Lot Qty Description
1011Two stag handled knives, modern versions of older etches, new red etch 520096ss and 5333 with Case Razor Edge etching, both MIB
1021Two Case Muskrat knives, modern, one is stag with a new blue etch, and a brown smooth bone laser engraved handles, both MIB
1031Pair of Schatt & Morgan folding guard lockbacks, one handled in Genuine stag with a spear blade, the other in winterbottom bone with a clip blade, both with keystone shields, both MIB.
1041Two A. G. Russell muskrat knives, both with acorn shields, one handled in pearl the other in burl wood, one box. Mint.
1051Pair of pearl handled Queen knives, 80's, #4 and #57 patterns, both MIB.
1061Pair of Case stag handled knives, 51749 copperlock and new blue etch stag 510096 Texas Toothpick, both modern and mint.
1071Two Case modern knives, both with new blue etch blades, on a 5220 stag peanut with engraved bolsters, the other a 510096ss mini toothpick. Both MIB
1081Group of four differert Rigid Brand knives made by W. R. Case & Sons on contract. All with wood handles, trapper, mini trapper, '87 pattern and two blade '033, all in original Rigid boxes and mint.
1091Group of eight different miniature pearl handled knives, All are German made except for two Japan, One is black lip mother of pearl, the other abalone. Salm model is spotted, others mint.
1101Pair of Schatt & Morgan pearl handled physicans pattern knives. Two blade standard size with spatula blade, and smaller model with 2ed blade a pen blade. Both MIB.
1111Group of three Columbia River Knife & Tool. Glidelock, Kommer Fulcrum, and Falcon. All MIB
1121Chuck Hawes, Weldon, IL hand forged tomahawk, curly maple handle, some filework, mint. 15'' long, 1 3/4'' sharpened edge.
1131IXL, Wostenholm vintage bleeder/fleam knife, brass handles, 3'' closed, exc
1141Four Hen & Rooster knives, stag whittler, four blade congress 324C-DS, and Hen & Rooster 2000 marked stag congress.
1151Three German made Bulldog Brand knives, stag trapper, three blade stockman etched ''Tennessee Walking Horse,'' and a stag canoe with the same reverse frosty etching. Mint.
1161Three stag handled, German made Bulldog Brand knives, three blade stockman and copperhead both with reverse frosty etchings, and a canoe with bar shield and Fighting Bulldogs etch. All mint except for a storage speck here and there.
1171Two Bulldog brand German made knives, 1998 reverse etched stag trapper, and Fighting Bulldogs logo stag canoe with bar shield. Unused but spotted
1181Case Blue Scroll engraved bolster mint sets, a more limited edition of the blue scroll stag sets issued in 1977. Complete with original Case wood ''collectors case'' and with the more rare 5233 pen. All mint.
1191Case 75th Anniversary Canoe set, Three blade 5394, 53131, and two blae 52131and two blade, with engraved gold plated bolsters and well made hardwood display case. Mint.
1201Two stag handled 1980's Case knives. 52033ss and 05263ss etched, both mint.
1211Case XX (1945-65) 5254 Trapper, Older narrow bolster sometimes called ''Tested style''. Has been sandpapered overall as the previous owner's cleaning method, excellent except for a patched chip on the back handle. .
1221Case red stag mint set, complete set as issued in 1978 with the rarer and more limited engraved bolsters, mint, with wood ''collectors case.'' All mint. Uncommon to find complete intact sets these days.
1231Five folding hunters 1981-1985 made for the Kabar Knife Collectors Club featuring knives handled in pearl, stag, smooth bone, jigged bone and celluloid, all in the original wall hanging plaque. Mint.
1241Pair of the rare Excaliber canoes, oversized three blade canoes with spacered handled of mother of pearl and abalone. Retailed over $100 at issue, fileworked, in the original box and tang marked Parker Custom Series. MIB
1251Case Triple X (Case XXX) made as a Case classic, four blade with green bone handles and bomb shield, in a Case Brothers classic box. Both mint.
