' handle, 4 1/4'' head, 2 3/4'' cutting edge, cleaned to low exc.
3031Marbles U handles ax with hard rubber handles and nail puller (which is not rusted like the other items and possibly a modern add-on), bid on the ax, not the nail puller. Very good.
3041Pacific Cutlery Company Barry Wood special issue, 3 3/4'' long closed, mint.
3051Two Kershaws, 2415 locking liner and 2001 2 blade interframe and a Sog Key knife still on a card. All mint
3061Four USA Made Camillus knives, all with delrin handles, one reddish delrin, the other staglon, delrin 4'' stockman and smaller medium stockman with slant bolsters. All mint.
3071Five Scout/Utility knives. Camillus five blade with derlin handles and cartridgee shield, Western delrin, and three Imperial Kamp King crimped bolsters, all mint.
3081Four knives, Camillus 1994 metal handled scout, CRKT BladeLock model, Elk Ridge wood hunter, and Smith & Wesson imported imitation scrimshaw lockback, all MIB.
3091Mesc. Group of cutlery items. Case brass buckle, Randall patch, Rough Rider bone knife opener, Winchester repo knife opener, a Staley's starch keying implement of some sort, and medal of the 50th anniversary (1949) of the Chicago Malleable Casting Company.
3101Three trappers, Case 1984 6154 1 of 25 for Soy Knife Collectors, and 1983 1 of 20 Col Coon with stag handles, and winterbottom bone mini-trapper Alabama Lil Trapper made by Queen for Ray Keenum and marked ''Ray Keenum USA'' mint except for a hairline rivet crack on the back handle of the Keenum.
3111Three German knives made for clubs. Fight'n Rooster lockback whittler stag handles with grooved bolsters, 1982 ''Founders Knife, Hen & Rooster Club 1984 sleeveboard, and Stag Hen & Rooster 1984 4-blade congress, all mint.
3121Three pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives, 1981 International club pearl gunstock gold etched, 1983 club three blade sowbelly, and 1988 1 of 300 sowbelly whittler. All mint.
3131Fight'n Rooster pearl congress knives, 1985 12-blade pearl club knife, 1984 10 blade, and 1986 4-blade pearl canoe.
3141Three USA made Schrade knives, 8OT stockman, 34OT medium stockman, and 108OT three blade pen, all mint in wood grain box.
3151Pair of knives made in 1989 for the Fight'n Rooster club, one stag in an edition of 400, the other edition of 200 pearl, color etching gunstock two blade with large blunt style blade, mint.
3161Winchester imported trapper in pouch, Schrade laminated wood folding fillet knife with sheath, and three nesting mess kits, one is official Girl Scout.
3171Three Elkhorn Japanese made knives, pearl lockback, stag handled shark in box, and Elk lockback with stag handles, all mint. C.1980's. Mint
3181Pair of Schatt & Morgan knives, President's Choice jumbo sleeveboard with horn handles and pearl inset shield and bone muskrat 2000 with a premier stamped shield 1 of 400. Both MIB.
3191Pair of 2005 Fight'n Rooster club knives, one stag, one pearl, trappers, with grooved bolsters.
3201Pair of 2005 Fight'n Rooster club knives, 1 of 100, one pearl and one stag with grooved bolsters and fancy double end shields, mint.
3211Three Case made jigged bone C' Platts' Sons marked, all in colorful illustrated gift tins and leather pouchs: trapper, '30 pattern gunstock, and 62131 canoe, all MIT
3221Two Frost Cutlery sets in presentation boxes, Four little bulldogs handled in pearl, stag, and bone, and Little Tex set with handles of stag, pearl abalone and bone. All mint.
3231Five Parker Cut Co. Knives. 1983 Parker Christmas knife, fancy bolster stockman with pearl and abalone pieced handle. These were never sold. The only way to obtain one was to receive it from Jim as a gift, plus a Parker Pearl handled Leopard, and three variation of the Ole' Abe six blade congress knife, handled in abalone, black pearl pearl, and mother of pearl, mint.
3241Five Case knives knives with red stag handles, R52154 tiny trapper, R52132 R52132 tiny butterbean, tiny-muskrat, R5282 baby-doc and R52109xw half whittler with a warnclifee blade, three with bar Case bar shields, two with cursives running C shields.
3251Pair of Case XX (1945-65) knives, 5383 stag whittler swell center, and 5220 stag peanut, both cleaned to low excellent.
3261Five Case red stag: R5391 whittler with a ''select'' tang, R51154L one blade thumbstud trapper, R5207 mini-trapper, R51749 small russlock, and R5318 serpentine stockman, all Mint.
3271Three Fight'n Rooster ''Captain's Roosters'', pearl handled issued in a limited edition of 100, Hawbakers style muskrat, square bolster muskrat with pieced center bar, and one man Raz 2 blade pill crusher. All mint.
