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Dellana Meltdown series, THE KNIFE:. The 'melted' areas are fabricated (not cast) in solid 18kt rose gold. The gemstones are natural, (not synthetic or lab grown) rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The pins are 14k gold, and the gemstone setting is a 14k base with a solid 24k bezel. The diamond settings are 14k gold. Dellana produces her own Damascus. The knife is 3 5/8 closed, 6 3/8 open, with pearl handles and is a lockback. A masterpiece. Most purveyors offer this style knife in the $25,000 range. Be brave. You can see even more pictures of this knife in high resolution by going to our primary site, and following the links to the high res catalog THE MAKER: When the late Ken Warner and I were putting together Knives Digest 1, we discussed what knife to put on the cover that would be the most dramatic and eye catching knife in the world. I have just the person in mind, Warner said, and the knife was by Dellana. She was an award winning goldsmith and jewelry designer before she was captured by the lure of Damascus steel under the watchful eyes of legendary Jim Schmidt. When I owned Blade Magazine I established a scholarship to the ABS School--she was awarded the first, and was going full time two years later. She is an Art Knife Invitational knifemaker, and says she is committed to creating the most beautiful, well-crafted art knives that I am able. She has done an outstanding job with the example in this auction. Others think so too, surf the purveyor sites--Dellana knives are typically priced at $25,000--if they have one, which is rare.