1261Pair of pearl handled Ka-bar knives made for the Kabar Knife Collectors club, canoe and small congress, both 2 blades, both MIB
1271Pair of Blade Show knives, limited editions of 600 each and sold at the Blade Show in 1983 and 1985. Pearl handled Weyer pattern, and laser etched white bone handles on a front lock folding tanto. Both mint.
1281Three Queen modern Winterbottom bone handled knives, slim one blade trapper and two 2-blade pen knives, one original box, all mint.
1291Two knives made for the Kabar Knife Collectors Club. Pearl handled 2 blade gunstock, and one blade folding guard lockback with stag handles, one box. Mint.
1301Three Case knives with jigged lamianted wood handles, all 1970's. 6165 SAB folding hunter, 6217 2 blade, and 61051L lockback, all mint.
1311Pair of Bulldog Brand German made stag handled knives. 1998 Tennessee Walking Horse reverse etch Canoe, and Bulldo brand reverse etch with two bulldog heads on a stock pattern, Both knives are unused but have some light storage specks.
1321Pair of long pieces of cutlery, Carvel Hall Arkansas toothpick 17 1/2'' oal, 11 3/4'' blade with coffin hilt and wood handles, c.1970'-80's, and Weyersburg, Solingen military knife with wood handles Argentino Modelo 1909 on the back, metal scabbard, 20'' oal, 14 5/8'' blade,
1331Pair of Bowies, Weidmannsheil, Germany stainless with stag handles. 11 3/4''oal, 7 1/4'' blade , and William Rodgers Sheffied England etched ''Bowie Knife'' and ''I cut my way'' with wood handles, both with brass guards. 10 1/2 oal, 6 1/4'' blade. Both mint with leather sheaths.
1341Three Knives, Older stag handled Weidmannsheil, Germany leaderhosen knife with a sawtooth back and intergal guard, leather sheath, Bear MGC staminawood handled hunter (predecessor of Bear & Son), and Parker white bone ''Old Dominion'' replica folding Bowie recreated from the original knives owned by Bill Wright. All three for one bid.
1351Pair of Mid-Eastern daggers with ornate metal handles and sheath, lighter colored synthetic handle and metal handle. 14 3/4'' oal, 9'' blade. Do not appear vintage.
1361Carl Eickhorn marked, ''Original Eickhorn, Germany'' W. W. II style Army Dagger with metal sheath, handled is a little loose, 14 1/2'' oal, 9 3/4'' blade, fancy metal scabbard with oak like scroll on the hanger loop bands, near mint. [Note to snowflakes: By selling these knives, that were typically war trophies taken by brave American soldiers, we are not endorsing Nazi theory of any kind. We ARE endorsing that when Nazi idiots and their like come up in society as often happens, we have so far in our history been fortunate enough to have strong Amerians who will boldly go and end such crap. I consider such knives a tribute to the men who took them and brought them home. As that greatest generation has died away many such knives are coming on the market from estates, often without the stories of how they were obtained coming with them, a shame in itself, near mint.
1371Western Cutlery, Boulder Colo. Shark Fighting Knife, Type II according to the Cole book (p.81), much original bluing, sheath is stamped 399, long blod groove. Considering most of these are found well used I would give this one some leeway and call the condition very high exellent.
1381German Nazi SA Dagger, ED Wusthof, Solingen with trident, etched, ''Alles fur Deutschland'' (All for German), wood handled, Exc.
1391Benchmade AFCK plain edge (Advanced Folding Combat Knife) #800. MIB
1401Pair of Knives. Spyderco large model folder designed by Wayne Goddard, and American Blade smooth bone lockback folder with a bird scrimshawed on the smooth bone handles. Both mint.
1411Pair of Knives. Remington 1173 baby bullet in the repo series, delrin handles, crack at the lanyard ring like them all, and a Case gray etch (1976) stag trapper, etching is still plain but has been used, exc.
1421Pair of Schatt & Morgan teardrop jack knives, both 2 baldes, on with fancy deep jigged bone handles, keystone shield, and horn handle with pearl handled keystone shield, both MIB
1431Tony Bose/Case special limited edition Coffin Jack, T. B. 622011, bone handles, with Case stamped leather case, mint in the original box.
