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A RODGERS SPORTS KNIFE, Page 36 and 37 of ''Sheffield Exhibition Knives''(two pages devoted to this knife). Rodgers Exhibition Knife group book by James F. Parker. As described in SEK, ''This knife represents the quality of cutlery craftsmanship of the era, with 16 pieces. It is a 4 1/4'' sports knife, with a master spear blade, screwdriver, bartenders blade (champagne bottle opener), pen, sail needle, fish scaler, hook remover, button hook, and cigar fork.'' Engraved silver top bolsters and back bolster at the base of the hook pick. It has Yorkshire rose silver rivets, fine pearl handles, a silver crest on one side, an oval shield on the other, with on the back a fileworked horse-hoof piece, a triangular leather punch, corkscrew, (both of those fileworked on the base of the tang, scallop worked inside on both sides too, outstanding filework on the top of master blade, filed with a straight groove down the middle, cigar fork, and gimlet. It also has slide out pricker, tweezers, and a slide out folding lancer. Blades are marked Cutler's to Her Majesty or No. 6 Norfolk St. Sheffield. Simply one of the finest knives ever made. One knife of this pattern was made with gold engraved bolsters for the 1876 American Centennial Exposition and is part of the group of the Smithsonian Institution. The knife has a tarnish to the polish on the top of the master blade before the bevel starts, resembling stain, and the same on the base of the fileworked hoofpick. I know of two instances in the past when this exact knife changed hands for $15,000. Also featured in ''The Rodgers Exhibition and Ceremonial Knives'' short run and long out of print book. Knives were described by James F. Parker and photographs and introduction was by me. (Page 52). Featured in two books and famous within the knife community--with a provenance of knowing where this knife has been and whose hands it has transferred since in was made in England. This is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the best known and most desired knives of history.