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Warren Osborne engraved pearl, THE KNIFE: sculpted bolsters with gold lip pearl handles, sweeping curves to the bolsters, engraved with gold inlay, engraved shackle too, by Ray Cover, 3 5/8 closed, 6 3/8 open, sliplock, mint. #007 on the blade reverse. Mint THE MAKER: Australian Warren Osborne came to Texas as a horse trainer and soon transitioned into knifemaking, joining the Knifemakers' Guild in 1986, specializing in fine folders and 2000-3000 grit hand rubbed finishes. His knives have been the canvas for some of the world's top engravers. He was one of the primary designers for Benchmade Knives, among others. He passed in 2016. His knives can be found offered on every major premium online knife dealer site with prices generally in the 1200 to $7000 range, although some of his highly engraved knives are offered at $10,000-$17,000 dollars.