Lot Qty Description
1011Three Case stag handled knives, stag copperlock, new red scroll 520096 mini-toothpick, and new blue scroll 510096 mini-toothpick.
1021Two stag handled Case knives, 5254 stag trapper, and new blue scroll muskrat with engraved bolsters, both modern and mint.
1031Four Case GatorBack etched and laser engraved Case knives, muskrat, two 6318 and a 6220 peanut, all MIB.
1041Pair of shoe knives, a one blade with bail A. W. Wadsworth with etching still visible reading ''Kipling Shoes'', blades are full but pitting pulls it down to a very good, and a two blade Wadsworth with the second blade a manicure/nail file blade, exc.
1051Pair of vintage bone 3 5/8'' swayback jacks, Banner Cutlery, Germany with semi-hawkbill master blade cleaned to vg, 2 blade, ''1940'' engraved on the back of the blade and Miller Bros. vg with a patched handle.
1061Three lockback Knives, Rigid USA brass with wood handles, finger grove, vintage Arkansas era, Case stag 5197Lssp sharkstooth mint except for some grunge on the edge of the bolster, and Gerber jigged bone ''International'' imported knife. All mint.
1071Pair of Parker lockbacks. Stag handled Parker Brothers mark, and Parker-Imai sandbar stag. Both mint.
1081Three Parker knives, Parker Brothers stag modified trapper, Parker Imai sowbelly 4 blade with sandbar stag handles, and lockback Ol' Remington whittler with smooth bone handles, all mint.
1091Two Parker knives, ''The Trapper'' stag handles on a jumbo trapper pattern, and a Parker Bullet with jigged bone handles (baby bullet size) both mint.
1101Pair of Parker knives, 5'' folding hunter with bone cut to resemble stag, and 5'' lockback folding hunter Parker-Imai with sandbar stag handles. Both mint.
1111Pair of knives, IXL sterling silver handle gentleman's knife with 3 blades, vg, and Carl Schleiper self-advertiser (knife company knives advertising themselves are uncommon), exc.
1121German Dagger, marked FHKQn 33 (1933?) Sunwheel swastika, right-facing, also called a broken cross, First model (Luftwaffe transition) DLV German Flyers Association dagger, early version of what would become the Luftwaffe dagger, blade is exc. A similar knife is shows at johnsonreferencebooks.com over $2000.00. 17 1/2'' oal, 11 7/8'' blade, near mint.
1131Camillus WWII Pilots Knife, Cattaraugus 225Q and Remington RH36
1141Pair of vintage knives, Remington RH 36 hunter and Wade & Butcher Sheffield England stacked leather washer handle 10 1/2'' oal with a stag pommel and pouch leather sheath. Both exc.
1151Pair of Stag Pommel knives, German hunter, and Wade & Butcher Teddy model with ''Kagen's Sporting Goods, Reading PA'' etched on the blade, exc plus. With sheaths.
1161Riley Damascus handmade Bowie, stag and stacked leather washer hande, tooled leather sheath.
1171Pair of Parker Knives, Parker Edwards stag handled one blade trapper, and sandbar stag toadsticker, both mint.
1181Pair of unmarked hunters, but I have seen similar knives from Mike Lovett of Killen, TX. These were consigned from the estate of an advance collectors, both mint. Our attempts to contact Mike for confirmation have been futile. 8 3/4'' oal, 2 5/8'' blade, intergal interframe
1191Pair of Parker knives, Parker Cut. Co 4 blade congress, and Parker-Imai square bolster muskrat, both with sandbar stag handles.
1201Parker Cut. Co. trio of jigged bone to resemble stag folding hunters, in three sizes, largest is 5'' closed. All mint.
1211Pair of stag Marbles, Marbles, Gladstone Mich. Ideal with stag handles and pommel with sheath with Marbles marked button, and MSA Marbles Safety Ax mark hunter, 10 1/8'' with a 5 3/4'' blade with a deep blood grove, exc, no sheath. Exc, point has been shaped to be a little more dropped than typical.
1221Pair of KA-BAR, Union Cut. Co. knives, stag hunter with sheath cleaned to excellent, and Military looking stacked leather washer 9'' with a 5'' blade, no sheath. .
1231Pair of hunting knives, PAL RH36 WWII era and straightline leather washer Remington hunter RH36 6 1/4'' with Remington marked sheath. Exc. Pal has a cross guard, Remington has a bent one side guard. Interesting take on the same pattern.
1241Three knives, Cattaraugus 225Q quartermasters knife, Robeson Shurdge No. 20 stacked leather washer handle and imitation stag Universal LF&C.
1251Well made Asian style knife with elaborte engraved sheath throat and tip of wood. Curved wood handle with elabroat metal worked ferrule, scalloped guard, 13'' oal, 8 1/2'' blade, used so exc.
