Lot Qty Description
2011Five different Case peanuts, all 6220 patterns, lime green jigged bone, bengal laser cut bone, Damascus blades rogers bone with bowtie shield, smooth bone with zebra laser engraving, and Case Select Limited Edition 1 of 3000 with jigged red bone handles and bomb shield. All MIB
2021Five Case knives, Lime green jigged bone 6220 peanut and 610096 mini toothpick, zebra laser engraved 6220 peanut, blue bone limited edition select with bomb shield mini-toothpick, and blue bone mini-toothpick with engraved bolsters, all MIB
2031Five different mini-toothpicks. All bone: leopard laser cut, blue bone Select limited eidtion, red bone select limited edition, lime green bone with arrowhead shield, and blue bone select limited edition with bomb shield. Case names for the colors are crimson, ocean blue, and sea green, among others.All MIB
2041Five Case knives. Snakeskin laser cut red bone Muskrat, blue bone mini toothpick with engraved bolsters, Select mini toothpick with pale blue bone handles, mini-toothpick with zebra striping and 6220 peanut with zebra striping, all MIB
2051Three bone handled Schatt & Morgan knives, all with keystone shields, one blade slim trapper pattern and two sleeveboard patterns with pinched and grooved bolsetrs
2061Five Case Muskrats, all with red smooth bone laser engraved with a snakeskin pattern, All MIB
2071Three Schatt & Morgan Doctors knives, all with keystone shields, three colors of bone, two with spatula second blades, one pen second blade, all MIB
2081Pair of pearl sowbelly knives, Parker made in Japan, Five blade ''American Blade'' life members knife, early 1980's, pieced abalone and pearl handles, and three blade pearl with spacer made for the Palmetto Cutlery Club in 1983. Both mint.
2091Chuck Hawes Damascus head wood handled Tomahawk, 17 1/2'' long, 2 3/8'' cutting edge, 7 1/2'' wide, a couple of storage specks, otherwise mint.
2101Schatt & Morgan President's Choice horn handled jumbo sleeveboard with a pearl inlay shield, 1 of 400 in gold embossed satin lined lid presentation case. Mint. Certificate of authenticity, 2002, receipt from the collector shows he paid Clarence Risner $125.00 for this knife in 2004.
2111Canton Cutlery Co. swell center whittler, 3 1/2'' closed ''Fred Stephan Dolgeville, NY'' on one handle, two turn of the century pin-up shots on the reverse, unused but some rusting on a couple of the blades.
2121Two camping axes, Buck USA 106, year 2000 date mark, and a Coleman bead blastered small ax with a Cherokee tang mark. No sheaths. Unused
2131Five USA knives, Three delrin Kabar with delin handles, Scout Utility near mint, two 2-blade serpentines, and two Camillus tuxedo patterns, one delrin, one with imitation pearl.all mint with specks unless otherwise noted. Look to have been made by Camillus.
2141Pair of Kabar Knife Collectors Club knives, Dogshead Kabar jigged bone large toothpick, and a smooth bone ''Dolphin'' model one blade with grooved bolsters, both MIB
2151Group of Eight different Snap-on knives, all clampack carded for hanging on a pegboard, a nice instant collection. Imported and mint in the package.
2161Three collectible knives, Schrade Morning Star lockback in the box with beaded Indian sheath, Remington 200th anniversary Musket knife on a Daddy Barlow pattern, and Remington smooth bone with pearl inlaid bullet shield on a lockback Daddy Barlow fish knife. All MIB.
2171Case three blade trapper gift set with Case stamped leather sheath, soft Arkansas stone in the bos, and bone handled 6454 with one saw blade and a gut-hook blade, all in a colorful gift tin. MIT.
2181Two Case fixed blade knives, Case Pawnee with flap basketweave sheath from the late 70's, and a 365-5 modern stacked leather washer handled hunter MIB
2191Three Queen Cutlery #92 jigged bone fixed blade knives, and same patter with black horn handle, all in the sheaths, all mint. NOTE: The production equipment of Queen was recently auctioned, and all that remains to be sold is the Queen owned trademarks. I would expect the new owners will likely be importing knives under this brand-so it might be a good time to scarf up all the USA made ones that you can.
