Lot Qty Description
2011Three hunting knives, Boker 502 and 504 stainless hunters and a Precise Deerslayer with imitation ivory handles. All mint with sheaths.,
2021Case 6220 red bone peanut ''Telephone Pioneers of America'' limited edition, 1 of 5000,in a presentation case, mint.
2031Three Knives by Camillus, two Official Scout knives, one a lockback with delrin handles and a 3 blade with white composition handles. All mint.
2041Two Bucks and a Browning. Pair of wood handles Buck 380 small trappers and a Browning USA wood handled pen knife, all mint.
2051Four Stock knives. F.A.Bower bone handle stockman, pair of Kutmaster with delrin handles, a two blade and a three blade and an Imperial Stainless Diamond Edge with matchstriker nail marks, all mint.
2061Pair of Fight'n Rooster folding guard lockbacks, pearl and stag handles, made in 1997 for the International Fight'n Rooster collectors club, both mint.
2071Pair of multi-tools, Cat small folding pliers and Bear MGC with heavy duty cutters. Both with sheath. Mint
2081Four Case genuine stag knives, two 510096 mini-toothpicks and two 5220 Case peanuts, all modern and mint.
2091Four German knives, Linder miniature Lederhosen knife with sheath, Tree brand Solingen pen knife, Hand forged stag handled pen knife, and all metal gents knife with leather carrying pouch, all mint.
2101Four Citrus knives, three Colonial with white delrin handles, the other an Oberra Solingen Germany cracked ice celluloid two blade with a fold out pickle fork blade, vintage, has been poorly sharpened but near mint otherwise.
2111Pair of Military knives, Mauser bayonet, Exc. And Germany military K98 Mauser fighting knife made but cutting the barrel lug off a bayonet.
2121Russell 3 5/8'' cattle knife ''Russell'' etched blade, long pull, celluloid handles with a little shrinkage. Very good but if you do not know how rare this knife is you will not be a serious bidder anyway--but of the thosands of Barlows you see, there might be a half-dozen multiblade folders, and etched? Wow. Very good.
2131Cattaraugus jigged bone handled coke bottle jack 21269, saber ground blade, bowtie shield, cleaned but near mint except for a hairline rivet crack on the back center rivet.
2141George Wostenholm Celebrated Cutlery ''IXL Virginian Knife'' etched blade. Only one of these I have ever seen, stag handles, grooved iron bolsters, 4 1/4'' closed, very good.
2151Waltco Saf-T-Sheath version of the butterfly knife, tang stamped ''Made in USA'', celluloid handles. VG. 4 1/2'' closed.
2161Cattaraugus Little Valley NY jigged bone handled swell center 2 blade jack, bowtie shield, 3 1/2'' ,22289 pattern, spear master blade. Exc
2171KA-BAR 3 5/8'' swell end jack, Union Cut Co. on the pen blade, matchstriker nail mark, clip blade, bomb shield with KA-BAR in relief. Exc.
2181Case Tested RM297 leg knife, Christmas Tree handles, long pull master blade. Both blades marked, very good or maybe a little worse due to deep pitting on the pen blade
2191Unusual Union Cut. Co stag handled 2 blade folding hunter with ''KA-BAR'' struck on the blade under the nail mark on the second blade. Unusual. Must be very early. Low very good,
2201Case 6202 1/2 10 dot bone, 1970, mint. A 49 year old knife.
2211Marshall Wells etched stag handled Cowboy Bowie, straight guard, with left hand leather sheath.10'', 6'' blade, exc.
2221Challenge Cutlery Co. Bridgeport, Conn relief George Washington metal handled knife, etched, unused and mint except for some age specks.
2231Pair of jigged bone handled Case knives, 1970 10 dots, 6111 1/2 L folding guard lockback and 6205RAZ one arm man stepped down bolster Barlow. Part of the 10 dots on the 11 1/2 are obscured by the guard, but we can tell it has 10 dots by the width of the number compared with the tang width. Both mint.
2241Case 70's dot 4100ss melon tester, white composition handles, mint
2251Ulster Dwight Devine & Sons, 5 3/8'' large folding guard lockback folding hunter, front lock, long pull, bar shield. Very good.
2261Brown Shoes etched blade long pull leg knife, advertising Buster Brown shoes. Mint except for some specks.
2271Northfield UnXld, Northfield two blade jack, rare Conn. Valley made jack with pinched and grooved bolster, long pull, bar shield. Handle is some dense composite material. Has been heavily cleaned to very good. 3 5/8Please do NOT confuse this very early vintage knife with the newer knives made in PA.