1261Knives and Knifemakers hardcover book by Sid Latham. One of the very best knife books of it's time. If you have started collecting within the past 15 years, by reading this book you are likely to meet legendary knifemakers whose names you've never heard.
1271Three Case knives, Stag muskrat with modern blue scroll etching, Navy blue bone Russlock, and Antique bone 62130ss. All MIB.
1281Three knives honoring the Duke, John Wayne, by Case, all in illustrated boxes, two white bone one brown, Peanut, mini-toothpick 610096, and tiny trapper 62154, all MIB. Etched blades.
1291Three Case knives with the stars and strip shield, 6185 physicians and 6318 serpentine with pitch black bone handles, and copperlock 61953L red delrin handles, All MIB
1301Four Case peanuts, Two select limited editions sea green and sunburst bone, one Ky bluegrass, and a Ducks Unlimited with antique bone, all MIB
1311Four knives, Case G10 handled 103046 cracked across the front handle, 63046 oatmeal bone humpback whittler, 5383 stag whittler with red shield, and Remington lockback with bullet shield lockback fish knife, MIB delrin handles. All mint.
1321Four Case mini-toothpicks, C. Platts logo in tin, The Duke white bone John Wayne 610096 with illustrated box, antique bone 610096, and aquamarine bone etched ''Pocket Worn'' MIB
1331Three Case knives, Kinfolks marked 6375 in nice multi colored honey brown bone, 6254 pocketworn red bone trapper, and jade bone Tony Bose designed 2 blade saddlehorn 62110. All MIB
1341Case 1970's era 6 dot etched Elephant Toe, plain shield, jigged laminated wood handles, mint.
1351Handmade Pearl and fileworked lockback black lip pearl handles 3 1/8'' lockback, stippled bolsters. Mint.
1361Ken Steigerwalt handmade, marked ''KAS'', jigged bone, dovetailed bolsters, sculpted handle with a raised lockback, already showing the design flair that makes him one of the very best today. 3 5/8'' closed, 6 3/4'' open. Fileworked lockback. Ken has been accepted as an Art Knife Invitation maker. His current work ranges from $1000 up to $5500.
1371Pair of Case 70's knives, 06247 and 62052 both with bone handles, mint
1381Parker Winchester figural knife, and 12 China made miniature keyring knives.
1391Group of Five Buck knives, Pair of 303 Cadet stockmen, two 501 Prince lockbacks, and jigged bone 380 mini trapper with etching reading ''Collectors Edition 2006 . All USA made, modern. Mint. Four boxes.
1401Pair of vintage American Hunting knives, Schrade-Walden stacked leather washer handle hunting knife etch ''Hunter's Pride'' exc, and a Western, Boulder, Colo. marked jigged bone with ''S'' guard, exc.
1411Three laser engraved on white bone Case knives, 6254 trapper in a leopard pattern, and a 6318 and 6220 in a gator back pattern with etched blades stating that, all MIB.
1421Three red bone handled Case knives, Copperhead 6249 in dark red bone with a 2001 shield, dark red small saddlehorn, and mini hunter 61165 in hunter red, all MIB and modern.
1431Trio of Case '83 pattern whittlers, 6.5 bone, green bone Ducks Unlimited shield, and laser cut with engraved bolsters, all MIB.
1441Four Case Brothers marked modern Case knives with Chestnut brown bone handles in color tins, 62130 gunstock, two 62131 canoes, 6185 Doctors, all MIT
1451Three Knives, Pair of Case 2138ss Sodusters and a Browning featherweight composite mini-trapper #820, all MIB
1461Three Buck knives, 503 Prince, 291 Rush, and a 297 Sirus, all MIB
1471Al Mar micarta handled dagger, engraved brass bolsters and pin heads, engraving mark appears to be ''Valade?'', dated 3-18-82 on the engraving. With leather sheath, mint. Fancy tooled leather sheath with the Al Mar stamp, and ''AM3''.
1481Three Case red bone handled knives, 6254 bone trapper with double pulls ''Tested Red'' colored bone, 6285 sp Doctors and small saddlehorn both with Script shields and dark red bone handles, all MIB.
1491Three Case knives, 63055 Crimson bone Seahorse, 6285sp Doctors with a spatula, and baby Doc 6.5282 with 6.5 bone handles and spatula, all mint.
1501Four Case knives, all marked Case Brothers in tins, 62131 canoe and 6185 in Chestnut bone, and 6282 and 6468 congress in antique bone, all MIT
1511Three Case knives, new blue scroll stag muskrat with engraved bolsters, 62131 Case Bros. canoe and 62130 antique bone gunstock, all MIB
1521Four Case knives, white bone trapper with turkey hunting scene laser engraved on both side of the handle, leopard design bone 610096, burnt green smooth bone 610096 mini-toothpicks, and John Wayne Duke 62154 brown bone tiny trapper, 62154. All MIB.