2201Pair of pearl handled knives, Pearl Muskrat made in 1986 for the Kentucky Cutlery Association, (some spots on the top of the 2ed blade, and a Hen & Rooster Bertram 352-y gold lip pearl handled canoe. Both mint.
2211Four Case knives, Prolock I, Prolock II with stamina wood handles, Duralock B and Duralock C with thermoplastic handles, all mint, one sheath.
2221Pair of KA-BAR collectors club knives, 2 blade English Jack with jigged bone handles and dogshead shield, and jigged bone hatchet folder with bone handles, both MIB
2231Case Classic Case Brothers 1993 52007 , bowtie rasied letter Case shield, MIB
2241Pair of Case knives, Case XX 61093 bone Texas toothpick vg, and a 70's 6250 Elephant Toe with laminated wood jigged handles. Mint.
2251KA-BAR, USA pearl handled folding hunter made for the Kabar Knife Collectors Club, mint. Pearl this size on any knife is a rare find.
2261Boker Blackbeard Commemorative, delrin handled German-made lockback with a gold plated blade and a wood presentation box. Mint.
2271Yes, they made it, but only for a brief time in the 1990 as a talking point, the Case Triple X, 6488 green bone pattern long pull, MIB.
2281Pair of pearl handled knives made by Fight'n Rooster as club knives, one blade physican's made in 1980 for the Palmetto cutlery club, 1 of 200, and the other 1 of 500 made in 1978 for the Ky. Cutlery Association on a pearl handled gunstock whittler with some engraving in the pearl, Both mint.
2291Three Queen winterbottom bone handled knives, two tuxedo patterns and and 2 blade pen knife, all mint.
2301Case 70's 6249 Copperhead, bone handles, mint except for some light tarnish on the blade top.
2311Two knives from the Case gray etch stag sets of 1976, 6172 stag handled clasp knife, and 6233 stag pen nife, both matching etch and mint, both stainless.
2321Three Boker trappers, each produced as a part of their annual series they began in 1971. White Lightning smooth bone, Hillbilly 1978 smooth bone with shield, and Forty Niner 1986 with raised letter shield. All three MIB. (All are the same standard size trapper)
2331Three Boker Germany limited edition knives. Sternwheeler whittler, 1975 limited edition with reverse frosty etched blade, plus jigged laminated wood Canoe ''Appalachian Trail'', and jigged bone copperhead form 1989 honoring the Graf Zepplin. All three gift boxed.
2341Pair of pearl handled ABCA knives. 1984 black pearl three blade trapper made as a club knife, and a standard size ''Yours for Life'' trapper that was only available with a life membership to the American Blade Collectors Association in 1981-82 and sold out. Both mint.
2351Pair of pearl handled club knives. Fight'n Rooster pearl handled 2 blade barlow made in 1981 for the Palmetto Cutlery Club, and a Parker made 1982 Palmettoo Cutlery Club baby bullet with pearl handles. Both mint.
2361Smith & Wesson 6070 hunter, issued in the 1970's, designed by Blackie Collins, in the old style Smith & Wesson blue box with the metal corners, MIB
2371Three German made knives. Henckels stag handled serpentine stock, Fight'n Rooster bone handled 4'' premium stockman with reversed frosty etched blade, and the famous Stidham Bird Dog whittler, featuring a dogs head on a stag Anglo-Saxon whittler pattern, bird dog etching and ''hand-forged''.
2381Trio of pearl handled congress knives made for the Kentucky Cutlery Association by Fight'n Rooster for the years 1983, 84, and 85. All feature multiblade congress knives, two with 8 blades and one with four. All mint.
2391Twelve blade pearl handled Fight'n Rooster congress, made in 1985 for the Fight'n Rooster International Cutlery Club. 1 of 600. Gold etched, five backsprings. Mint.
2401NKCA Museum knife set, mint, no box. Includes Schrade USA stag handled clasp knife, Case A6250 Appaloosa bone sunfish, Kissing Crane stag whittler, and Pearl Fight'n Rooster three blade (only known Fight'n Rooster knife made in Japan). All knives and have the late Chattanooga museum pictured on the blade. mint.