3281Five Case red stag handled knives, all with the Case XX bar shield, Trapper R5254, R51549 copperlock, R5249 copperhead, muskrat, and R62131 canoe. All mint.
3291Three Marbles USA pen knives, marked ''M.S.A., Gladstone Mich. USA'', 2 1/2'' pen knives, in stag, bone and mammoth ivory. All with blue felt pouches and in original boxes.
3301Three knives, 6154 red bone trapper made for the Soy Knife Collectors 1 of 25 made in 1984, 1970's 21051L lockback, and USA 52131 stag canoe exc.
3311Two Fight'n Rooster trappers, made for the FR club, one piece pearl made in 1982 and the other with a pieced spacer with a spot and both blades etched, mint except as noted.
3321Three Fight'n Rooster cutlery club canoes, stag and pearl made in 1990, and 1987 canittler.
3331Six AG Russell bullet shield knives, bolster lock bone Texas toothpick, relief handles Statue of Liberty, all metal sliplock, two lockbacks, and a miniature version of the toothpick, all mint.
3341Pair of pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives, 1981 pearl Barlow with fighting roosters bolsters and 1982 small trapper, both mint.
3351Bulldog Brand First Generation Tobacco congress pearl handles 4 blade.
3361Two pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives, made for their International club, seven blade congress made in 1985 and 1983 round bolster 4 blade congress, both mint.
3371Two knives, Spyderco knife made for Blade Magazine 25th anniversary with laser cut outs, called their ''Q'' knife, and Northfield (Great Eastern) small smooth primitive bone baby bullet pattern trapper in tube. Both mint.
3381Four knives, Richards English jack with crimped bolsters, Sheffield marked imitation pearl with worked back mint, and two vintage pearls. New York Knife Co. 3 3/8'' pearl whittler with grooved bolsters, good condition, and H & B Tuxedo pattern near mint.
3391Pair of smoked pearl Parker knives from the Parker Custom Shop. These were the top of the Parker line at the time of issue and were priced accordingly, pieced smoked pearl handles, worked backsprings and blade backs, larger is an oversized gunboat canoe with three blades, ''Excalibur'' etching, MIB, the other is a four blade congress ''Gone with the Wind.'' Both mint
3401Bruckmann German wood handled champange knife, 2 blade with corkscrew. These date to the turn of the century but a large quantity was discovered in an old warehouse in Germany in the early 70's.
3411Pair of rare Parker Cut. Co Japan knives. Baby bullet with fancy scroll bolsters, pearl handles with an eagle in abalone inlaid, and a pearl 2 blade trapper Merry Christmas 1984. Parker never sold his Christmas knives, the only way to get one was for him to give it to you personally as a gift. Both mint.
3421Three Pearl handled knives. Bulldog brand stockman German 1997, 82079 1/2 70's sleeveboard, and modern 82109x, all mint.
3431Three Fight'n Rooster pearl handled Captain's Roosters, all gold etched, 2 blade congress with grooved bolsters, rounded 2 blade gunstock, and pearl whittler. All mint
3441Four German knives, AG Russell Puma stag ''Luger'' model commemorative in plastic box, Fight'n Rooster stag sowbelly, celluloid 4 blade and smooth bone whittler, all mint.
3451Three Parker knives, pearl handled baby bullet with ''American Blade'' etch and tang mark, Lil Cannittler, and Parker Frost pearl colt, all mint.
3461Three Pearl handled Parker Razor knives, 2 blade Razor trappers and one blade with pieced pearl. Mint.
3471Four Case modern red stag knives, 5354 with serrated spay blade, 52117 small sway back, 5308 and 5383 whittlers, all mint, but there are some natural checks in the stag on some.
3481Three Pearl Fight'n Rooster Captain's Roosters, 2 blade Doctors knife, canoe, and equal end with pieced black mother of pearl handles, all mint and etched. Short runs of 100 of each Captain's Rooster model.
3491Three pearl handled Parker Cut. Co knives, Railsplitter 3 bl, Bobcat lockback, and Little Doagie 2 blade gents.
3501Pair of Parker top of the line knives. Parker Frost lockback patterned after a Lockhorn, and a pearl handled lockback whittler etched ''Celebrated Dirk Knife''. Mint.
3511Five used Case knives, XX 6231 1/2 LP (back handle missing), 6235 dots, 62109x baby copperhead, 06264 dots, and XX rough black 6333. Very good to exc condition except as noted.
3521Case Tested XX 6220 peanut Long pull with diamond shield, saber ground, high vg, one hard to see hairline at the front center rivet.
3531Three Pearl handed Parker Lobster knives in two different sizes, mint.
3541Three knives, Frost Little Barlow pearl, rabbit smoked pearl 2 blade, and Black Angus Kissing Crane sodbusters. All mint.