2281Pearl lobster etched, ''Crucible Steel Co. of America'' with Made in USA tang mark, minty, some specks on the manicure blade, with original leather pouch, which accounts for the exceptional condition of this rare knife.
2291Pair of stacked leather washer handled knives, KaBar USA 1207 with KaBar stamped sheath, sharpened from the blade bevel down so exc and a York Cutlery, Solingen, Germany 8'' very good. Both with sheaths.
2301Case, Bradford, PA vintage stacked washer handled blood groove hunter with leather sheath that has some tearing at the throat. Stamp is very light and hard to make out, but there is enough there determine manufacturer. 9 1/2'' with a long blood groove, excellent.
2311Pair of miniature knives handmade by McLellan, Phoenix, AZ, one a trailing point with crown stag shaped handle 2'' oal with a 1 1/8'' blade, the other a pieced composite handled folding lockback that is 1 1/8'' closed.
2321Pair of Case channel inlay knives in what Case calls Snow Leopard, EX1096 mini-toothpick, and EX333 pen, both in presentation Case boxes, both mint.
2331Group of four Case bone handled knives, 61011 amber bone hawkbill, 6111 1/2 with relief shield, flat ground folding guard lockback in root beer bone, and two relief shield seahorse whittlers 63055. Three original boxes.
2341Three Case knives. Snakeskin laser cut bone 6488, blue bone 64130 bartenders knife with diamond shield, and Gator Back green laser cut muskrat, etched blade, all MIB.
2351Three Case knives from 2005, large and tiny trapper for the Shepherd Hill Collectors Club, and Tiny trapper in white bone engraved Celebration 2005. All MIB.
2361Trio of Case mini-toothpicks, all bone, one smooth ultra-violet, one lime green, and the other natural jigged bone, all mint in case boxes, not necessarily original to the knife.
2371Three laser cut Case bone handles, blue bone with scroll 6111 1/2 lockback with stippled bolster, Gator back muskrat, and 6383 swell center whittler, all MIB.
2381D'Holder/Schrade USA stag hunter, tapered tang 7 7/8'' oal, 3 7/8'' blade, red spacer, comes with a D'Holder designed basketweave sheath, and a zip up case with the D'Holder/Schrade tag. All mint.
2391USN Mk. 2 Canvas sheath for this Collins US legitimaus Machete dated 1945 on the tang that has some deep pitting and wear, low very good condition, but a historic WWII era group. The sheath is rarer than the machete.
2401Group of Schrade/Imperial carded knife plus an Uncle Henry. 8oT made in USA stockman, Handyman Tool, and Simon (all USA made) plus and 897UH and a Old Timer pen knife all mint.
2411Pair of vintage Bowies, stag handle with thick brass guard etched ''Hercules'' (Lamson & Goodnow trademark, rare) but looks like LF&C is faint on the guard. 13 1/4'' oal, 8 1/4'' blade, no sheath, also so identified by that unique lugged guard with what they call ''ears'' stag handles, Plus Alex & Fraizer Sheffield England stag handled Cowboy bowie, crest shield, 10 1/4'' oal, 6'' blade, and some etching on visible on both sides of the blade indicating the blade was fully etched a some point. Excellent.
2421Two stag handled knives, one a round stag hidden tang hunter with what looks like a sun logo, brass small guard, with sheath, and Atahualna, Argentina stag Gaucho knife with sheath. 11 1/4'' oal.
2431Pair of Case stag Case knives, 53087ss with modern version of the red etch, and a red stag 5208 half whittler, both in Case boxes.
2441Schrade 2010 folding guard lockback built on the pattern of the legendary folding hunter switchblade of Schrade. Only two knives were made in this series. Handles are a little more square than the 2008 and not bone.
2451Case Classic W. R. Case 51098 unique stag handles, bomb shield, mint in the box,
2461Three rare Schrade USA made knives in tins, 34OT produced in 2004 for the 100th anniversary of Schrade. Schrade closed its US manufacturing facility in Ellenville, and these were only produced a few months. Much rare than those in the know do not know.
2471Six Coleman stag handled knives, five blade sowbelly, three blade sowbelly, stag congress, stag stockman, trapper, and pen, all MIB. Five blade sowbelly has a gold etched blade.
2481Three versions of the jumbo trapper bullet, 30th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Bullet knife, Marbles 100 years edition, and Marbles with duck scene and Marbles etch imported. All mint.
2491Three Bowies, modern, CSA D-guard replica, Carvel Hall reproduction, and a larger version of the same knife unmarked. All mint, 2 sheaths.
2501Five German knives, G. C. Co. wood handled trench dagger, Robert Klass cast metal handle dagger mint, string wrapped throwing knife, stacked leather washer handled thrower, and Concord wood handles German knife with engine turned blade, no sheath.
