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Bob Terzuola Intrepid knife THE KNIFE: . Locking liner Terzuola seaman's knife made from stainless steel that was an intergal part of the ship during her commissioned service from August 1943 until March 1974. The design was chosen after the sheepsfoot pattern favored by seafarers. The complete edition was of 32 knives and two artist's proofs. The first 10 knives were donated to the Intrepid Museum Foundation, and only 20 were available to the public. This knife is No. 15, representing the year 1957. Incidentally, this knife was owned by a former crewmember of the Intrepid, a Petty Officer who served with the ship when she was not CVS-11 (slant deck), but CV-11 (straight-deck), during WWII. The knife comes in a wood presentation case, and is 4 1/4 closed, 7 3/4 open, and mint. THE MAKER: Bob T, as he is known to friends, was born in New York, graduated NYU and was a Peace Corp trainer in Panama, moved to Guatemala, before moving back to the US and inventing the Tactical Knife. He wrote the book, literally, on tactical knives, and has been a designer, collaborated with others on special projects, pioneered kydex, and G10. He is credited with being the innovator of the pocket clip and in general is one of the nicest people that you would be fortunate enough to know. A survey of his knives among a half-dozen different online dealers shows his knives range from $700 up to $3000, with some special knives as much as $4500.