3551Five Case modern red stag knives, 5332, 54052, 610096 tiny toothpick, 5220 peanut, and 5333. all modern and mint.
3561Three pearl Parker knives, Big Canittler, and two matching lockback with fold out blades on the back in the Parker Custom knives, one black pearl and one mother of pearl. All mint.
3571Pair of Parker 4 blade congress knives in his Custom series, ''Gone with the Wind'' etches, 3 1/2'' closed fileworked backsprings and blade backs. Spacer in the middle. Both mint.
3581Three Parker Congress pearl handled knives, Four blade in pearl and abalone, plus a Chickamauga pearl whittler. All mint.
3591Three Pearl handled Parker Knives, one arm pillbusters 2 blade, Trapper 2, and First Monday swell center whittler, all mint.
3601Matched pair of Parker pearls, spacer in the middle, one in black pearl, one in mother of pearl, 3 1/8'' closed, both etched and mint, 2 blades.
3611Three Fight'n Rooster pearl handled knives, one blade, Michell, Linda, and one blade barehead. (Linda was named for Frank Buster's wife, and Michell for his daughter. You need to find the ''Rachel'' model to fill out the family set.)
3621Three unmarked knives, well done, possibly kit knives, all with sheaths, micarta handled hunter 10'' oal with heavy duty well made sheath, ivory micarta subhilt fighter with eagle stamped on front of the brass guard, handle shows some scoot around inside the box scratches, 11 1/2'' oal, 7'' blade, and stag handled blood groove hunter ion a nice basketweave leather sheath, tag attached sy it was made by Tom Hall of Roanoke, VA. All unused.
3631Group of 12 modern Schrade imported knives, 7 different patterns including lockbacks, Anglo-Saxon whittlers, peanuts and more. All MIB
3641Three Parker Knives, Aida design micarta lockback, Brahama wood handled stockman, and Gettysburg pearl handled reverse congress whittler, all mint.
3651Three German made pearl handled knives. Cole's Carpenter's whittler etched ''Hand Forge'', 2 blade equal marked ''Rostfrei'' (i.e. stainless), and pieced pearl 3 blade.
3661Four great quality knives made by the Kabar Club. Boothill 2 blade coffin jacks, one in wood the other in stag, and two Texas toothpicks, one jigged bone, the other stag with a dogshead shield, all MIB
3671Case Pearl slimlock, MIB
3681Pair of Fight'n Rooster sleeveboard sunfish whittlers, made in 2004 for the Fight'n Rooster club, one in pearl one in stag, with grooved bolsters, double pulls, color etching.
3691Five early Schrade USA knives, with delrin handles, stockman, two serpentines, small stock and 3 blade, Patterns include 881, 896, 834.
3701Four of the better versions of the Boker annual series they started in 1971. 1977 imitation pearl handled canoe, 1989 wood handled trapper, 1980 Stag handled folding hunter Railroad, and wood handled farmbey 2 blade Barlow. All mint in original boxes.
3711Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society bone handled folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Produced in 2008, etched ''Everlastingly Sharp'', button release locks it open and closed. MIB. (This is not a switchblade) 2008 on the reverse of the tang. ( rel 78-DSC_0191 relá 78-DSC_0204)
3721Group of fixed blade knives, Smith & Wesson commemorative Bowie, double sheath Muella imitation ivory handled hunters, a couple of imported daggers, India carved wood dagger with wood sheath, and a leather quirt that conceals a blade. Most mint or near it except for the quirt.
3731Three fixed blade knives, unmarked appears handmade outdoors knife with a kydex sheath 8'' oal, , with one a Helle 6 1/4'' stubby knife with a super nice leather sheath, and an unmarked finger grooved factory knife with only a blade etching. Leather sheaths for all.
3741This lot will be in future auction.
3751Four knives, Kabar boot knife, Queen 82 hunter with imitation winterbottom hunter, Ontairo winterbottom bone hunter with no sheath, Robeson leather washer handled hunter, vg.
3761E. M. Dickenson Sheffield England stacked leather washer hunter, etched ''The Invicta Hunting Knife'', stag pommel, pouch leather sheath, low exc.
3771Four vintage knives, High Carbon Steel (Sears, made by Camillus) bone trapper good, peachseed bone Schrade Barlow vg, Wire-Jack marked small hawkbill, vg, and Case XX 1945-65) 8279 pearl pen very good.
3781Three knives, knife made from a railroad spike, one a small slender 8 1/4'' micarta handled, one blade, the other a laminated wood drop point hunter with a big belly unmarked, 1/4'' steel, 8'' oal.
