Lot Qty Description
11Al Pendray horseshoe mark, integral guard hidden tang, round stag handle, handforged by one of the rediscoverers of Wootz Damascus steel, former President of the Knifemaker's Guild, with elephant hide pouch sheath. Mokume pommel, 10 3/8'' oal, 4 3/4'' blade, some very light tarnish on the bolsters that would clean.
21Mel Pardue Benchmade prototype, Dec. '92, and so marked on the blade, grooved canvas micarta handles, locking liner, (As a prototype was almost certainly handmade by Mel) Pocket, 5 1/4'' closed, 9'' open. Mint
31Hank Knickmeyer Cedar Hill, MO handforged all Mosaic Damascus lockback folder, handles, locking bar, blade, intricate designs and the makers initials are in the steel as the knife is not marked otherwise HK. THE MAKER: Hank is one of the pioneers of powdered metal Damascus. He is known for making blades that are a sandwich of Damascus, nickel, and a high carbon steel core, a technique few makers attempt, let alone master. He has been a Master Smith of the ABS since 1994. He is the subject of a three DVD set demonstrating making several Damascus patterns including power metal produced by the ABS. 4 1/8'' closed, 7'' open. Mint.
41Burr Oak Damascus S guard Bowie, hidden tang, Damascus guard and pommel cap. 13 1/4'' oal, 8 3/8'' blade, hidden tang, well done. Mint.
51Mel Pardue Benchmade prototype, grooved canvas micarta handles, slide lock. (As a prototype was almost certainly handmade by Mel). 4 1/4'' closed, 7'' open, dated 9/15/01 and marked ''Prototype''. Mint
61Al Pendray handmade hunter forged from a wood rasp, micarta slab handles, straight tang, kydex sheath. Mint, 9 1/2'' oal, 4 5/8'' blade
71Al Pendray handmade Bowie sized hunter forged from a wood rasp, micarta slab handles, straight tang, kydex sheath. 12 1/2'' oal, 7'' blade Mint
81Bill Harsey all one piece small all metal hunter marked William W. Harsey, 1985. Some specking but otherwise unused and mint. No sheath. 4 1/2'' oal, 1 5/8'' blade
91Dick Atkinson wood handled interframe with a pearl inlay, fileworked liners and backspring. 3 7/8'' closed, 6 3/4'' open. Mint
101Ralph Turnbull handmade folder with smooth red bone handles, sliplock. 3 5/8'' closed, 6 1/4'' open, looks cleaned, so near mint.
111Handforged fixed blade by James E. Porter, ABS Mastersmith, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, Damascus blade and bolsters, stabilized maple burl handles, with paperwork from the maker. Mint.
121Cleaston Sinyard all Damascus folder, his unique type of swirl Damascus. The late Sinyard was a crew chief on American bombers stationed in England during WWII. 4 7/8'' closed, 8 1/2'' open, finger grooved, sliplock, tiny specks on the backspring, otherwise mint. With sheath.
131Corbert Sigman hunter, given to Houston Price, Publisher of Knife World, given as a gift from the maker. Complete with the original letter. No sheath. Mint except for a small tarnish spot on the back side. Straight tang, wood handles, 7 3/8'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade.
141Gary Barnes pearl handled knife with fileworked bolsters, pearl on one side, other side has an unusual slide out and lock, pearl is scrimmed. Pantographed on the metal side, ''Use it in good health,Houston--Gary.'' on the inside it is also marked, ''Serial No., 380 12-16-82 New Windsohr, MD, USA, 4 1/2'' closed, 7 7/8'' open mint.
151R. L. Welling Damascus Bowie, subhilt with stacks of stag and ironwood,) well made, hidden tang, 17'' oal with a 12 1/2'' blade, tundra recovered Walrus ivory handle Sheath is Kenny Rowe with cut out to hold a sheephead (that is loose and needs to be reaffixed. Mint except spacers can be felt when rubbing hand over handle.
161John Kemp Cutlery Co. hidden tang stag hunter, round stag handles, brass fitting, with spacers, leather sheath and a definite Randall look of a model 3-6 Sullivan sheath, 10 1/2'' oal, 01 steel, minty.
