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John Richter Damascus folder. The mark on this knife is all but impossible to see, but after showing it to several handmade dealers they all identified as the same person, John Richter (goole for imgaes of his knives, there is a Custom Knife Gallery that looks like this one's brother although the lock is different. A heft 5 1/2'' long closed, adn 10 1/8'' open, Damascus blade, annodized titanium liners and groove mokume bolster, locking liner that has some light filework. The back strap is inlaid with two squares of pearl. Backstrap and blade back has rope style filework. Hands are mammoth ivory (cannot ship into states in which this 25000 plus year old item is banned, such as New Jersey, New York, California etc.) I'm sure they are afraid because of the number of mammoths being stoned to death and run off cliffs for their ivory that they might become extinct. Well made and a lot of right things going on with this knife. Mint.