1441Pair of Pearl handled knives. Mint Queen #4 pattern, and H. Boker Improved Cutlery mark on a Boker four blade pen knife, long pull nail marks, low exc.
1451Pair of what I call ''Cowboy Bowies'', typical of knives carried in the 1870's and 80's through the 20's. One is marked Wade & Butcher, Sheffield England with stag handles 10'' oal, 5 3/4'' blade. exc plus, the other is unusual, marked ''L. Oppelmann, Czechoslovakia''. 10'' oal, 6'' blade exc.No sheaths.
1461Western Mark I WWII military issue, sometimes called a ''SeaBees'' knife. Not to be confused with the more moder L711 model which has a saber grind, this knife is flat ground and was blued, with much of the original bluing remaining. A few deep pits but otherwise excellent . Plain leather sheath unmarked. 9 1/4'' oal.
1471Wade & Butcher stacked leather washer handled hunter, etched, ''Teddy'', no sheath, exc. ''Firth's stainless'' on the back of the tang, 8 3/4'' oal, 4 3/4'' blade, original polish but has been sharpened and used, so high excellent.
1481Pair of Carvel Hall knives mounted on plaques. A Bowie knife with inscribed plate, wood handle, brass back, and the other a replica of Daniel Boone's knife, also with wood handles. Both mint.
1491Case Bowie Knife with wall plaque. Older style brass wrapped sheath, brass blade catcher back and frontiersman etch. Mint.
1501Germany bayonet, Wyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co, Solingen, ''J' guard, metal scabbard. Stamped on back Modelo Argentiono 1909, 4531, mint but has some grease cleaning needed and some staining from that.
1511Classic Blackjack Knives Assault Team II, Made in Effingham, Ill, fixed blade with G 10 handles, kydex sheath, finger grooved handle, and long webbing for carrying in a variety of ways. Carbon steel, and unused, but some specking.
1521Union Razor Co. marked Reproduction sticking knife, very well done packaging, jigged bone slab handles, leather sheath, KA-BAR marked wrapping tissue, Gold embossed telescoping box, and a Union marked outer cover. Mint.
1531Group of six tactical folders. Four Kershaw: Groove, Cryo blackwash 1555, Cryo 1555 G10, , One Boker X15-TN with blue handles, and CRKT SRT 1 with half serrated blacked blade. All mint.
1541Pair of Kershaw flippers, Cryo Tanto in blackwash 1555 and Cryo 1555 G10, both MIB
1551Pair of Case knives, TB61546SS Backpocket with greenbone handles and red etch and shield, and 610096ss Tiny toothpick with old red jigged bone handles, both MIB
1561Pair of Case knives, trapper and canoe both with Mediterrian blue bone handles and large white Case logo overprinted, showy. Both MIB
1571Pair of Case knives, TB61546SS Backpocket with greenbone handles and red etch and shield and 62131 canoe with Mediterrian blue bone handles and white Case logo overlay, both MIB
1581Two Case stag handled half whittlers, red stag, R5208ss, both MIB
1591Pair of Case Trappers, both smooth bone, one blue with white Case logo overlay, the other laser cut into a zebra pattern. Both MIB
1601Group of FIVE Case 6220 peanuts, all Medeterrian blue bone with white Case logo overlay, all MIB and in the original factory master pack. All mint.
1611Pair of KA-BAR stockmen made for the Kabar Collectors club, one jigged red bone, the other stag handled with a dogshead shield, both MIB
1621Three Case knives, Case selected limited edition jigged green bone C61050 folding hunter, and a blue bone and red bone pair of Case clasp knives 6172ss, both with bowtie shields, all MIB
1631Three Case mini toothpick knives, '96 patterns, two stag 2 blades, the third an orange G10 handle, all MIB
1641Four different Case knives, American hunter smooth white bone scrimshawed Case trapper in metal tin, G10 handled 61048, caramel bone 6205Raz, and 520096ss mini toothpick, all MIB
1651Three Case Knives, a in metal tins, American hunter smooth white bone scrimshawed Case trapper in metal tin, Johnny Case chestnut bone handled Russlock, and Case Brothers gunstock, all mint.