2511Three early handmade knives, Bowie wood handles 15'' with a 10'' blade, only mark is BI, and two stamina wood drop point handles 8 1/2'' , no sheath, stamped ''R.M.M.'', no sheaths
2521Three cutlery items, Diamond Edge Sportsman ax with nice pointer etching exc, Marbles imported ax nm and an LF&C Samuel Lee cleaver vg
2531Group of five collector books. James Nelson Cooper book, Goins Second Edition of Pocketknives Marking of manufacturers and dealers, Dewey P. Ferguson Romance of collecting Cattaraugus, Robeson, Russell, Queen, Hallmarks brochure, and Custom Knives Buying Guide by Les Robertson.
2541Three knife books, hardcover version of Case the First 100 Years by Jim Giles, The Case Knife Story (Case tang marks resource) by Allen P. Swayne, and A full color catalog of over 640 knife photos featured in our second knife auction (note that is 113 auctions ago!)
2551Massive library of five different Remington resources, reprint of the Remington C4 and C5 catalogs, Remington sheath knives, and two editions of the Remington Bullet Knives by Mel Brewster.
2561Three reference books, reprint of an early Schrade catalog, reprint of Keen Kutter catalog and a Winchester reprint. All softcover.
2571Two Marbles references, Marbles Knives & Axes by Konrad E. Schreier, Jr, and a 1924 reprint of a Marbles Catalog
2581Pair of Fight'n Rooster 1997 International Club knives, 1 of 150 made, canoe trapper pattern with grooved bolsters and fancy shield, one with pearl handles the other with stag, Both mint, with an original German box that held 6 knives.
2591Marbles No. 9 ax, head is very good, deep pitting, see photo.
2601L. L. Bean ax still with the emblem on the ax head, excellent, wood handle. 11 3/4'' long, 3 3/4'' head, 2 3/4'' cutting edge.
2611Marbles No. 6 wood handled ax with folding guard, excellent 11 3/4'' handle.
2621KA-BAR metal handled ax, ''Union Cutlery Co. Olean NY'' marked on the reverse side of the ax head with KA-BAR marked rubber inserts, 12 1/2 handle x 4'' head x2 3/4'' cutting edge. Exc.
2631Marbles MSA ax with hard rubber handle, older and rarer U shaped bolsters, folding guard over the blade. 10'' X 3 3/4'' X 2'' high vg condition except for a crack across the front handle at the screw closest to the ax head.
2641Marbles Ax with smooth hard rubber handles except for the relief logo, folding guard, and the rare nail puller, exc, Marbles, Gladstone Mich stamping on the axe head, 10 3/4'' handle. Tarnishing overall with some specking so very good but blade is nearly full.
2651J. Russell Green River Works Bowie, spear blade, saber ground, stag handles that are 2 piece around a hidden tang, excellent, with leather sheath. 10 7/8'' oal, 6 1/4'' blade, stag is shaped so it swells out at the back for a secure grip. Extremely rare. Excellent plus condition.
2661Group of Opinel folders in different sizes, boxed ''10 Knives Collectors Set'' plue the larger No. 13 knife.
2671Three used knives, Puma wood handled Game Warden sharpened and master blade is a little short, very good, 1944 Coast Guard folder, wood handled, with bail, and modern engine turned locking liner imported.
2681Group of five Case, C. Platts marked knives, copperlock, congress, mini-toothpick, serpentine 3 blade, and tuxedo, all with colorful metal tins and leather pouches for the knives, all are walnut brown bone handles.
2691Two Frost Cutlery sets, Four knives in a Texas toothpick set, gold metal flake and smooth bone one blades, plus a wood and smooth bone two blade in a presentation case, plus Tennessee and Kentucky Trappers in smooth bone. Both made in Japan.
2701Group of Eight Wrangler imported items, two stag fixed blades and a stag folding hunter, plus a miniature set of three small stags, and two miniature tomahawks, sheaths and original wood display boxes included. All mint and modern.
2711Three Schrade USA items, the rare 165 Old Timer, 152 Sharpfinger, and Honesteel with sheath, all 3 MIB with sheaths and outer sleeves.
2721Four USA Made Schrade folding hunters, two blade and one blade Uncle Henry and 25OT and 125OT one and two blade Old Timers, all MIB and with the outer sleeves.
2731Three Puma SGB knives, pair of wood handled trappers and a bone handled trapper,
2741Pair of Case knives, Tony Bose designed backpocket with smooth bone handles, his name etched on the blade, and a Case green bone Hawbakers Muskrat pattern in a Case satin lined presentation box. Both mint.