2411Pair of Case knives made for the National Knife Collectors Association, 61050L folding guard folding hunter and jigged bone saddlehorn with a grooved bolster, made in 1983 and 1991. Both mint.
2421Three bone handled knives made for the National Knife Collectors Association, Case 1987 6345, 1989 Case 6270, and 1984 Hen & Rooster jigged bone lockback,
2431Two stag handled Robert Klass Kissing Crane German made knives, 1977 three blade gunstock canoe and 1980 three blade gunstockm both made for the National Knife Collectors Association.
2441Marshall Wells Zeith slab side Cowboy bowie, leather sheath, exc. Jigged bone handles, straight tang and guard. 10'' oal, 6'' blade, back side of tang marked Marshall Wells Hdw. Co. England, and blade is stamped Marshall Wells Hardware.
2451Diamond King Razor Hone, so stamped in the stone, and comes with a beautiful color illustrated inside lid by Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware, and when closed a detailed high relief outer top. This is one of the most lavish razor hone boxes known. Showy. Hinge is all but gone.
2461Cattaraugus stag handled hunter, slab sides with fiber spacers on each end, Indian head Cattaraugus sheath. Stamped on the tang, ''The Better Quality Knife'' and on the back, ''Made in USA'', 9 5/8 oal, 5'' blade. Exc.
2471Alfred Williams, Sheffield, England, EBRO, near mint slab handled jigged bone hunter with clip blade, with heavy leather sheath. Nice Sheffield hunter. Original polish on the flat surfaces, but the concave grind show the evidence of an idiot with a file, blade is still full. Nice sharp edges on the bone, exc.
2481Pair of Blade Show knives, including the show knife made for the first one in 1982, an American Blade reverse congress pearl whittler, and a composition ivory handled lockback with Damascus blade by Parker USA 1 of 300. Both mint, with matching life numbers.
2491Two Fight'n Rooster 12 blade congress knives, both with celluloid handles, both mint.
2501Stag and wood Two Fight'n Rooster 12 blade congress knives, one handled in horn, the other in stag.
2511Three Pearl handled Fight'n Rooster ''Captain's Rooster'' Reportedly he only made 100 of each pattern. Gunstock, small teardrop, and a three blade Canoe with fancy bolstesr. All are mint, but the gold wash on the canoe has, well, washed out. Otherwise mint.
2521Cole large Carpenter's whittler with clip blade, mint, etched ''Hand Forged'', German made. Pearl handles. 4'' c,losed.
2531Tony Bose/Case special limited edition, square bolster muskrat in Damascus steel, TB622004, with leather Case stamped zip up case and box. Mint.
2541One of the nicest replica Bowies known, the Searles Bowie featuring a blued blade and gold etching on both sides showing both Jim and Rezin Bowie. Wood handle and beautiful wood case. Produced by the US Historial Society and as result of consulting with actual knife authorities rather than winging it. Nice. 14 1/4'' oal, 9 1/4'' blade, mint but outside of the box has been dinged aorund some.
2551Tony Bose/Case special limited edition, Lanny's Clip, TB612012, 154cm steel, zip up leather Case stamped case, original box mint.
2561Case XX 6392 bone handled stockman, mint.
2571Four Abalone handled Parker knives, Country Doctor 2 blade physician's knife, Wildcat, Parker Brothers sliplock, and King Cobra, all mint except King Cobra has some grunge on the bolsters, all mint otherwise.
2581Three Fight'n Rooster Captain's Roosters, all with pearl handles, and top of the line, gold etched Muskrat, Sodbuster Jr. pattern, and swell end lockback, all German made and mint.
2591Three Parker Cutlery knives, Leopard with blade etch, abalone eagle inlaid into black handle, Gray Ghost with imitation tortoise handles, lockback, and Aida designed micarta handled lockback, all mint, some storage scratching though.
2601Three Parker Pearl handled knives, Copperhead 2 blade, Kayak small canoe, and red etched baby Sunfish, all mint.
2611Puma Original Bowie, Genuine Pumaster Steel Germany #6396, stag handles drilled for lanyard, blade is mint with some specking, sheath shows a lot of carry wear.