171Chase handmade wood handle dagger, hidden tang, brass guard with spacers, 9'' oal, 4 5/8'' blade, Kenny Rowe leather sheath. Mint
181Pullen-Weaver Knifeworks, hunter, micarta handles, drilled for lanyard, straight tang, pouch leather sheath. 8 1/4'' oal, 3 3/4'' blade, Kenny Rowe sheath. Mint.
191R. R. Golden Montgmery, AL slab handled dark wood handled Bowie secured by 18 pins, grooved guard, 11 1/2'' oal with a 7 '' blade, straight tang, thick and well done leather sheath.
201J. B. Hodge ivory micarta handled lockback folder, half-dagger blade, thumb lift to unlock, slant bolsters. 4 5/8'' closed, 8 1/2'' open, dovetailed bolsters. Mint.
211Chuck Hawes, Weldon, Il handmade tomahawk, 12 1/4'' handle, 5 1/2'' ax head, spike on one end, 1 7/8'' cutting edge. Mint.
221Chuck Hawes handmade mastodon ivory Damascus 2 blade large coke bottle, fileworked liners, 15N20 & 1080 & pure nickel 200 layer strip pattern Damascus, 3 3/4'' closed, 2 blade. Originally sold for $450.00.
231Chuck Hawes handmade Neck knife with sheath, white smooth stag and leather washer handle, mint 4'' oal, 2'' blade, some filework,
241Chuck Hawes miniature tomahawk, Damascus, 1084 and nickel Damascus powdered steel, maple handle, 2 1/2'' handle, appx. 1 1/2'' head.
251CS is the only marks on this smooth stag hunter with a pouch leather sheath, 5 1/8 oal, 2 1/2'', with pouch leather sheath.
261Tim Zerchensy handmade micarta handled locking liner with thumbstud made for the American Edge Collectors Association, long wharncliffe blade, mint.
271Chuck Hawes handmade Damascus wharncliffe one blade, Damascus bolsters, beautiful black lip pearl, mint. 1080, 15n20 and 5160 steels in 180 burl pattern Damascus. 3 5/8'' closed, fileworked liner.
281Jim Behring Treeman hunter, Scagel influence, distressed flat surfaces, stacked leather washer handle with ''Y'' stag pommel. Mint, no sheath. 1 1/4'' oal, 6 1/2'' blade, nickel silver guard. Mint.
291Chuck Hawes handmade muskrat with mokume bolsters and Damascus blades, screw on handles, mint. 1095x15N20x5160 steels in 100 layer woodgrain pattern. 3 7/8'' closed.
301Mayall 2 blade small trapper, jigged bone, 2 5/8'' closed, typical Mayall style like that of early makers, near mint.
311J. H. Lloyd handmade folder, Walrus ivory handles (the pebbly part that identifies it is clearly visible and not subject to US Fish & Wildlife restrictions for elephant ivory sales). 3 1/2'' closed, saber ground, mint, but a natural check on the back side. Please check your local regulations on walrus ivory before bidding.
321R. A. Fraizer handmade fantastic long stag handled camp knife, 14 1/2'' oal, 9 1/2'' blade with dropped pistol grip pommel, sheath with a nickel-silver throat and tip. Exquisite hand rubbed finish. Slab stag handles, Mint.
331Marvin Poole ''Poole 2'' handmade stag handled fileworked hunter with nickel silver guard and pommel, hidden tang, leather sheath. 9 1/2'' oal, 5'' blade, leather sheath. 13-190 on back of the blade. Mint.
341Larry McEachern, Villa Rica, GA smooth bone handled handmade hunter, pouch leather sheath, straight tang. Sharpened and used, so near mint.
351TED white bone handled handmade 2016 knife made for the Flint River knife club, straight tang, back side is etched in memory of Rade Hawkins, a principal in the club, knifemaker, and handmade knife supplier. Mint, 7 1/2 oal, 3 1/2'' blade, pouch leather sheath.
361Lou Hegedus, Jr. round stag handmade hunter, hidden tang, brass guard, leather sheath, Georgia maker. Note: Lou Hegedus Sr. was a well known Case collector in the Atlanta area and was a top engineer at Lockheed, working on the C5A, and Lou's brother Chuck was a well known collector of folding guard lockbacks. A knife family for sure. 8'' oal, 3 1/4'' blade, pouch leather sheath mint.