2751Three stag handled Bulldog Brand knives, trapper with fighting bulldogs, copperhead and stockman both with bulldog head logos in a reverse frost etching, all unused but some storage specking.
2761The Camillus USA Cartridge Series, bone handles, rifle headstamps for three calibers, toadsticker, toothpick, and Remington style big muskrat, for 30-30, 7mm Mauser, and .257 Robersts. All MIB
2771Pair of Schatt & Morgan red bone handled knives, saber ground long pull extended bolster folding hunter, folding guard lockback, both with keystone shield and MIB, 1992 date
2781Four Ka-Bar knives, 1993 lockback toadsticker with gold etching, bent jack with bone handles, MIB, Imported boot knife with imitation pearl handles, and Bob Dozier skeleton knife on a clampack.
2791KA-BAR 100 year anniversary knife, jigged bone clasp knife with gold etching, in a presentation gold foil embossed presentation case. Mint.
2801Pair of Case Items, pen with two fold out blades, plus an extra ink refill in presentation case (1990's) and 81096 pearl mini-toothpick. Both MIB
2811Four cutlery items, hatchet shaped bottle opener two whetstones, one in a leather pouch, the other in a wood sleeve, and a wood handled tool knife, marked Bell System (perhaps a wire cutting tool?) good condition only.
2821Five Browning knives, three bone handled two blade John M. Browning in tins, camo handled Whitetail lockback in colorful tin, and wood handled 933 lockback locking liner MIB. Imported.
2831Nine USA made delrin handled Camillus products, swell center 3 blade, Barlow, Camco 2 blader Barlow, Remington marked pen, two locking liners, two one blade peanuts with black handles, and black handled locking liner, all mint.
2841Five Frost Japanese made lockbacks, all with matching serial number and matched blade, abalone, two pearl, bone, and stag, all mint except for a couple of cracks on the smooth bone.
2851Blade Trading Cards, 72 knife cards created in 1972. Great for kids, in original unopened factory pack.
2861Five knives, Cripple creek thermoplastic lockback, Frost Iwo Jima folder, Culpepper three blade serpentine, 1982 World's Fair knife, and Yadkin, Sheffield England stag handled lobster heavily cleaned to exc.
2871Maher & Grosh etched Bowie (made by Lamson & Goodnow, as identified by their unique lugged brass guard with ''ears''). Checkered composite handle with finger groove, no sheath.
2881Gerber 1986 NKCA club knife, jigged bone, lockback. Mint.
2891Pair of slab bone handled straight tang Cowboy Bowies, one marked XLNT Trade mark on the front, on back A. W. Wadsworth & Son, Czechoslovakia. Exceptional jigged bone handles, 8 5/8'' oal, 4 3/4'' blade, sheath not original to the knife, exc, plus, LF&C Universal, black composition handles like they used on their pocketknives, 8 5/8'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, leather sheath.
2901Windlass fixed blade, horn handles, hidden tang, 10'' oal, 5 3/4'' blade, mint, leather sheath.
2911Pair of Smith & Wesson American series, both #6084, 1980's, both MIB, outside of boxes are scuffed some.
2921Moore Maker, Matador, TX horn handled hunter, straight tang, 8 7/8'' oal, 2101 USA on back of tang, pouch leather sheath. Mint.
2931Imperial USA Double Eagle set, two lockbacks with sheath and pocket pouch in a gift packaged 1979, both etched Tennessee, Mint
2941Pair of knives, Schrade NY USA stacked leather washer handle, has a military look to it be cannot define exactly from my reference book, marked H-15, and has aluminum guard and pommel with Bakelite spacers, and a Schrade Walden Scout Utility with delrin handles and Schrade-Walden shield, four blades with belt clip on hanger too, mint. (c.1960-1972)
2951Pair of Fight'n Rooster cattle whittlers, one pearl one stag, made in Solingen, Germany, 1989. Mint.
2961Pair of Case stag handled John Wayne 5208 stag half whittlers, with illustrated box showing John Wayne in his western gear, factory MIB, but stag on one has some natural checking.
2971Pair of Bulldog Brand, Germany, Fighting Bulls in reverse etch and on tang of a stag copperhead, and a Tennessee Walking horse stockman in a reverse frost etch, some storage specks on both but unused.
2981Joseph Rodger white bone handled eraser, Star and Cross on the reverse side, Sheffield, England tang mark, ex. One crack on the front
2991Pair of bone handled knives, Queen #20 Rodgers bone Texas toothpick, dated 1976, and Knire World Cripple Creek First Edition, 2 blade.
3001Three knives, Imported bone bulldog, Case Classic barndoor hinge Texas toothpick '1095 with some rusting, and Imperial Jackmaster on a hanging card.