2621Case 5137ss Kentucky Bicentennial and a J. R. Torrery Razor in original case, black handles.
2631Case Tony Bose commemorative set in glass case featuring three of the knives he designed for Case TB6339, TB62110 SS, and TB62117SS. Limited edition of 500 sets.
2641Group of three knives, Ka-Bar USMC replica, Frost Bowie, and American Blade (1981-83) Boot knife. All MIB
2651Kershaw Golden Boar German made recreation of a WWI era dagger using the original dies, 10'''' blade, black micarta handles, boar head pommel
2661Kershaw Golden Eagle Dagger, eagle pommel, black micarta handles, put of a limited edition issued by Kershaw in the 80's. Come with wood S&D style case. 14: oal, 9 1/4'' blade
2671Queen President Collection whittler on a clock, limited edition of 400. Beautiful wood case, ideal for wall.
2681W. R. Case & Sons sunfish with Case Family name of Platts, jigged bone, with fancy wall plaque describing the relationship between H. N. Platts and J. Russell Case. Mint
2691Kershaw eagle guard finger groove hunter, wood handles, in presentation case. Mint, 11'' oal, 5'' blade,
2701Three vintage knives, Schrade USA 165 hunter with leather sheath, knife is unused but some stains on the blade, plus pair of Kabar small hunters, stacked leather washer handles, fancy leather sheaths, mint in the original box with the original sleeve covlers, model 1226. MIB.
2711Buck 110 Virginia Bicentennial knife, gold etched blade, one of 250 made in 1988. MIB
2721Marbles Safety folder, stag handles (smaller version) 5 1/4'' closed, 8 1/2'' open, some space on the handlesd on the butt end, looks to be natural with the knife, just a poor fit or edge of the stag was a little crumbly, cosmetic issue only. Condition is low exc/high vg. Blade has some wear and pitting.
2731Case XX green bone 62031 1/2 mint.
2741Original Puma-Bowie, stag handles, also marked Genuine Pumamaster steel-Germany. Blade is mint, Puma stamped sheath shows a lot of carry.
2751The first four years of the Boker annual series, started when the US franchise was owned by Wiss, and each knife features two medallions in the handle. The first in 1971, a stockman with silver medallions, 1972 was two gold medallions and a gold etched blade, 1973 was a Boker congress with red medallions, and 1974 was a reverse etching with a deer on a square bolster stockman. No boxes, all mint.
2761Tony Bose/Case special limited edition Arkansas Hunter, slant bolsters, bomb shield, T.B. 612008. Mint with zip up Case marked case, original box.
2771Four pearl handled knives on the razor motif, Two are razors with pearl and abalone handles and patriotic slogans, ''The Union Must and Shall Be Preserved'' and ''The American give the right hand of fellowship to all andtion and own a universal brotherhood,'' plus two folders with razor style blades in two sizes, larger has pieced pearl, all 4 mint.
2781Three pearl handled Parker knives, pearl Saturday Night Special toothpick, same pattern with pieced pearl and abalone handle, and a pearl handled muskrat with a hawbakers style blade etched ''Improved Eagle Muskrat''. All mint.
2791Four Japanese knives, three in abalone, one in pearl. Frost Barracauda and Falcon lockback, the other two small miniature fat barlows etched ''Pigeon Forge Fats''. All mint. (Note: I once saw an early prototype of the Frost Barracuda, and evidentally the name had be communicated over the phone, as the etched read, ''ballacuda''. I tried to buy it but was turned down.)
2801Group of six Parker Cutlery lockbacks, Four pearl, one abalone, one with both abalone and pearl, all lockbacks. Two little mustangs, a scorpion, and a southern belle, and two others. All mint.
2811Three NKCA club knives, stag Hen & Rooster Germany jumbo stockman, all blades etched, Gerber 1988 in a bullet pattern and a 1978 Rodgers-Wostenholm green bone three blade canoe. All mint.
2821Three stag handled knives made for the National Knife Collectors Association, 1977 Kissing Crane gunboat canoe, 1989 Kissing Crane stag gunstock 3 blade, and 1981 Queen stag handled big cigar long pull, all mint.