371Zolan McCarty stag handled handmade folder made in 1992 for the Ocmulgee Knife Collectors Club of Macon, GA, one of 50, lockback, with Zolan's distinctive fold over integral thumbstud. 4 1/2'' closed, 8'' open. 10th anniversary etched on the reverse of the master blade. Mint.
381Wayne Hensley, USA stag handled small skinner. Wayne is a long time officer of the Knifemaker's Guild. Leather sheath, mint. 6'' oal, 2 3/4'' blade, tooled black leather sheath. Mint.
391Zolan McCarty rare large survival knife, gut hook, saw teeth on the back, micarta handle, holes in the tang for securing to a pole, pouch leather sheath, has been used a little, near mint. Half serrations on the sharpened edge,12'' oal, 7'' blade, pouch leather sheath. Some splotches of cleaned tarnish on the back.
401BEDGOOD knives carbon fiber small hunter, kydex sheath that can be worn a variety of ways, paratrooper emblem part of the logo. Mint. Straight tang, 7'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade.
411Rapid River USA Knifeworks Custom, dated 2011, wood handles, gimped thumbrest, leather sheath, straight tang, has been sharpened and used, near mint. Sheath marked Rapid River but much too large for the knife.
421Roy Warden, Union, MO wood handled hunter with distinctive mosaic Damascus of wildlife images that go through the blade and visible on both sides showing wildlife in silhouette, pheasant, deer heads, and wild turkey, brass guard and pommel with a brass spacer, leather sheath. Hidden tang. 11'' oal, 6 1/4'' blade, mint.
431Roper handmade hunter, micarta handles with a finger groove, nickel silver guard and drilled for lanyard, pouch sheath, mint. Sheath marked Roper knives, tapered tang with black liners, 8 3/4'' oal, 3 5/8'' blade, #81 on the back of the tang.
441Early handmade marked ''Havlik'', used, stamina wood handle, nickel silver fittings, hidden tang, leather sheath not original to the knife. 9 1/4'' oal, 5'' blade, excellent.
451JP mark on this small hunter, wood handles, well used leather sheath, straight tang, 8 1/4'' oal, 4'' blade. Near mint.
461Wayne Hensley 1 blade folder handmade, wood handles with a ding or so, slant bolsters, 4 1/8'' closed, saber ground spay blade sliplock.
471Wayne Hensley handmade ivory micarta folder made in 2000 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club in Atlanta GA. 3 1/4'' closed, one discolored spot where it looks like a large sticker was on the handle.
481Stag handled handmade knife 1 of 50 made in 1980 for the Chattahoochee Cutlery Club in Atlanta Ga.
491Marvin Poole handmade wood handled hunter marked ''Poole 2'' mint with leather sheath. Nice curve to the handle, 8 1/8'' oal, 4'' blade, on back, ''17 765'' ''Green River Leather marked sheath.
501D. Manley handmade sheep horn handled hunter made in 2012 for the Flint River knife club, 1 of 23, with leather sheath, drilled for lanyard. 6 1/4'' oal, 2 3/4'' blade. Mint.
511Charles Clifton, Georgetown, KY micarta handled drop point handmade hunter, used, exc. With pouch leather sheath. Great using knife.
521D. Manley handmade sheep horn handled hunter made in 2012 for the Flint River knife club, 1 of 23, with leather sheath, drilled for lanyard.
531Marvin Poole wood handled hunter with leather sheath, marked Poole 2. Straight tang, 8 3/8'' oal, 4 1/2'' blade, mint.
541Dave Murphy handmade with engraved aluminum and brass handles, inset with tulip wood, oosic and white oak handles, D2 steel, Nude engraved on back side of the blade. 10'' oal, 4 3/4'' blade with long sharpened false edge. no sheath. Including the detailing letter from the maker. Sent as a gift to Knife World publisher the late Houston Price. Mint.
551Three miniature knives, two marked by Jerry Bodner, one an NKCA finger groove in a box the other a pinback, plus one more with stag handles.
561Webb big frontlock folder, fileworked back and blade back, long bolster, stamina wood handles, 4 7/8'' closed, 9'' overall, has been carried and used, grind lines on the blade are rough, excellent
571R Baker drop point with wood handles, 8'' oal, 3 1/2'' blade, laminated wood handle that has some surface cracking, straight tang, early knifemaker finish, brass guard, fileworked blade back, used, sheath stamped ''H. P''. (Houston Price, the late publisher of Knife World).