1531Four Case knives, 6383 whittler with laser cut on white bone and engraved bolsters, 6383 Autumn bone, white bone trapper with turkey hunting scene laser engraved on both the front and back handle, and American Sportsman with a deer scene on the handles, and shield like a shotgun shell, in a gift tin. All mint, others are MIB.
1541Pair of Russell Daddy Barlows (pre-1932), both easy open, one has a bail and ring and chain affixed to it, condition is very good, but saw cut marks are still visible on the handle of one. No bail version has a broken backspring so will not even rate good.
1551Pair of knives, KA-BAR Union Cut USN Seabee knife, WWII era with KA-BAR marked sheath, and CASE No. 1 variation (pictured in the M. H. Cole book) with USN marked sheath, both exc
1561Pair of vintage knives, Rodgers wharncliffe whittler, blade is short and rough, low vg, etched ''Wharncliffe knife'', Cutlers to His Majesty and a stag coke bottle shaped ''Repeat, Needham Sheffield England'' with grooved bolster, one rivet crack on front handle. Very good condition.
1571Pair of stag handled Civil War and later daggers, Shirley Celebrated Cutlery OIO, and Standard Cutlery Co with bar shield, both slab stag handles, full blades but pitting, so low exc. No sheaths.
1581Group of four knives, Case 6246 R Marline spike with bone handles 70's exc, Browning Japan fixed blade 3718 with brass fittings, stabilized wood handles and well done sheath with Browning mark and ''handmade in Mexico'' exc, Browning Japan stag handled trapper with engraved handles (actually done by a professional engraver, aftermarket mint, and Frost folder with mallard scene on the bone handle scrimmed in '94 by what appears to be ''Renee'' mint.
1591Group of five knives, Taylor's Eyewitness wood handled Barlow with stepped down bolsters and etched blade near mint, Kutmaster delrin handled muskrat exc, Seneca swell center coke bottle imitation ivory 3 3/4'' closed vg, Syracuse Cutlery easy open jack with imitation pearl handles vg, and Hubertus jigged bone lockback 4 1/8'' mint.
1601Three knives, two hawkbills IXL George Wostenholm with horn handles, good, and F. Herder Germany mint, and a Utica lockback etched Moose International 5 Club.
1611Three stamped bolster bone handled vintage Barlows. If you ever wanted to collect Barlows, this is a great place to start with the big three. Winchester 2 blade clip, vg, Remington spear 2 bl exc with saw cut sharp, and Keen Kutter 2 blade spear, vg with a patch at the center rivet.
1621Four leg knives, Utica original Nehi 1 blade with celluloid handles, cracking and foxing, KA-BAR Union Cut Co. with yellow comp handles, Utica with Utica Club advertising on cream celluloid and Cattaraugus with green swirl near excellent plus.
1631Three Case 1980's Sodbusters, 2138 carbon (two) and 2138SS stainless, all mint. 70's 10 dot, and 2 lightning S dots.
1641Three small Case knives, 6269 bone, 06263 ss etched both bone and 10 dots 1970, and 62042 1980's delrin.
1651Four Case knives, 61048sp Case 10 dot delrin (uncommon with the spay blade) 1980s 61048 with raised letter shield, 31048 10 dot mint except for rivet crack on front and larger crack at the center rivet on the back, and 03244 with raised letter shield.
1661Two German made knives, Fight'n Rooster with blue swirl celluloid, maize header gunstock with blunt blade, and pearl 2 blade vintage Robert Klass Kissing Crane (one leg cranes), both mint.
1671Pair of vintage Case knives 70's dots 61093 Texas toothpick 9 dot (double stamped, 18 dots visible but 2ed group very light and 1980's bone handled muskrat with a serrated blade etched, ''Fulton's Muskrat'' (Tom Fulton contract)
1681Three Case knives, 3185 70's dots 9 dot, 1980's 03244 yellow with raised letter shield and 23087 1970 10 dots.
1691Four Case knives, 3 are 1970's, 61011, 6199R whaler, 2137ss Sodbuster Jr. and a 21051L lockback 80's. All mint.
1701AG Russell Ron Lake designed tail lock folder, pearl interframe, 2 +ö blade, stainless frame, 3 1/8ö closed, Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel. One of 25 made in 2010.
1711Rock Creek Knives Ron lake design folder, brushed finish interframe, with all the features of a Ron Lake original, impeccable fit and finish, 2 +ö blade of Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel. Made by Paul Chen/Hanwei 3 1/8ö closed. Reportedly only 500 were made.
1721Karl Schroen, Sebastapol, CA small handmade hunter, dark wood handle with exotic wood spacers, grass guard, 7'' oal, 3'' blade, with a sheath, very good condition, some pitting. Card with the knife states it was made in the 1960's. Schroen wrote ''The Handforged Knife'', one of the early popular books on hand forging.