3791Spyderco Evolution set, 1981-1992, two knives representing the first style Spyderco with the thumb opening hole and the state of the art in 1992, a front lock Damascus with rubber inserts. Limited edition of 1000, and came in a round plexiglass cover with a plexiglass stand. The stand itself was somewhat fragile and one of the stands that holds one knife is broken, otherwise mint.
3801AG Russell Thumb dagger made out of composition, also comes with two plastic sheaths, made to be sewn under a collar or some other place of concealment. (Originally also came with a metal thumb dagger too but is missing from this) 4 1/4''
3811Four Case bone handled knives made for the Evansville Knife Club, 6.5 bone mid-hunter, cranberry sowbelly, aquamarine canoe, and jade small saddlehorn, all MIB
3821Japan made high end folder marked ''Solo'' used and carried so exc. and a large chef's knife with the American Blade logo in the box 15'' oal with a 9 3/4'' blade, MIB. As I recall Jim Parker showed me this knife and it was a prototype that was never put into production. It comes from the personal collection of Knife World Publisher the late Houston Price.
3831Three Spyderco knives, all with the same matching serial number #067, Pro hunter, 2 others.
3841Pair of Black Collins produced knives, based on his design, one an ivory micarta switchable blade in a camo sheath, the Deuce, the other a thermoplastic handled hunter that fits in a thermoplastic sheath and locks like the Gerber Frisco Shiv. Letter inside the hunter box from Pete Gerber dated 1982 reads ''This note gives you permission to use our standard Frisco Shiv handles and sheaths for a limited edition of 300 handmade versions which you wish to produce. These knives are to be marked in a manner which will distinguish from our production models and will bear your medallion in the handle in place of the Gerber medallion...''. Both MIB. One box has puncture damage in one spot.
3851Edge Brand Solingen, Germany oversized stag Bowie, with relief embossed hunting scene sheath, 13'' oal, 9'' blade, mint.
3861Japanese carved bone knife. 23'' oal, Nice carving on the handle, tsuba and scabbard, 13'' blade blade is not that much. Lot of these were sold to tourists. Tsuba does not fit exactly right.
3871Group of Mesc knife items, Ramco Lauguile lockback with horn handles and sheath, a piece of mosaic Damascus, a lobster and an Al Mar training knife that shows some use.
3881Pair of knives, Remington big muskrat R4353 and Canal Street jigged bone folding guard lockback made for the American Edge Collectors Association in 2006. Both MIB
3891Seven Marbles imported knives, three jigged bone safety folders, large size, one extended bolster folding hunter, one sunfish and two green bone folding guard lockbacks. Original boxes, zip up Marbles cases for each knife that came that way, all MIB.
3901Two knives, Case Arapaho hunter, mint but not original sheath, and Case XX sticking knife, blade very good and rehandled in stamina wood, not original sheath.
3911Pair of matching African tribal items, long sword double edged with matching carved wood sheath 24'' oal, elaborate wire wrapped and woven handle 17'' blade, elaborate although the blade is typically crude, and matching carved African wood statue 18'' high.
3921Sakai Trout and Bird knife, stag handled, pouch sheath, Handmade by Sakai Maker is the mark, tapered tang with red liner, stg handles, 7'' oal, 3'' blade, leather lanyard, pouch leather sheath. Mint.
3931Schrade-Walden peachseed jigged black composition marlin spike, etched 'The Yachtsman Knife Stainless steel'', sharpened and used, some waffling on the edge keeps it from being near mint.
3941Case bone TB6.52110ss saddlehorn in a special gift tin. Mint.
3951Three novelty knives, Remington original Nehi leg knife, etching plain, of original polish. Identified from the repo by the weight, the detail of the bottle, and the ''Made in USA'' around the logo, near mint. Imitation ivory relief handled shoe knife, ''Star Brand Shoes are Better'' on one side, Patriot Brand shoes on the front, etched ''Roberts, Johnson & Rand'' very good (crack at the tip of the show, and master blade is loose in that backspring no longer holds it straight, and brass handled cigar cutter knife that has been engraved, marked W. S. B. & Co. Chicago, good condition.
3961Five Camillus knives, 125th anniversary stockman, large toadsticker bone handles made for the NKCA, two delrin handled 1998 cartridge lockback made in a limited edition of 100 per private contract, and a delrin tuxedo. All MIB and USA made.
3971Ka-Bar pearl handled folding hunter in presentation box, made for the Ka-Bar club. Mint.
3981Case tiny muskrat with channel inlay handles of turquoise, and blood jet, in a Case satin lined presentation box and original sleeve too. MIB
3991Four Schrade USA made knives, 197 one blade in box, 34OT Old Timer stockman pattern with 4 blades, one blade Uncle Henry peanut with bail, and two blade small stockman with bail (roadie and journeyman patterns), all MIB.
4001Three Uncle Henry USA made Schrade knives, 885UH stockman, 897UH serpentine stockman, and 285UH trapper, all MIB.