2831Two NKCA Club knives, stag 1977 Kissing Crane Gunboat canoe, and Gerber jigged bone lockback, both mint.
2841Three pearl handled knives, all made for the Palmetto Cutlery Club, Fight'n Rooster gunstock whittler 1978, gold etched blade and scrimmed pearl, 1977 Fight'n Rooster 3 blade canoe with reerse gold etched blade and engine turned bolstres, and Case 1984 8107 one blade, etched, all mint.
2851Three pearl handled Fight'n Rooster knives. Eight blade congress with scrimmed pearl made fo the KY Cutlery Assn. in 1980, pearl congress whittler made in 1979, and 1980 2 blade razor barlow. All have gold etched blades and are mint.
2861Four stag handled Cripple Creek knives, all made for the American Edge Collectors Association,1983 surveyor pattern, slant bolsters 1 of 60, 1984 three blade sowbelly, 1982 trapper 1 of 80, and 1984 Texas Toothpick 5th anniversary knife, 1 of 52. All mint.
2871Pair of stag handled Cripple Creek knives, dogleg jack and three blade serpentine with slant bolsters, both made for the American Edge collectors, 1985 one of 95, and 1986 one of 90. Both mint.
2881Two bench made knives, one by Cripple Creek, a jigged bone large oval pattern with 3 blades 1 of 23 made for the Soy Knife Collectors in 1986, and a Garlits jigged green bone curved frame barlow made for the American Edge Collectors in 1987. Both mint.
2891Pair of stag handled Cripple Creek large knives, made for the American Edge Collectors Association in 1989 and 1990. One is a long coke bottle, the other same as a Case 5151 toadsticker pattern, both sliplocks and mint, with both the AECA emblem and the three legged buffalo shield. Mint
2901Schrade display topper, made to fit on the existing display and dates to the 70's, Contains 154OT (no sheath), 206 Barlow (with a $10.00 retail), 77OT Muskrat, 194OT locking liner 1 blade trapper, 94OT trapper, 61OT serpentine 3 blade) this display marked the time these knives were first added to the Schrade line.
2911Four miniature barlows by Parker Cutlery, the Little John set (no box) features knives in pearl abalone, bone, and wood, semi-razor blade shape. Named for Jim Parker's brother, John. All mint.
2921Three Frost Cutlery pearl handled knives. Barracudao lockback, smaller lockback with black lip pearl handles and two blade peanut with black lip. All mint
2931Three Hercules Parker Custom Series knives, coffin shaped bolsters on both ende, fileworked, and handled in pearl, abalone, and black lip pearl, all mint. At the time these were issued it was the same era that the Conquistidor folding hunters and Excaliber canoes were announced, designed to be his top of the line knives, and most retailed over $100 each, top quality. All three mint.
2941Three Pearl handled knvies, Kai-cut pearl handled 5100 lockback, and two Browning pearl pen knives same size as a Case '33, likely made by Queen c. 1980's. All mint.
2951Pair of top of the line Parker Custom series pearl handled folding hunters, spacers in the middle, one mother of pearl, one black pearl, both etched, ''Conquistidor'' and blade backs and backsprings fileworked. Mint.
2961Four pearl handled Parker knives, Lockback taillock, Remember the Alamo gunstock shaped front lock, Pearl Wildcat, and Pearl Beavertail, all mint.
2971Three Fight'n Rooster top of the line Captains Roosters, 4'' premium stockman, serpentine stockman 3 blade, and a serpentine 4-blade stockman, all with Captain's Rooster etching, all mint.
2981Four Parker Cutlery pearl and abalone handled knives, Desperado folding boot knife, pair of lockbacks one in abalone and one in pearl that Jim Parker referred to as Parker ''Gems'', and a Parker-Frost pearl coffin bolster folder, all mint.
2991Rare Transition Case XXX to Case XX Classic, one master blade marked one way, one the other. Rare triple unheard of in a transition. Rare plus, in Case Tested Classic box, mint.
3001Three knives, pair of Boker thuya wood handled whittlers, 1982 in the annual series, MIB with whetstone in each, and a jade handled Alaska ulu, all mint.