581Dave Murphy handmade to Houston Price, bone jet, turquoises and wood inset handle engraved ''Knife World Grand Prize 1992'', stippled aluminum frame, in the original box in which it was shipped. No sheath. 10: oal, 4 5/8'' blade. Mint.
591T inside a diamond shape wood handled hunter, some specking, attached cardboard sleeve over the blade identifies knife as Tom Berry of Rockmore TX, very light, no sheath, 9 1/2'' oal, 5'' blade. Rough finish, tapered tang and distal taper blade. Numbers on the back 85 F8.
601Dave Murphy Bowie. Micarta handles inset into a black composition outer handle, fused with the same treatment from the other side around a hidden tang, 12: oal, 6 3/4'' blade, with brass spacer, green ferrule, drilled for lanyard, engraved brass guard. No sheath.
611Tommy Lee Gaffney, SC Walrus handled folder, dovetaied bolsters. Walrus ivory is readily identified by the pithy appearing center part of a walrus tuck. Visible on the handle in this knife. Some shrinkage has moved the handle out of alignment with the dovetailed bolster, no space but doesn't align perfectly. Fixer upper...
621Blackie Collins Bowie with thermoplastic handles and camo sheath. Mint. His name marked on the tang as he did often with the knives he handmade. Camo sheath. 12'' oal, 7 1/2'' blade. Mint.
631Four Modern Case knives. 6220 peanut with Gatorback laser cutting, pink Camo thermoplastic 21125L, 610096 greenbone, and 610096 mini-toothpick John Wayne ''The Duke'' laser cut handles with etched blade.
641Four modern case knives, 64052 congress with red shield and navy blue handles, 6383 jigged autumn bone, 6220 peanut with sunburst bone in a Select limited edition, and 610096 mini-toothpick John Wayne ''The Duke'' laser cut handles with etched blade.
651Hardcover cover ''Knife Digest'' book 2ed Edition by William L. Cassidy. One of the liveliest written knife books ever. A requirement for any good knife library.
661Knifecraft, A Comprehensive step-by-step guide to the Art of Knifemaking by Sid Latham, hardcover, color dust cover, and a classic knife book. A requirement for any good knife library.
671Four Case knives, modern, camo 21125L thermoplastic lockback, 5383 stag whittler with red relief shield, 6383 bone, and 6230 gunstock with antique bone handles and oval relief shield. All MIB
681Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles. The last major knife book I wrote. Good articles. Good writing. Crammed with knife photos. Paperback. I will autograph the book upon request.
691Four knives, 3 Case knives, 1980's fading delrin 63044 , delrin 63087, G10 handled 103046 with cracks across the handle and Schrade 1982 stag handled NKCA trapper club knife. All mint except as noted, Case knives all in the boxes.
701Pocket Knife Traders Price Guide by Jim Parker. 1994 edition, second he issued, made to fit in a back pocket, and a great comparison to today to see how knife prices have changed (or not changed).
711Pair of Straight Razors, Case Red Imp mint, and Dixie Manufacturing Co. Union City, GA, near mint. Boxes are not original.
721Quartet of Case Peanuts, two Case Select 1 of 2500, handles are bone, sunburst, seat green (selects) and burnt green and emerald green. . MIB.
731Four Case knives, Case Brothers modern marked 62131 canoe, 62130 antique bone gunstock, 62131 rough black canoe, and stag handled blue scroll etch (modern) muskrat with engraved bolsters, all MIB
741Pair of knives, Case US Fly Fish Knife vg with broken blade and punch, and carved pearl Henckels fruit knife, vg, patched on the back handle.
751Hugo Koller Solingen Germany stag handled knife that folds through the handle, and lock is not spring loaded but is held in the grip and locks the blade, mint. 11 1/2'' open, 7 1/2'' blade. With sheath.
761Four Knife books, all used, Knives Digest, Gun Digest Book of Folding Knives by Jack Lewis and B. R. Hughes, and two copies of Knives 90.
771Three knife books, The Gun Digest Book of Knifemaking, Knives 90, and Knives 90. all Used.
781Three great knife books, Knives Digest by Ken Warner and Bruce Voyles, Sargents Knife & Razors price guide, and Gun Digest Book of Folding knives by Jack Lewis and B. R. Hughes. All softover, previously owned.