1661Group seven Case knives. 61011 staminwood hawkbill, Sodbusters Jr. 1980's with fading handles, 63032 stockman new grind spotted, Used 6232 bone with shield missing, 6244 delrin new grind, 63087 new grind with fading delring handles, and 06263ss new grind with delrin handles.
1671Pair of Case Backpocket knives, TB61546SS Backpocket with greenbone handles and red etch and shield and green bone saw cut handles with plain blade, both MIB
1681Three Kabar Collectors Club knives, 1982 jigged bone coke bottle folding hunter, Dogshead jigged bone handled folding guard lockback, and smooth green bone 1990 Ka-bar-lo 2 blade, all MIB
1691Pair of Fight'n Rooster ''Cock of the Walk'' celluloid handled folding hunters in wood presentation box, 1 blade and two blade, both mint.
1701Three modern Case Brothers marked knives, jigged brown bone handles, two 6230 gunstock patterns and 6185 Doctors knife, all with Case Brothers etchings and metal tins, all MIT
1711Four Case knives, all bone handled, 6254 red bone trapper, 6249sp copperhed trapper 1980's, blue bone seahorse 63055, and 6318shsp pocketwork, all modern, all mint.
1721Pair of Case knives, 1970's 6249 copperhead, and 1980's R6185 smooth red doctors knife, both mint.
1731Five Case trappers. One is a laser engraved zebra pattern on white bone, the other five all are smooth Medeterrian blue bone with a white Case logo overlay, all MIB
1741Group of five great Case knives. Three commemorate the 175 anniversary of Colt, with smooth blue bone handles with spacer, the Rapant Colt logo on the sapacer, and the patterns are a canoe, Bose style saddlehorn and '47 serpentine stockman, all in colorful tins, plus a stag 6285sp John Deere Doctors knife with stag handles in metal tin, and a two blade Prime stag Case 52046 1/2 ss. Mint.
1751Group of Kabar knives and stuff. Kabar jumbo sleeveboard whittler with Elephant etched on the blade, white delrin handles, a long slender coke bottle with smooth bone handles, both made for the Kabar Knife Collectors Club, plus three jacket patches, one high-relief belt buckle, and two vintage orange and white boxes. All for a single bid.
1761Group of seven various Case knives, 61048 delrin, M1057 all metal lockback and M279 80's 9233 70's, spotted, 92033 new grind 80's, 62033 delrin, 80's raised letter shield, spotted, and ProLock IV with stamina wood handles, from the 80s and short lived.
1771Group of Case smooth bone knives with zebra pattern laser engraved on the handles, 6254 trapper, Muskrat, 610096 mini toothpick, and 6220 peanut, all MIB
1781Group of five various Case knives. 3137 sodbuster, jr., blue jigged bone copperlock with red shield, Mako P158lssp, Script lettered shield on jigged bone 6375 jumbo stockman, and smooth bone 6318 new grind. All mint. One box.
1791Group of various knives, mostly German, Six blade Hen & Rooster Bertram six blade congress, 345-RPB bone, jigged bone folding guard lockback with Emmons-Hawkins Hdw. Co. marking, Boker three blade stockman with delrin handles, slant bolsters, Boker stag handled copperhead, Boker celluloid handled copperhead, Kissing Crane yellow handled baby butterbean, all mint.
1801Three repo Bowie Knives. Old English style, unmarked, horn handle handled, milled liners, sculpted guard, coffin hilt with metal tipped sheath and frog, 1/4'' or larger tang, looks a lot like Freddy James or James Lowe's 1960's Sheffield work, 14 1/2'' oal, 9 1/2'' blade, plus a replica of a Confederate D-guard Bowie with CSA marked sheath 17 1/2'' o, 12'' blalde, and stag handled alligator pommel marked only ''Sheffield, England'' and again like James or Lowe's work, c.1960's, 15 3/4'' oal, 9 1/4'' blade, all unused and mint except for some light age specking.
