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Lot Number 1
Bidding Starts at 02/10/2012 18:00
Time Left Closed
(02/18/2020 23:30)
Quantity 1
High Bid 4,750.00
SOMETHING TO SAY: As The lead knife from Auction 113 is relisted here. There was no reserve on this knife--but a worthless idiot thought he would be a big dog when he was only a little mutt bid a large single bid thousands of dollars above the nearest bid. Others could no longer bid. The idiot won the bid--maybe he was broke or just dishonorable by not living up to his word, per the bidding terms. He would not pay. We have no choice but to relist the knives on which he bid to be fair to the consignor. For you as a bidder, those of you that wished you had bid higher last auction and bought this fabulous knife, you have another chance. The idiot who reneged on his bid will never be allowed to bid in our auctions again, and because of the amounts involved we are reviewing legal remedies. Bid like you want to own it--because you just might. H. H. FRANK GOLD ENGRAVED CUTLERY MASTERPIECE. If you do not know who H.H. Frank is you will not be much of a bidder on this one. Every part of this knife that can be engraved is: bolsters, blade, top and bottom of the tang, inside the backspring, pin heads, even the end of the removeable gold toothpick, and the gold shield. Dovetailed gold bolsters, 3 3/8'' long closed, 6'' open, dated April 3, 2001, and is one of the most spectacular lockbacks I have ever held in my hand. If you are lucky enough to win the bid on this cutlery masterpiece, you can hold it in your hands and will understand what I mean. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, and following the links to the high res catalog.(pnmá HM13-002)á Minimum bidá $4,000.00.