791Two stag handled knives, 5383 round raised letter shield, 5201 C. Platts model in tin box, both mint.
801Four Case knives from the 70's , 6208 bone half whittler, all early 70's and 10 dot 62109x bone baby copperhead, 82079 1/2 and 8233 both pearl handles . Mint.
811Pair of Case knives, 1970's 6254 bone stainless trapper and 52087 stag handled Case Centennial stag handled knife.
821Three Case Brothers (modern) knives, in metal tins, 62131 canoe, 6108 physican's, and 6347 stockman. All MIT
831Pair of Schatt & Morgan knives, large coke bottle folding hunter with extended bolsters, and jumbo stockman with grooved bolster and keystone shield. Both MIB.
841Two 70's Case knives, 6232 70's bone and 6269 small congress delrin 70's, both mint.
851Pair of fruit knives, one a two blade coin silver with a cameo pommel, the other a small JY Collingshaw with pear handles and fancy bolsters, both exc.
861Four Case knives honoring the 175th anniversary of Colt, issued in 2011, all with pieced blue bone handles, the Rampant Colt on the spacer bar, and in colorful metal tins, 6347, pair of canoes 62131, and a Tony Bose small saddlehorn. All mint
871Pair of Case Texas Lockhorns from the 80's, both variations, micarta handle and white delrin handle. Both mint blade but handles have been scratched and skinned up sliding around in knife boxes for God knows how long. Not sure the scratches would buff out. Delrin model has five or so rivet cracks, common for the delrin model. No boxes or sheaths.
881Three knives, German military style pioneer knife, swastika on the guard, sawtooth back, blunt tip no sheath 15 1/2'', ethnic knife with carved wood sheath and handle carved into the shape of a fist, 17'' or so, 18'' similar knife with no sheath, and what appears to be a Mauser bayonet with metal sheath with the barrel lug ground down.
891Seven Case knives, all different, Hastings model commemorative 75 anniversary, 6279 ss delrin, 62042 delrin, A62042 appaloosa bone, 7233 1990, 9261 USA (1965-70), and 9201 10 dot.
901Set of four Case made knives for Rigid, all typical Case patterns, trapper, mini-trapper, serpentine three blade, and two blade pen, wood handles, names are Gauco, Pocket Partner, Johnny Reb, and Lil' Reb. MIB
911Pair of Carl Schleiper Eye brand stag handled knives, 1995 NKCA club knife muskrat, and etched blade stag handled canoe, both mint.
921Case Artic Ice handled channel inlay peanut, mint in presentation box
931Three Case wildlife knives, two etched American Sportsman with shotgun XX shields and laser scenes of deer and a turkey, in tins, and in paper box similar scene of a turkey with unetched blade but scrimmmed on both sides. All mint and all trappers.
941Three Case knives, Russlock with Navy blue bone handles and raised red shield, Antique bone gunstock 62130, and 63055wh seahorse with Crimson bone handles and diamond shield. All MIB
951Three Case knives, 6437 blue bone 175th anniversary of Colt (2011) in colorful metal tin with COA, 6111 1/2 folding guard lockback root beer bone and 63055 seahorse with raised letter shield, antique bone, all MIB
961Thee cutlery items, E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter in relief hatchet, very good, an unmarked deer tine handled patch knife, and a plastic handled miniature ax (toy).
971Utica Knife & Razor Co marked Pearl handled garter dirk mint with etching, ''Mexican Stiletto'' 7 1/2'' oal, 4'' blade, with leather sheath
981Three Case knives, two are white bone with ''The Duke'' lasered into it, authorized John Wayne knife with illustrated box, 6254 Trapper, 6220 peanut plus a 610096 mini toothpick with bone handles. Mint.
991Three knives, wood handled 9'' knife with wood handle Inoxidable Frances Industria, Argentina mark, no sheath, Tandil El Chaja, Ind Argentina small gaucho with unusual woven cloth handle, 8 1/2'' mint with nice leather sheath, and same knife with the same mark but with a polished wood handle and wood sheath, mint. all Argentia made.
1001Three Case knives, new red scroll 520096 mini toothpick, 5220 new red scroll peanut, and 5220 new blue scroll peanut with engraved bolsters, two original boxes. All mint.