1731Goucho knife, marked Timar, Industrida, Argentina. Nickel Silver handle, 11 1/2'' with a 7'' blade, leather sheath with fancy metal tips and throat, marked Alpaca Industria Argentina.
1741Unmarked Tanto in wood sheath hand handle, nice temper line. 12'' oal, 6 3/4'' blade. Mint
1751Puma-Werk Soligen, Germany stag handle hunters knife, fold out corkscrew, guthook, and saw blade, etched Original Waidmesser fur Schalenwild, rough translation ''Original knife for deer.'' exc. 9'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, with leather sheath with two straps to hold knife in sheath, one is worn out and all but missing.
1761Second Model Luftwaffe dagger, ?WKC, typical pommel, but more uncommon crossguard, considered hard to find, no sheath, exc.
1771Colorado Folding Hunter bench made in the 70's by Skip Bryan, stag handles, 30-30 shield, drilled for lanyard.
1781Case XX folding machete used for survival kits in WWII planes, (most are Cattaraugus). Very good. Does not have the metal edge guard.
1791Santa Fane Stoneworks hand done handle treatment of the Vietnam service ribbon represented on a Camillus USA made pen knife, malachite, jet, metal spacers and yellow celluloid. 3 1/8'' long, MIB
1801Leather Quirt with a knife concealed within 11'' oal, 7 '' blade, exc blade, unmarked.
1811Case Brothers Classic series 5394 stag gunboat canoe, MIB, couple of natural checks near the bolsters.
1821Joseph Allen Non-Xll Sheffield England stag handled cowboy Bowie, close to near mint. Jigging on the handle is crisp. Near mint, no sheath, 10'' oal, 6'' blade.
1831Rare one of a kind Case 52131 canoe, stag, won as a show award at the 9th annual NCCA show, MIB
1841Case Classic W. R. Case 1993 issued 61094 Texas Toothpick, etched. (That is not a spot on the blade, but the reflection of the photographer's head). Mint. Handle pattern was called ''Good Earth''.
1851Paul Chen/Hanwi authorized replica, very high quality, Ron Lake design folder, interframe, stag handles, taillock and leather lanyard, comes with a leather case. 3 1/2'' closed, Dalian, China. Mint.
1861Case Damascus peanut, bowtie shield, antique bone mint in the box,
1871Gerber Mark I combat knife, serrated on both sides. Leather sheath, serial number C5800S
1881Sykes-Farbairn combat knife, metal handle, leather sheath with tabs, black blade, minty. Sheath shows some carry use.
1891Case's attempt to go high end on a locking liner with thumbstud, Slimlock smooth red bone handles, fancy leather sheath, and deluxe box. Mint.
1901NRA deluxe Bowie, 2ed Amendment knife, sterling fancy guard and pommel, full etched blade, wood presentation box, white oval in the handle with an Eagle Scrim. Mint.
1911Case Bowie Knife, styled after the knife they made during WWII, bakelite handles, leather sheath, MIB
1921Case 1986 ABCA club knife set, pearl handled one blade trapper made by Parker-Edwards one blade pearl trapper, and four blade abalone and pearl sowbelly made by American Blade. Both knives come in a presentation folder.
1931Schrade Thunderbird Indian series on a 5'' lockback with an Indian beaded sheath, MIB
1941Pair of Case pearl and semi-precious stone handled trappers, full size '54 pattern, tiny trapper '2154 in the Snow Leopard handle. Both in Case presentation boxes with satin lining and Case logo on the inside. Mint
1951Russell Barlow limited edition set, one blade bone clip and Daddy Barlow easy open, in the box. Mint.
1961Pair of Case top of the line knives with semi-prescious stone and other rare material handles, channel inlay with pearl strips, Snow Leopard. '18 pattern muskrat (invented by yours truly as an ABCA club knife back in the day. It was supposed to be designated as a ''BV Special'' but you know how that goes--leaving it to me to tell about it rather than let that fact slip away.) and a '18 pattern Coral Stockman 3 blade. Both mint in presentation boxes.
1971Pair of Joseph Rodgers Sheffield England Cowboy Bowies, one is tang stamped Bowie with jigged bone handles, the other stag, both with clip blades, stag has an escutcheon plate, no sheaths, both very good. Bone is stamped ''Herder'' on the reverse side. Both in the 11'' overall range.
1981Three knives, Frontier hunter, American Blade (1983-1986) buffalo horn handled hunter, and Remington stacked leather washer hunter with no sheath. Mint.
1991Three knives, two Precise Blackhawk series knives by Aitor (Spain) no sheaths, and an ANZA small caping knife with staminawood handles that has been made from a file. ''98'' All mint.
2001Three Case canoes, 62131 all with smooth Med. Blue handles with the Case logo on an overal, MIB, could use some cleaning though.