1811Pair of stag handled German made Bulldog Brand knives, both with reverse frosty etchings of Tennessee Walking Horse. Stockman and Canoe. Both unused but with spotting on the blades.
1821Pair of stag handled German made Bulldog Brand knives, both with reverse frosty etchings of Tennessee Walking Horse. Stockman and Canoe. Has spotting on the blades. Only a few spots.
1831Two stag handled club knives. 1982 Premiere Edition Case 5288 American Blade Collectors club knife, and NKCA Bear MGC 547 stockman with NKCA shield, MIB.
1841Five Case knives with laser engraved bone handles, Four 6220 peanuts with bengal handles, and one 610096 mini toothpick with zebra motif. All MIB
1851Cased Case, 82087ss pearl handled two blade made by W. R. Case & Sons and comes in a presenation box. Fold out scissors.
1861The knife that started the club knife era, the 1975 NKC&DA Anglo-Saxon whittler, the first club knife for the National Knife Collectors & Dealers Association, originally sold at $12.00, and in the 80's brought over $600. Beautiful dark stag handles on this example, made by Robert Klass Kissing Crane in Solingen, Germany, mint.
1871Anton Wingen, Othello brand, big 15'' oal, 10'' blade, German stag handled Bowie, nickel silver ball end guard, leather sheath that is very well made and heavy duty, does not appear original to the knife, low exc.
1881Buck 309 with David Yellowhorse '94, in presentation box, mint
1891Case Triple X (Case XXX) made as a Case classic, three blade gunboat canoe, with green bone handles and bomb shield, in a Case Brothers classic box. Both mint.
1901Japanese Replica Naval Dagger, fancy fittings on scabbard and handle, imitation ray skin, 15 1/4'' oal, 11'', does not (nor did it ever) have a sharpened edge. Can be found searching ''Naval Decorator Dirk, not to be sharpened.''Minty.
1911WWII era M1 Bayonet, U. F. H. tang mark, with ''U S'' on it, fiberglass sheath. 14 1/4'', exc. Identical to the one my Dad brought back from WWII that had been carried on Guadacanal.
1921Camillus WWII Era Pilot knife, stacked leather washer handle, wide blood groove, brass guard, original sheath made for the left side, full blades and light used, near mint. 9'' oal.
1931Marbles No. 2 safety ax, hard rubber handles, exc.
1941A. G. Russell repo of the Marbles Safety ax wood handled, folding guard folds into handle, unused but spotted. Perfect to carry in your off-road kit.
1951Five Case knives, all modern. Canoe with fancy laser cut Case logo, Seahorse with saw cut bone, Muskrat with raised letter red shield, 6347 with jigged red bone handles, and smooth red handled Muskrat with snakeskin laser engraving. All MIB
1961Four Case knives, 6254 trapper with laser engraving on smooth bone handles of a Turkey and farm scene, 3137 Sodbuster Jr, and Two 2137 ss Sodbuster Jr with etching. All MIB
1971Three Case knives, TB62110 SS red bone with script shield, and two Case gunboats 6394 canoes, on with jigged red bone the other with jigged blue bone, both with small bowtie shields, all MIB
1981Four Case knives. Blue bone bartenders with arrowhead shield, red bone 6347 serpentine with bowtie shield, 6318shsp with laser cut relief Case logos, and leopard motif laser cut on smooth bone 610096 mini toothpick, all MIB
1991Five Case knives, 6437 shsp red bone with bowtie shield, Case select 1 of 2500 Russlock with blue bone handles and bomb shield, Case brown bone muskrat with raised red letter shield, and two Case 610096 selected limited editions in blue bone and brown bone. All MIB
2001Four Case knives, Case trapper 6254 and copperlock 61749 with green bone handles, red etch and red raised letter shields, smooth bone trapper with turkey laser engraved on smooth bone handles, and 5318 red stag serpentine. All MIB