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As close as you can get to Holy Grail Randall knives, a matched pair of Model 14 tenite handled Randalls, Both the the same owner's name engraved on the back of the blades, Thomas Smith McGill (the small version is engraved Thomas S. McGill.) The larger model (14-7) comes with a Brown button rough back sheath with a canteen snap strap and a double grit stone. The smaller (14-5) also has a double grit stone, both in riveted sheaths. Tenite's are rare rare rare, but two knives by the same owner in two different sizes of the same model. It doesn't get better than this. Some staining and some shrinking you find on most tenites, so near mint in my opinion but look close at the high res images in the non-bid catalog and make up your own mind. There are more photos in our non-bid high res catalog (